Linux SQL statement Concise tutorial---UPDATE DELETE from

We may sometimes need to modify the information in the form. At this point, we need to use the UPDATE command. The syntax for this instruction is:UPDATE "Table name"SET "Field 1" = [New value]WHERE "condition";The easiest way to understand this

Linux SQL statement Concise tutorial---Primary key, foreign key

primary KEY (Primary key) each of the data in the table is a unique value in the form. In other words, it is a unique way to identify each row of data in a table. The primary key can be a field in the original data, or a man-made field (a field that

How to trim an image on the Linux command line

When it comes to converting or editing image files in Linux, ImageMagick is undoubtedly one of the most well-known integrated software. It contains a complete set of command-line tools to display, convert, or copy raster or vector image files of

Linux command-line options and parameters

1. Main function Parameter formint Main (int.Char char *env[]); // the first parameter, ARGC, represents the number of arguments on a command line // The second parameter points to each parameter in turn, such as "Ls-l", argv[0] to "LS", argv[1] to "

Create, copy, cut, rename, empty, and delete commands for folders under Linux

In the home directory there is a wwwroot directory, wwwroot under the Sinozzz directory, that is/home/wwwroot/sinozzz First, Directory creation Create a new sinozzz123 folder under the/home/wwwroot directory Mkdir/home/wwwroot/sinozzz123 Second,

The meaning and modification of Linux hostname

The Linux operating system's hostname is a kernel variable that can be viewed by hostname commands to view the hostname of the machine. You can also view it directly cat/proc/sys/kernel/hostname.#hostname#cat/proc/sys/kernel/hostnameThe above two

The EXEC function of Linux system programming _9_ Process Control

exec functionWhen the process calls the EXEC function, the executing program for the process is completely replaced with the new program. The new program starts with its main function;Once a child process is created using the fork function, the

Kali Linux Wireless network penetration test Tutorial (University bully Internal information)

Kali Linux Wireless network penetration test Tutorial (University bully Internal information) Description: This tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of how to conduct penetration testing of WiFi wireless networks based on Kali Linux. Tutorials

Functions related to environment variables in Linux

1, in the terminal can be through the env, set command to view the current environment variables2. The list of environment variables for the current process can be obtained by the third parameter in the main main (int argc, char *argv[],

Linux view CPU and memory usage

During system maintenance, it may be necessary to review the CPU usage at any time, and to analyze the system condition according to the corresponding information. In CentOS, you can view CPU usage by using the top command. After running the top

Linux dump backup and restore restore

Basic use of dump backup and restore restore Dump is a powerful backup tool that allows you to create levels in addition to backing up the entire file system! How to understand, can be understood as MySQL differential backup, if your home/home is a

Understanding the load average in Linux systems

This article transferred from:, what is load average?The load on the Linux system is a measure of the current CPU workload (wikipedia:the system load is a measure of the amount of work, a computer system is

Reproduced Introduction to Ubuntu Linux (iv): Ubuntu initial Setup

Reprinted from Started with Ubuntu Linux (iii): Familiar with the Ubuntu Linux Desktop Environment article, we have a basic understanding of Ubuntu desktop environment, but

Introduction to the GNU Linux syslog daemon and examples of syslog log writes

Rsyslog ProcessSyslog is a tool that records logging in the system and can support local or remote log writes.In the LinuxMint environment, the upstart-based daemon is placed in the/etc/init/directory, and the following command can be used to view

3.Linux Command Basics and explanations

Under Linux, many of our operations are implemented by commands, and we'll explain the use of commands under Linux in the next step. The first thing to do is to use the command first to know his format:The syntax format for linux commands is command

How to monitor Linux UDP buffer available space?

How to monitor Linux UDP buffer available space? you is trying to solve the wrong problem. UDP is unreliable   communication, period. If packet loss is a problem for you, you should either implement your own Retransmission/error control

The simplest network communication for Linux

Server-Side/* Socket Server * 2014-12-15 CopyRight (c) arbboter */#include #include #include #include #include #include #include # Include #include int main () {int sockfd_server; int sockfd_client; struct sockaddr_in addr_server;

Linux command line basic file/folder operations

Operations on files Create an empty file: Touch + filename # is usually the first touch good one file and then vim this file. Curious why it's called touch.Delete File: RM + file name # straight out, not to the Recycle BinCopy the file to the

Linux Signals and multithreading

The use of signaling mechanisms in multi-threaded Linux is fundamentally different from the use of signaling mechanisms in the process. In the process environment, the signal processing is to register the signal processing function, when the signal

A line break when modifying a file under Windows causes a problem in Linux to run abnormally

ENV:/etc/init.d/nginx:no such file or directoryCause: A problem with line breaks when you modify a file under Windows . line breaks are different under Windows and Linux. The runtime on the general operating system automatically determines the line-

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