Three tasks of Linux multitasking: Exec function family and its basic experiment

Source: CSDN Wang Wensong transfer from: Linux communeexec function FamilyDescription of the function familyThe fork () function is used to create a new child process that almost duplicates the entire contents of the parent process, but how does the

Linux Modify GID UID

Usermod-u Groupmod-g Find/-user -exec chown-h {} \;Find/-group -exec chgrp-h {} \;Usermod-g From Linux Modify GID UID

How Linux uses composer to install YII2 and bug handling

Here's how to install Yii2 under Linux , see my other blog post forwindows to install YII2 39344913 The first step installs the composer:Syntax: "Curl-ss Https:// | PHP executable

Linux Common commands

To use Linux efficiently, Linux commands are essential, and there are many common Linux commands that must be mastered.One, date and time1,date Viewing and setting the date and time of the system2,-u, to see UTC time (GMT)3,date +%y--%m--%d where "--

[]linux of various compressed packages in reprint

Table 1 Linux common compression and decompression command description Common commands Brief Chinese description directory where the program is located Gzip Compressed to a file named. GZ (also available as

Linux chmod Command Detailed

chmod [options] mode files This feature can only be used by a file owner or a privileged user to change the file access mode. Mode can be expressed in digital form or in the form of who opcode permission. Who is optional and the default is a (all

Linux pipelines (anonymous pipe)

basic concept of pipingPipelines are the oldest form of interprocess communication in UNIX.We refer to a data flow from one process to another as a "pipe"such as: PS aux | grep httpd | awk ' {print $} 'Pipeline

Understanding of the Inode of Linux (RPM)

Device block, inode, file nameTurn from:Http://, what is the inode?To understand the inode, start

"Unix/linux Network log analysis and Traffic monitoring" new book release

"Unix/linux Network log analysis and Traffic monitoring" new book release650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 6- S.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1rylxsi_gcgaaxqktzbpqq386.jpg "/>

"Unix/linux Network log analysis and Traffic monitoring" new book release

This book from the Unix/linux system of raw logs (raw log) collection and analysis, and gradually into the log audit and computer forensics link. The book provides a number of cases, each case with a vivid note of the network after the invasion,

The MV of Linux commands

The MV in Linux is the meaning of moveThe general form of the command:MV [option] parameter 1 parameter 2Options:-B If the same file name already exists, make a backup before overwriting-F Force Overwrite if the same file name already exists and the

A detailed description of the grep command under Linux

1.grep Introductiongrep (Global search Regular expression (RE) and print out of the line, full search of regular expressions and print out rows) is a powerful text search tool that uses regular expressions to search for text. and print out the

About Linux IPC (vi): Pipe and FIFO

The earliest IPC form on UNIX systems is pipeline, and pipeline creation uses the pipe function: #include int pipe (int pipefd[2]); The function creates a one-way pipeline that returns two descriptors pipefd[0], and

linux--Archives and Directory Management

Here is a summary of some of the recent Learning files and directory management knowledge pointsBlog Park-Bang Bang sauce Good **************************************related operations for directories**********************************1. Special

Linux chmod command to modify file and folder permissions attached to an instance

Source: Internet anonymous time: 05-01 20:46:07 "Big Small"In Linux to modify the permissions of a folder or file we need to use the Linux chmod command to do, below I wrote a few simple examples you can refer toSyntax: chmod [who] [+ |-| =] [mode]

Embrace open source, how to focus on the Linux Kernel mailing list?

Now open source so hot, so that the mouth is not mentioned as if it is not engaged in it, then how to embrace open source? This article is suitable for beginners, such as the great God so far, goto exit!first, how to join the open sourceIn Linux,

Linux Yum Command detailed

Linux Yum Command detailedYum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download the RPM package from the specified

Application of Vs2012 in Linux development (4): Definition of public properties

In the process of embedded development, some parameters are basically not changed, such as compiling the host's IP, user name, password and other parameters. We use the property manager provided by VS to save these parameters.Open the property

One of the many Linux multitasking programs: Tasks, processes, threads

Source: CSDN Wang Wensong transfer from: Linux communeIntroduction to Linux under multi-taskingFirst of all, what do you call a multitasking system first? What are the tasks, processes, and threads, respectively? What is the difference between them?

〖linux〗 let Kubuntu's "launch bar" and Win7 "taskbar" interface and function as

Let's start by showing my desktop:= = = Did you find this very similar to the Windows 7 taskbar? haha ~ = = =Background:Play for a long time unity, want to change a taste, put Ubuntu installed KDE desktop, found very good;Here is to teach you how to

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