Management of the Linux operating system (concept of operating system) one

in the introduction Linux Management Before I ask you a question, what is the operating system? in fact, many people are not able to say, the operating system can also be said to be a software, it is running on the computer hardware software, this

Find out if all files in the directory contain a string of Linux

Find if all files in the directory contain a stringFind. | Xargs Grep-ri "IBM"Finds all files in the directory that contain a string, and prints only the file nameFind. | Xargs Grep-ri "IBM"-l1. Regular expressions(1) Regular expressions are

Linux Learning Bibliography

Linux Basics1. "Linux and Unix Shell Programming Guide"C Language Basics1, "C Primer plus,5th Edition" "Beauty" Stephen Prata2, "The C programming Language, 2nd Edition" "Mei" Brian W. Kernighan David M. Rithie (K & R)3, "advanced programming in the

Hack Linux system Password

Personal Practice:Rebooting the system2. In countdown time, tap any key3. Press the letter E to edit4. Select the line beginning with kernel, edit the letter E again, then tap the space to enter the number 1, then hit enter. Enter single-user mode

Linux Find removal error message

When Linux is looking, access to some directories may not be accessible and many error messages are printed1. root directory file contents-bash-3.2$ lsAnaconda-ks.cfg Bea Desktop Lib Wls1036_generic.jar2. Find the file ending with. Log,-bash-3.2$

"linux&unix--file descriptors and Permissions"

personal Learning and collation, if there are deficiencies, please feel free. Reprint Please specify:@CSU-maxFile Descriptor Each UNIX process has a file descriptor range with a size of 0 to the maximum value of the N,N flag file descriptor, and

Linux under compilation GD (Freetype+libjpeg+libpng+gd-devel)

1. Check whether the FreeType is installedRpm-qa | grep FreeTypeNo words compiled freetype here download./configure--prefix=/usr/local/freetypeMake && make install, no flower head 2, check libjpeg install Rpm-qa | grep libjpeg No compile libjpeg

Linux Learning Linux hostname modification of "turn"

Linux hostname is a kernel variable that can be viewed by hostname commands to view native hostname. You can also view it directly cat/proc/sys/kernel/hostname.#hostname#cat/proc/sys/kernel/hostnameThe above two output results are the same.Modifies

Introduction to comparison symbols and special symbols in Linux shells

Shell string comparison, judging whether it is a numeric   two-dollar comparison operator, compare variables or compare numbers. Note the difference between a number and a string.   Integer comparison  -eq  equals, such as:if [  "$a"  -eq  "$b"

The hidden rules of the Linux makefile Tutorial IX [turn]

Implied rules————When we use makefile, there are some things we will use very often, and the use of very high frequency, for example, we compile the source program C/s + + for intermediate target files (Unix is [. o] File, under Windows is [. obj]

Linux Date Command

Help information for the date command[Email protected] source]# date--helpUsage: date [options] ... [+ format]Or: Date [-u|--utc|--universal] [MMDDHHMM[[CC]YY][.SS]]Displays the current time in the given format, or sets the system date.-D,--date=

Use dump for backup and restore under Linux for backup and restore under UX

For the system, we can have a lot of ways to back up (restore) the system or file, the reason is to do the backup, is to be in the system or file damage, the timely recovery, reduce the loss to a minimum. Of course, the importance of backup is

Linux disk space Size statistics du command common usage

Under Linux, you can count the amount of space a file or folder occupies, and here are some common usage summaries:1, the specified file or folder statistics, the default unit is KByte (k or kilobytes), the following example of the folder Testa

/ETC/PASSWD,/etc/shadow, and/etc/group file content interpretation in Linux

One,/etc/passwd is the user database, where the domain gives the user name, encryption password and other information of the userThe record line in the/etc/shadow file corresponds to one by one in/etc/passwd, which is automatically generated by the

A detailed description of the Linux wget command usage (with an example)

Linux wget is a tool for downloading files, which is used at the command line. This is an essential tool for Linux users, especially for network administrators, who often download software or restore backups from remote servers to a local server. If

Linux/unix Man Usage

Recently began to learn Linux C programming, need to use a lot of library functions and C standard library functions, found that the original Man command can also be used to query function prototypes.For example, enter man Lseek to get the prototype

Linux-0.11 source code read a load operating system

X86 series CPUs can operate in 16-bit real mode and 32-bit protected mode, the real mode is characterized by address bus only 20 bits, that is, only 1MB of addressing space, in order to be compatible with the old Cpu,intel x86 series CPU including

The complete amount and mutex of lock mechanism in Linux kernel

The complete amount and mutex of lock mechanism in Linux kernelIn the previous blog post, I analyzed the use of semaphores, read and write signals, and the source code implementation, and this post will discuss the use of completion and mutexes and

Use Du to view the size of a file or directory that consumes disk space under Linux

Du-ah--max-depth=1 This is what I want the result of a means displays all files and folders (without subdirectories) in the directory, and H represents the depth of the directory in a way that humans can understand. max-depth. The du command is used

Using the system () function under Linux must be cautious

Once, it was tortured by the system () function, because the system () function was not well understood. Simply knowing that using this function to execute a system command is not enough, it is not sufficient, its return value, the return value of

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