A DBA must learn that it will not die. 11 Linux Basic commands

The vast majority of databases run on Linux and UNIX platforms, and as the X86 platform's computing power nears or exceeds minicomputer, and in the tide of the IoE, more and more database environments run on Linux platforms.The Linux system is large

Some of the header files under Linux

Used in the projectFcntl.hFcntl:file Control: File controlsErrno.h: Provides an error reporting mechanismMALLOC.H: Dynamically allocating memorySys/mman.h: Memory Management statementLinux/videodev2.h: Video Driver header fileLinnux/fb.h:frame

The Linux Mail command uses

Linux Mail Command parameters:When you use mail to send mail, you must first start the SendMail service.Mail–s "Mail Subject" –c "CC Address" –b "BCC address"---F sender e-mail address –F sender name Three commonly used formats for sending

Install memcached graphics version under Linux

Tools used: Putty Small software can remotely connect to the host's small softwareThen enter the user name on the screen root password: ****** can be connected because the installation of these two tools need to compile so: the first step to install

Linux Basic command four (file system)

1.DF: List The overall usage of the file system1.1 [-A] lists all file systems, including system-specific/proc, etc.1.2 [-K] Displays each file system in Kbytes capacity1.3 [-m] displays each file system in MBytes capacity1.4 [-h] is displayed in a

Linux kernel design and implementation reading notes

Chapter III Process Management1. The fork system call returns two times from the kernel: one return to the child process, one return to parent process 2. The TASK_STRUCT structure is allocated using the slab allocator, which was placed at the bottom

Detailed Linux configuration iSCSI methods

iSCSI technology was developed by IBM and Cisco in early 2001, and in May 2003 Microsoft was in Windows 2003 Start your own formal support for iSCSI Microsoft has largely driven the development of iSCSI technology. The following is a detailed

Linux Apt-get Error

[Email protected]:~/ejabberd-15.03$ sudo apt-get install MySQLReading Package Lists ... DoneBuilding Dependency TreeReading state information ... DoneE:unable to locate package MySQL[Email protected]:~/ejabberd-15.03$ sudo apt-get install

Booting the LINUX/PPC kernel without Open Firmware

The DT block format This chapter defines the format of the FDT (flattened device tree) passed to the kernel. The properties it contains and the attributes required by the kernel are described in subsequent chapters.Note: The DT block should be

Linux du command: Display file, directory size

Introduced:The du command displays the space information that the specified file (clip) occupies on the disk. If the specified file parameter is actually a directory, all the files in that directory will be evaluated. If no file parameters are

Linux Network Programming--Raw socket instance: MAC address scanner

if a ( sends a packet to B (, then the required conditions are the IP, port, and the Protocol (TCP/UDP) that is used in addition to the MAC address, because the MAC address in the Ethernet packet must be there. So how do you

(RPM) porting a boa server in an embedded Linux system (OK6410)

OK6410 's Boa Server migration: Boa compilation1. Download the latest version of the BOA server from www.boa.org: boa-0.94.13.tar.gz.2. Unzip: Tar xzf boa-0.94.13.tar.gz3. Enter the extracted folder boa-0.94.13 the internal src folder, make the

Linux view the larger PID that occupies the swap process

#!/bin/bashecho -e  "Pid\t\tswap\t\tproc_name" for pid in  ' ls -l /proc |  grep ^d | awk  ' { print $9 } ' | egrep -v [a-z]+ ' do          #进程id是1为祖进程         if [   $pid  -eq 1 ];then continue;fi # Do not check init  process        #  determine if

Install zlib-under Linux for compression function

The zlib Library is a well-known compression engine, andzlib is also the compression engine used by the famous gzip (GNU Zip) .How do I install the zlib library?First, install zlib, download the latest source program from its official website,

Linux VI common commands detailed

1, VI of the basic conceptBasically, vi can be divided into three states, namely command mode, insert mode (and bottom line mode), and the function of each mode is as follows:1) command-line modeControls the movement of the screen cursor, the

Linux common commands [Ls/cd/man/type/date/hwclock]

Linux Common commands:Ls-L: Long formatFile type: the-: Normal file (f)D: Catalog fileD: Block device files (blocks)C: Character device file (character)L: Symbolic Link files (symbolic link file)P: Command sleeve file (pipe)S: Socket file

"Linux" installs VMware Tools in Debian

Installing a thing on Linux, unlike Windows, does not stop the next step, you can finish the installation, especially as the driver level installation of VMware Tools, you have to spend a lot of effort to fix.One of the biggest features of Linux

Learn the assembly instructions that the Linux kernel often encounters (1)

reprint: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4be6adec01007xvg.html80X86 Assembly instruction Symbol Daquan+ 、-、 *,/: arithmetic operator.&: Macro handling operators. Macro extensions do not recognize the formal parameters in symbols and strings, and if

Quick Find files under Windows command Line (CMD) (similar to the Linux find command)

Introduction to FOR/R UsageUsing the Find command under Linux, found it convenient to find files, then there are no similar commands under Windows can traverse the directory and find the file by file name? The answer is:Commands under Windows for /r

How to Use fail2ban to defend against brute force cracking attacks on SSH servers

How to Use fail2ban to defend against brute force cracking attacks on SSH servers A common attack on the SSH service is a brute-force cracking attack-remote attackers use different passwords to perform unlimited logon attempts. Of course, SSH can be

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