UNIX & Linux Convert strings to command execution

This article applies to the following topics: Unix & Linux Convert string to command UNIX & Linux Convert strings to command execution How to convert a string into a command in a Linux sh script Answer:Use the eval command in a shell

Linux DNS source code compilation installation (v)

The compilation and installation of DNS source code,Official bind:www.isc.orgHere we are compiling the bind-9.9.5.tar.gz version1. Compiling environmentDesktop Platform DevelopmentDevelopment toolsServer Platform Development2. Expand the

0804-----Linux Base----------Timer TIMERFD

1.Basic usage of TIMERFDThe timers in the 1.1 TIMERFD series are not signals, but are FD-readable, and commonly used functions are timerfd_create, Timerfd_settime, and Timerfd_gettime, The function and use of these functions is also relatively

One Linux command per day (4): mkdir command

The Linux mkdir command is used to create a directory of the specified name, requiring the user who created the directory to have write permissions in the current directory, and the specified directory name cannot be a directory that is already in

The concept of Linux programming learning notes----terminal and serial programming basis

Reprint please indicate the source, thank you!The related concepts of terminal and serial port under Linux are:TTY, console, virtual terminal, serial, console (console terminal) detailedPart of the content is organized in the

One Linux command per day (5): RM command

Yesterday I learned the command to create files and directories mkdir, today learn about the commands for deleting files and directories in Linux: RM command. RM is a commonly used command that removes one or more files or directories from a

Use SSH public key to automatically log into Linux server

Transferred from: http://7056824.blog.51cto.com/69854/403669As a Linux administrator, logging on to multiple Linux servers for remote operations is part of the daily work. But with the increase of the server, each login, the system will prompt to

Linux, a powerful history command

If you use the Linux command line frequently, then using the history command can effectively improve your efficiency. This article will introduce you to the 15 usages of the history command in the form of an instance. displaying timestamps using

Linux Compile and install memcached service Instance Tutorial

share the steps to compile and install memcached services under Linux, and take a look at them. System: Ubuntu 13.10First step: Install Libevent-dev$aptitude Search Libevent-dev$aptitude Install Libevent-devStep two: Download memcached and install

Event-driven programming--"Unix/linux Programming Practice Tutorial" Reading notes (7th chapter)

1. Curses Library /* Basic curses function */initscr (); Initialize the curses library and Ttyendwin (); Close curses and reset Ttyrefresh (); Make the screen show your Move (R, c) as you intended; Move

Deep understanding of System () functions under Linux (Collation)

These days tuning program (embedded Linux), the discovery program sometimes inexplicably die, each time is located in the program in the different system () function, directly under the shell Input system () function called in the command is also

16 online tools that are useful for Linux system administrators

1. explainshell.com command explanation 650) this.width=650; "alt=" Explainshell "src=" http:/ Simlinux.com/images/otools/explainshell.jpg "/>For Linux users to write a variety of commands and scripts every day, then you can use this site tool to

How do I install a Linux operating system in bulk?

First, the system installation principle:Linux System Installation Process:POST----> Bootloader (ramdisk)-----> Anaconda System InstallerIn fact, installing the operating system is to import the compiled binary format of the operating system into

-linux disk quotas per user management (quota)

I've organized the basics according to the ref link below Yes per user quota management steps(The quota management by group is simplified)I am finishing in Ubuntu server 12.04, other versions of Ubuntu and Linux should be no problem(with any errors,

0729------Linux Network programming----------writing client programs using the Select, poll, and Epoll models

1.select ModelsThe 1.1 Select function is prototyped as follows, where Nfds represents the maximum value of the Descriptor plus 1 (because this is the left-right open interval), and the middle three parameters represent a collection of different

Summary of usage of Linux chmod

Directive Name: chmodUsage rights: All usersMode of use: chmod [-CFVR] [--help] [--version] Mode file ...Description: Linux/unix file access rights are classified into three levels: file owners, groups, and others. The use of chmod can be used to

Compression zip under Linux, extract unzip command details and examples

Example: compressing the contents of the current directory on the server as a xxx.zip fileZip-r xxx.zip./*Unzip the zip file to the current directoryUnzip Filename.zip============================Another: Some servers do not install the ZIP package

Problems with the Linux character set

 Linux System login or remote operation or sometimes when we use man under the character terminal to view a command's description document, its contents may contain some garbled characters similar to "". In this case, you can use the following

Time-saving tips for every Linux user who should know about the command line

Bole Online Guide : There are netizens in the question and answer site Quora asked: "What are the time-saving tips, is every Linux user should know?" "Joshua Levy usually works on the Linux platform, and he has accumulated a lot of practical command-

Use Apache for domain forwarding (tomcat/jboss) under Linux

Linux under the installation, configuration JDK does not elaborate, the online information is many; In the installation of Apache may encounter a lot of problems, such as Apr not found,pcre-config to Libpcre not found and other issues, which are

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