Creation and use of the Linux dynamic link library. So file

1. Introduction Using GNU Tools How do we create our own library of programs under Linux? A "program function library" simply means that a file contains compiled code and data that can be compiled and used by other programs afterwards. The Library

Viruses based on Linux systems

Although the virus spread in Linux is not much, but there are some, I from someSafetyThe site collects some information.   1. Virus Name:   Linux.Slapper.Worm   Category: Worms   Virus data: Infection system: Linux   Non-affected

Linux Basic Instructions

1, Linux commonly used to find commandsUnder Linux you will often use the two find command grep and find. Where the grep command is commonly used as a file containing a string, and find is often used to find files that match the file name.grep

Linux chmod Command Detailed

This feature can only be used by a file owner or a privileged user to change the file access mode. Mode can be expressed in digital form or in the form of who opcode permission. Who is optional and the default is a (all users). Only one opcode

Linux Administration catalog File command summary

I. Common commands for file and directory managementDirectory operation commands:pwd,cd,ls,mkdir,du,File Operations Command:Touch,file,cp,RM,MV,which,find,LnFile Content Operations Command:Cat,more,less,head,tail,WC,grepArchive and Compress commands:

Asterisk of Linux Services

Because Asterisk is too professional and complex, there are also a large number of derived from asterisk but simplified communication system, so that users easier to use. For example, in Europe and the United States more popular Elastix, Trixbox, or

SSH for the Linux service

One, view version[Email protected] ~]# ssh-vOPENSSH_5.3P1, OpenSSL 1.0.0-fips 2010 indicates that the system is in use OpenSSHSsh-vSsh:ssh Secure Shell (non-commercial version) on I686-PC-LINUX-GNU indicates that the system is using

Linux Trivia Translation-prompt on command line

This time, talk about the "command line prompt" related content.Shell programs like bash are an essential part of working with Linux. The bash prompt also has a very important role to play."Command-line Prompt" in English is "command prompt",

Linux Apache error log hint [warn] child process 7751 still do not exit, sending a SIGTERM

Apache eats empty memory, frequent downtimeIn the deployment of a set of intranet test environment, frequent downtime, after the boot constantly eat memory, restart Apache after the memory consumption will continue to rise, until the swap runs out,

Linux01-linux Log System syslog detailed 55

First, the log system1. Log system: Syslog ()Information Detail Program: Log LevelLog subsystem: FacilityLogging action: ActionLog system on Linux:SyslogSyslog-ng: Syslog-ng as an alternative to syslog, can completely replace the service of syslog,

Linux mount NTFS partition bug fix

Today in Linux open the win NTFS hard disk always prompt error, and all NTFS disks are error, where the SDA1 error appears as follows: Error mounting/dev/sda1 At/media/wangbo/24f02eecf02ec3c0:command-line

[Linux] How to extract RAR files under Ubuntu


Generally through the default installation of Ubuntu can not extract RAR files, only after the installation of RAR decompression tool, can be decompressed. In fact, the installation of RAR decompression tool under Ubuntu is very simple, only need

Make a little progress every day--linux file lock in programming flock

Reprint please indicate source: Overview of the scenein the multi-threaded development, the mutex can be used to protect the critical resources and prevent inconsistent data, which is the most

Linux environment programming shared memory Area (ii): POSIX shared memory area

The concept of shared memory areas is now extended to include memory areas that are shared between unrelated processes. POSIX provides two ways to share memory areas between unrelated processes :1. Memory mapped file: Opened by the Open function,

Linux operation Tip: "Can ' t open file for writing" or "Operation not permitted" workaround

The use of the VI command on Linux to modify a file content, found unable to save, each time after the use of ": q!" command can exit normally but use ": wq!" command to save the file and exit when the message appears:E212:can ' t open file for

<linux system hostname Command detailed >

Hostname small knowledge of the use of commandsWe all know that the hostname command is to view the host name and modify the hostname.[[email protected] ~]# hostname //view host name of[[email protected] ~]# hostname redhat /

Linux word List

Su:swith User switch users, switch to root userCat:concatenate SeriesUname:unix Name Name SystemDf:disk free HDDDu:disk Usage HDD UsageChown:change owner Change OwnersChgrp:change Group change user groupsPs:process Status Process stateTar:tape

Linux Kernel Learning-process

Say a few terms first:First, five segments of the Linux processLet's briefly summarize what 5 different data areas are included in the memory space of the process.Focus:Code snippets, data segments, stack segments, this is a conceptHeap, stack,

Differences between Windows and Linux line-tailed characters (EndOfLine)

The line endings of text files differ from one operating system to another.1. The provisions of each system regarding the line-tailed character (End-of-line)Unix ends with ' \ n ' at the end of each line, and the Windows system ends with "\ r \ n"

Red Hat Enterprise Edition Linux 7 is officially released and available for download!

RedHat officially released the Enterprise Edition Linux 7 to meet enterprises' current needs for data centers and the next generation of cloud services, Containers, and big data, provides users with secure, stable, easy-to-use, and efficient

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