Linux Application development Environment building


because the author is a university student, the development direction of the Linux kernel is very interested, but really can (JI) force (SHU) has (CHA) Limited (Jin), only can start from the development of Linux application, easy-to-go, progressive,

Linux control Loops

You can control two commands inside the loop: The break command continue commandBreak commandThe break command is a simple way to jump out of a loop during a process. You can use the break command to jump out of any type of loop, including while

Subversion Server installation manual under Linux

Subversion Server installation manual under LinuxInstall the Linux version based on: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.3.A ready-to-install package.(1) Download apache:httpd-2.2.23.tar.gz(2) Download

Linux Switch user identities, Su, sudo,/etc/sudoers

Linux system, sometimes the ordinary user some things can not be done, unless it is the root user can do. Then you need to useThe SU command temporarily switches to root to[' s?bst?tju?t] instead of userThe syntax for SU is:SU

DDoS protection/mitigation DDoS attacks Deflate-linux


ObjectiveThe internet is as full of rivalry as the real world, and the site has become the most headache for webmasters. In the absence of hard defense, looking for software replacement is the most direct method, such as with iptables, but iptables

Linux command line for history

1. Use Histtimeformat to display timestampsWhen you execute the history command from the command line, it usually shows only the ordinal of the executed command and the command itself. If you want to see the timestamp of the command history, you can

[Linux] Job Management in Bash

??I was not prepared to write this blog, because task management (job management) is very common, so that there is no need to write such a thing. But think about it, or record it, maybe someone will use it. I do not know if you have encountered such

List of Linux Links: using a For loop to add a list, List_add, List_add_tail

List of Linux Links: using a For loop to add a list, List_add, List_add_tailAdd 10 nodes to the linked list using a For loopIf you use List_add, the node is added to the list header, and then when you print with the subsequent list_for_each, it is

Details to be aware of in Linux socket programming

Hidden trouble 1. Ignore return statusThe first pitfall is obvious, but it's the easiest mistake for a novice developer to make. If you ignore the return state of a function, you may get lost when they fail or partially succeed. This, in turn, can

Linux kernel version

Under Linux there is a directory, the/usr/src/kernels/directory, the following is a Linux system kernel file,For example: 2.6.18-164.el5-x86_64, 2.6.18-8.el5-x86_64, and 2.6.18-194.el5-x86_64, what do these file numbers mean? For example, what does 2

The regex that comes with Linux

You can use regex.h directly to support regular expressions under Linux.Android also has this header file, which can be thought of as supported by Android.#include #include int Regcomp (regex_t *preg, const char *regex, int cflags);int regexec

Linux operating system--help, man, and info tools for different introduction

Http:// operating system--help, man, and info toolsThe Linux operating system provides us with a very convenient system documentation help information. Examples include the "--help" option, the

Linux Directory and file operations

Linux Common Commands--directory and file operations[Directory] Delete, copy, move:1. Delete folder by: RmDir folder nameHowever, RmDir cannot delete a non-empty folder, then how to delete a non-empty folder:2. Typically, delete files by: RM file

Linux Lake 12: Desktop landscaping that little thing

Each Linux desktop release just got the hands of the time, are more or less dissatisfied with some of them to make some modifications are necessary. There are a variety of Linux desktop landscaping tutorials and experience posted on the Web, which

Linux Common Commands

1: File transferFtp2: Backup compressionDumpGunzipGzipRestoreTarUnzipZip3: File ManagementDiffDiffstatFileFindGitGitviewlnMvRmSplitTeeTmpwatchTouchUmaskWhereiswhichCatChattrChgrpchmodChownCmpCpCutIndent4: Disk

Linux kernel--Network stack Implementation Analysis (i)--Network stack initialization

This article analyzes kernel-based Linux Kernel 1.2.13Original works, reproduced please mark column, Address next series of

Linux/mac Tomcat Installation Method

1. Download Tomcat, I'm under Tomcat 7.0.12, 2. Unzip the compressed file into the Mac system: under the "/usr/local/" directory, rename the folder to Tomcat. 3. Modify file permissions: sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/tomcat/bin/

How to improve the search efficiency of text on Linux

For system administrators or programmers, the grep type tool is probably the most popular when it is necessary to search for a specific text or pattern in a directory of complex configurations or in a large source tree. If grep is one of your

Linux special symbol parsing--turn

The special symbols commonly used in the shell are listed below:#   ;      ;;      .       ,/\ ' String ' |   !      $   ${}   $?   $$ $* "String" * * *?   : ^ $# [email protected] ' command ' {} [] [[]] () (()) | | && {Xx,yy,zz,...} ~ ~+ ~-& \ +-%=

Build the JDK yourself under Linux

Because you decided to learn a Java virtual machine, you're going to start by compiling your own JDK. This article is the first article to learn about Java virtual machines, and there will be more related articles later.Get Source codeThe source

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