Lnamp full version [linux+apache2.4+php5.5.6+mysql5.6]

Lnamp environment installation record will be used by Open source software: Apache [must, Web dynamic scripting server, do nginx reverse proxy 8080 Port]tengine [must, Web static file server 80 port]mysql [must be]php [must]1. Apache Install a.apr

Linux (vi)

Linux Build FTP server (CentOS 7 environment)1, Virtual Machine connection CentOS 7 mirror2. Mount the optical drive to/mnt/cdrom (command: Mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom)3. Enter/mnt/cdrom/packages (command: cd/mnt/cdrom/packages)4. FTP installation

Linux operating system using 3G network adapter

A few months ago, opensuse13.2 out, has been itchy hands, an empty installed one. At that time in school, has been using the campus network, but also for a long period without using 3G network card. Go home, do a 3G network card, the results plug in

Linux Fork Bomb

As we all know, bash is an extremely powerful shell that provides powerful interaction and programming capabilities. Such a shell naturally does not lack the "function" element to help the program for efficient modular development and management. As

The Nohup command in Linux

The Nohup command can not hang up the Run command, for example we often operate the server through the client tool, when the client tool and the server link is interrupted, the running command will also be interrupted.For this scenario, we can use

Keio Linux Operations Engineer Online learning Training

1. What is a Linux network class? Linux Network class is through YY (crooked) remote sharing desktop to everyone class, in order to ensure the quality of teaching we have a number of classes each class will be limited, and each VIP student

Linux commands-help command: Whatis,apropos

Whatis can view Help content for command liteWhatis ls view Help content for the simplified version of the LS commandWhatis ifconfig View Help content for a simplified version of the ifconfig commandApropos can view Help content for a simplified

View each folder size command in Linux du-h--max-depth=1

du [-ABCDHHKLMSSX] [-l ][-x ][--block-size][--exclude=][--help][--version][directory or file] Common parameters:-A or-all display disk usage for each specified file, or display their own disk usage for each file in the directory. -B or-bytes

Common commands for Linux directory management and file management

1. Directory Management1.1, the directory structure of Linux.: Current Directory.. : Top level Directory/: Root directory/bin: binary, executable commands/boot: Boot, the file that the operating system uses to boot the system, kernel, grub/dev:

Linux mount (Mount) command detailed

This article describes the use of the Mount command, as well as tips on how to image files, removable hard disks and USB drives.One, Mount command (Mount)How to use the Attach (Mount) command.Command format:The code is as follows:Mount [-t vfstype] [

(015) Linux custom prompt

Fundamentals of the ten-year OPS series-LinuxZeng LinContact: [Email protected]Website: www.jplatformx.comCopyright: Please do not reprint the article without permission First, IntroductionThis section explains the small features of a Linux

Linux command detailed top system resource detection

instruction: Top continuous monitoring of the entire system's program working status.top is an excellent interactive tool that can display real-time information about the current system's processes, including PID, memory occupancy, CPU occupancy,

Linux IPC Practice (TEN)--posix shared memory

1. Create/acquire a shared memory#include #include / * for Mode constants */#include / * for O_* Constants */int Shm_open (const char *name, int oflag, mode_t mode);Parameters:Name: Shared memory names; Oflag: With the Open

Types of Linux Files

The type of file in Linux is defined by the first of the file permissions, and can be divided into the following categories.1. Normal fileCommon files include source program files, script files, executable program files, and various data files. The

Linux System chown Command parsing

Chown commandCommand description: Linux/unix is a multi-person multi-work system, all files are owned by the owner. The chown can be used to change the owner of the file. Generally speaking, this instruction is only used by the system administrator (

Linux IPC Practice (4)--system v Message Queuing (1)

Message Queuing OverviewMessage Queuing provides a way to send a piece of data from one process to another (native only); Each block of data is considered to have a type, and the receiver process receives a data block that can have different type

Hostname Modification of Linux

Hostname Modification of LinuxThe Linux operating system's hostname is a kernel variable.1. View the hostname of the machineYou can view the hostname of this machine through the hostname command. You can also view it directly

Install sendmail send mail under Linux

First, SendMail installation Under CentOS, SendMail is typically installed with the operating system by default. If the SendMail service is not installed when the system is installed, manually installing SendMail is also simple: # yum Install-y

Linux multithreaded Practice (5)--posix signal volume and mutex to solve the problem of producer consumers

POSIX signal Volume Posix Signal Volume Well-known signal volume Nameless semaphore Sem_open Sem_init Sem_close Sem_destroy Sem_unlink Sem_wait

Linux Multithreading Practice (6)--posix read-write lock solves reader writer's problem

POSIX read-write lock int Pthread_rwlock_init (pthread_rwlock_t *restrict rwlock, const pthread_rwlockattr_t *restrict attr); int pthread _rwlock_destroy (pthread_rwlock_t *rwlock); int Pthread_rwlock_rdlock

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