Linux Yum Command detailed

Yum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download the RPM package from the specified server and install, can

Linux Aptitude Commands

Like Apt-get, Aptitude is the most powerful package management tool in Debian and its derivative systems.Unlike Apt-get, aptitude is better at dealing with dependency issues.For example, when aptitude deletes a package, it also deletes the packages

Linux uses the W command and the uptime command to view the system load

In the Linux system to query the system CPU and memory load (usage), we are usually used to use top, atop or PS, this article will show you how to use the W command and uptime command to see the load situation of the system, for the uptime command,

How to make CP command not prompt overwrite file under Linux

Under Linux, if you want to copy file files to directory dir, you can do this: CP file dirHowever, if a file named files already exists under Dir, the system will always prompt you to overwrite it.This is a good feature that prevents us from

Linux-Xxd from Man Manual (MARK)

XXD (1) General Commands Manual XXD (1)NAMEXxd-make a hexdump or do the reverse.SynopsisXXD-H[ELP]xxd [Options] [infile [outfile]]Xxd-r[evert] [options] [infile [outfile]]DESCRIPTIONXXD creates a hex dump of a given file or standard input.  It can

Analysis of difference between DF and du command output under Linux

PS: Some time ago, children's shoes asked me, why his server with DF and du command query file size display is different. In fact, these two command query principle is not the same, the following is a brief analysis:1, under normal circumstances, DF

Zone transfer and subdomain authorization for the Linux learning path

Zone transferAs stated in the previous chapters, if there are multiple DNS servers in a zone, one of them is the primary DNS server, the other is the secondary DNS server, and the data files of the primary and secondary DNS servers are consistent.

Linux select System Call _1

Synopsis/*according to posix.1-2001*/#includeSelect.h>/*according to earlier standards*/#include#include#includeint Select(intNfds, Fd_set *readfds, Fd_set *Writefds, Fd_set*exceptfds,structTimeval *timeout); voidFD_CLR (intFD, Fd_set *Set);

Linux theoretical knowledge points (for exams)

PS: For its 10 days or so the Linux training is coming to an end, ahead of schedule, in order to better pass after the exam, read more exam questions and knowledge points in advance. This is a post that you see in the Chinaunix forum, posted to

Linux Mail Command parameters

Linux Mail Command parameters:When you use mail to send mail, you must first start the SendMail service.Mail–s "Mail Subject" –c "CC Address" –b "BCC address"---F sender e-mail address –F sender name Three commonly used formats for sending

Linux entry must-read articles

You have never used windows, never touch Unix, only know to drag a file to drag, only know that the hard disk is c:d: E: But never study the area table, may use VC programming, very accustomed to its integration environment ....One day, for whatever

Linux Chinese garbled

[Email protected] root]# localeLang=zh_cn. GB2312Lc_ctype= "ZH_CN. GB2312 "Lc_numeric= "ZH_CN. GB2312 "Lc_time= "ZH_CN. GB2312 "Lc_collate= "ZH_CN. GB2312 "Lc_monetary= "ZH_CN. GB2312 "Lc_messages= "ZH_CN. GB2312 "Lc_paper= "ZH_CN. GB2312 "Lc_name= "

Linux input and output with files--cont.

1 Directory operations Change the access rights of a directory or a file#include int chmod (constchar//mode like 0777The file specified by the path parameter is modified to have access rights given by the mode parameter.When the Modify permission

Linux Learning Path DNS configuration file and positive solution zone file, anti-solution zone file


DNS Positive Solution zone fileIn DNS, we know that there is the concept of domain and region, the English name of the domain is domains, it is a logical concept, and the region English full name zone, it is a physical concept. And zone is divided

Rookie learning Linux-hard link and symbolic link

in LearningHard Linkwith theSymbolic Linkbefore, you need to know a little bit aboutInodewith theData Block. In theLinuxfile system, a file corresponds to aInodewith a number ofData Block. Inodewith theData Blockare identified by a number, such as303

find--file Find command Linux some common commands

Find commandegGeneral File Lookup Method:1. find/home-name file, look for files named file in the/home directory2. Find/home-name ' *file* ', in the/home directory, look for files with file names3. Find/home-name ' file* ', looking for files with

CentOS6.5 Rookie Tour: pure reproduced Linux directory structure

From:'ve been using Linux for more than a year, and I've been maintaining the site system host. The following is the Linux directory structure description I use the CentOS system, a long time no blog post will be

One Linux command per day (8): CP command

Tag: Use OS file for AR CTI Linux timeThe CP command is used to copy files or directories and is one of the most commonly used commands in a Linux system. In general, the shell sets an alias, and when the file is copied at the command line, if the

Linux Learning Commands Summary ⑤

#stat命令: Viewing file information [Email protected]_168_102_centos ~]# stat Test.log File: ' Test.log' size:0 blocks:0 IO block:4096 Regular Empty filedevice:ca01h /51713d inode:483339 links:1Access: (0644/-rw-r--r--)

Cwrsyncserver the implementation process of real-time synchronization of data from Windows to Linux servers

Because the company has two Windows servers, development in the operation of the general is to upload some data on these two servers or modify something, and Linux server on the windows to be consistent with the data and do not need to implement

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