Linux command detailed-info

Info is a document format and a reader for reading this format document, which we often use to view the info document for a Linux command. It organizes several commands together in the form of a theme so that we can read them; In the topic, several

Linux command detailed-man

The man command provides reference information about the subject, such as commands, subroutines, and files. The man command provides a single-line description of the command specified by name. The man command also provides information about all the

Linux folder file creation, deletion, renaming

Linux Delete Folder commandLinux Delete directory is very simple, many people are still accustomed to use rmdir, but once the directory is not empty, it fell into deep distress, now use the RM-RF command.Direct RM is available, but add two

Linux command delete files and folders copy and paste files and folders

Disclaimer: This blog post from Baidu Experience, thank you to share!Linux Delete directory is very simple, many people are still accustomed to use rmdir, but once the directory is not

[Reprint] Linux Find command

Reprinted from Http:// Linux Find command searches the directory structure for files and performs the specified actions .The Linux Find command provides quite a lot of search criteria and is powerful. Because find

Research on the principle of Coredump, Linux version x86 6.6 single inheritance


In C + +, the polymorphism of a class is embodied by the virtual function through inheritance. So what is the distribution of the member and virtual functions of a class in single inheritance?Take a look at the example: 1 #include 2 class

Introduction to Linux rsync parameters and commands

I. Introduction of RSYNCrsync (remote Synchronize) is a long-distance data synchronization tool that can synchronize multiple hosts with Lan/wan quickly, and Rsync uses the "Rsync algorithm" for synchronization between the local host and the remote

Linux section Sixth essay

Three fifth lecture-Advanced document management1. Input and output redirectionLs-l/dev/stdin-/proc/self/fd/0Standard input device: keyboard marker: 0Ls-l/dev/stdout-/PROC/SELF/FD/1Standard output device: Screen mark: 1Ls-l/dev/stderr-/PROC/SELF/FD/2

Linux Freeradius Server

Remote Authentication Dial-up User Service (Remote authentication Dial in User Service, RADIUS) is the Network access server ( NAS) and the centralized storage of authentication information between the RADIUS server transfer authentication,

Average load of Linux systems 3 digits meaning

More and more people are beginning to touch the Linux operating system, from VPS to the brushless system (such as OpenWrt, Tomato), but also essential to a variety of probe and system monitoring interface to see "System average Load" or "load

How to configure NFS on Linux

Copy From: to configure NFS on Linux 1. IntroductionThe Network File System is certainly one of the most widely used Network services. Network file System (NFS) is based on the Remote procedure

How to set and view Linux environment variables

1. Display Environment Variables Home$ echo $HOME/home/redbooks2. Set a new environment variable Hello$ export hello= "hello!"$ echo $HELLOHello!3. Use the ENV command to display all environment variables$

File permissions and directory configuration for Linux (iii)

the meaning of directories and file permissions in LinuxI. The significance of file permissionsR: Can read the specific contents of this file;W: You can edit the contents of this file, including adding the specific contents of the deleted file;X:

Linux Time function

The Linux time function is in the time.h header file.1. header fileThe time-related header files are as follows:Time.hSys/time.hSys/times.hSys/timeb.hSys/timex.hTime.h is the header file for the C standard library, and the rest of Sys starts with

Linux Yum Command detailed

Linux Yum Command detailedYum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download the RPM package from the specified

Linux File system directory structure Resolution

Linux system directory structure/root directory:Contains almost all of the file directories. The simplest way to enter is: CD/. Note the difference from the root user. Root user refers to system administrator root and Superuser.Directory for

The SED of Linux

SED is the abbreviation for Stream Editor, which allows text editing of text flows, specified sets of files, or standard input. Features are very powerful.The basic mode of the SED command is:sed [-Parameter] ' Command ' Text1. Two major

System time and hardware time for Linux

I. Concept:The time in a Linux system is divided into system time and hardware time:System time refers to the time in the Linux kernel;Hardware time refers to the time that is calculated by the hardware clock on the motherboard. Different times, the

Linux Time Management

/etc/sysconfig/clockThis profile can be used to set how the user chooses how to display the time. If the hardware clock is local time, UTC is set to 0, and the environment variable TZ is not set. If the hardware clock is UTC time, set the UTC to 1

How to use SVN under Linux

1. checkout files to a local directory svn checkout Path (path is a directory on the server)For example: SVN checkout svn:// SVN co2 . Add a new file to the repositorySVNAddfileExample: SVNAddtest.php (add

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