A concise tutorial of SQL statements for Linux---DISTINCT

The SELECT command allows us to read all the data from one or more fields in a table. This will take all the data out, regardless of whether the data values are duplicated or not. In data processing, we often encounter situations where we need to

Linux decompression has ideas, so Ren Xing

After contact with the Linux system, found some special files, some seemingly and windows, some of the files under the source, such as Filename.zip, is it really "Daming Lake Summer Rain Lotus"? After studying the relevant Linux guidance materials,

The role and content of Linux directories

The Linux system directory contains 8 directories of Home, USR, Var, Bin, Lib, Boot, etc, and Dev , each of which stores the different function data in the LINXU system. I'll simply change a diagram here to make it more intuitive for everyone to see.

Brother Bird's Linux private dish notes 6------11 Learn Bash

1. Legal shell and/etc/shells functions     shell has multiple versions, including Bourne Shell (SH), C shell, K-Shell, tcsh, etc. Normally Linux uses the Bourne Again Shell (Bash), which is the enhanced version of SH       can check/etc/shells to

V: Linux Owner

It is the true nature of the struggle to be accused of doing good deeds and still persist. --Balzacthe content of this lecture: file owner, group, other groupEach user in Linux must belong to a group and cannot be independent of the group. In Linux ,

linux-Compression Decompression Command (GZIP,ZIP,TAR,BZIP)


1. Command: gzip (zip file)Zip file suffix. gzPs:gzip test.txt Result: Generate file test.txt.gz, original file test.txt disappear.Note: Only files can be compressed, the directory cannot be compressed, the original files are not preserved after

Rookie learn Linux-tarball general steps to install

The so-called Tarball software, in effect, refers to the source package downloaded from the network. Usually ends with. tar.gz and tar.bz2. The difference between GZ and bz2 is that the compression algorithm is different (bz2 's compression effect

Linux Shared memory

Today Mayuyu to learn one of the important things in Linux, namely shared memory . We know that there are various IPC communication mechanisms available in Linux, such as signals, semaphores, pipelines, message queues, shared memory, and sockets. It

The time function of Linux acquisition and the calculation difference

Reference: http://www.cnblogs.com/krythur/archive/2013/02/25/2932647.htmlThe first chapter gets the time function1. Char * asctime (const struct TM * timeptr);Function descriptionAsctime () Converts the information in the TM structure referred to by

Implement control screen display information and cursor status under Linux

Display.h[CPP]View Plaincopy /************************************************************* Filename:display.h Filefunc: Control screen display information and cursor status header file version:v0.1 Author:sunrier date:2012-06-09

The seven-OPENLDAP of Linux Server Deployment series

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Service), by configuring this service, we can also manage users under Linux in the form of a directory, just like ad under Windows, which is easy for us to manage. Next we will configure the OpenLDAP service. This

Linux-function-fcntl (i);

Name------------Fcntlint fcntl (int fd, int cmd, .../*arg*/)----------------The manipulate file descriptor/* action Descriptor */To include a header file:#include #include The function performs one of the operations described below on the open file

Linux hangs on the hard drive


1. First put Ubuntu shutdown.2. Click on the menu in VMware vm-->settings3. In hardware, click the Add button below and choose hard disk-->next-->next-->disk size (GB) is the size of the new drive-->next-->finish--> Ok. This will have a hard Disk 2

The role of Whatis and Makewhatis in Linux

In a long time not to share with you the Linux command, Linux is a command-based system, a number of commands and their role, it is not too realistic to remember. Therefore, it is important to use tools such as man info Whatis to see what the

Linux tar Instructions


There are so many commands under Linux. Recently in the "Linux shell programming from beginner to proficient" book. The book has 468 pages, it's a pity that I'm not that kind of patient. An example of a person who follows, at most, sees something

The meaning of some directory names in Linux

Digging the old abbreviations in Linux"2005-06-22 15:23" "Nigel McFarlane" "TechTarget"UNIX has been a 35-year history. Many people think it began in the Middle Ages, the Middle Ages is relative to the generation and development of computer

Linux Package Manager (top)--rpm detailed

In the process of using the Linux operating system, some of the services we need (such as nginx) are not provided and require the user to install the appropriate packages to use the appropriate services. This article takes CentOS6.6 as an example,

Linux change the owner and owning group of directory files (implemented using Chown)

In Linux, it can be queried by PS and grep. If using the PS aux|grep nginx to query the Nginx process using what account run: Visible is the use of the WWW account running. Then the corresponding site root directory and the following file directory

Example of "Linux" mutex mutex thread synchronization

0, Mutual exclusion amountMutex under Windowsis a kernel object that checks whether the current thread ID and the thread ID that owns the mutex are consistent each time WaitForSingleObject and ReleaseMutex.When multiple wait** is required to

Linux under the SMB Print server deployment process (for Windows endpoints)

First, the demandUser needs: Employees need to print a variety of materials, tenders, vouchers. Printing needs are large. Establish a robust print service system to facilitate printing, copying and scanning of employees.Refine your requirements:

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