Common commands in Linux (1)

This article address:, reprint please indicate source commandLS is used to list the contents of the directory, it is one of the most commonly used commands, the LS command format

Linux executable ELF structure and program load run

The types of elf files under Linux are divided into the following categories:1, can relocate files, such as SIMPLESECTION.O;2, executable files, such as/bin/bash;3, share the target file, such as/lib/ the Linux relocatable file elf

Linux Server development: Stat (), Fstat (), Lstat () detailed introduction + Case presentation

 1. Dependent header Files#include #include #include 2. Function definition:By passing in the file path, the struct stat struct pointerint stat (const char *path, struct stat *buf);Gets the properties of the file with the file descriptor. This

The road to mathematics-the basic technology of Distributed Computing-linux/unix (3)

Directory:~ Represents the current user's home directory. Represents the current directory.. Indicates a parent directoryLink fileUse different filenames to refer to the same data or program for hard linksIn the same physical file system, create a

Unzip zip file into zip file under Linux

The basic usage of the Linux zip command is:Zip [parameters] [file name after packaging] [packaged directory path]Linux zip command parameter list:-a convert the file to ASCII mode-F attempt to repair corrupted compressed file-H Display Help

Linux under the bizarre script rewrite, solve the script cannot execute

Statement **********************************************Original works, from the "Blue Blog" blog, Welcome to reprint, please be sure to indicate the source, otherwise hold the copyright legal responsibility.Please leave a message or email ([email

Ubuntu/linux Study Record 1

Article started: September 15, 2014 15:12:26.I am a beginner, is the beneficiary of open source software, I believe that "I help everyone, everyone help me" thinking. I want to record learning Linux step-by-step, for the future of the novice paving

Introduction to Linux file systems

The file system is a very basic knowledge of Linux, but also a prerequisite for learning Linux.This article will stand in a higher view to understand the Linux file system, mainly including the Linux disk partition and directory, Mount fundamentals,

A brief introduction to Linux Scheduler development

IntroductionProcess scheduling is the core function of the operating system. Scheduler is only a part of the scheduling process, process scheduling is a very complex process, requiring multiple systems to work together to complete. The focus of this

Linux essay (9)---mount and umount

first, the purposeThis article describes file system mount and unload commands for Mount and umount. The Mount command is responsible for mounting the file system on the device to the mount point of the system, and the Umount command is responsible

Linux uses OpenSSH to build sftp (including note points)

Setting up SFTP requires three parts: zlib (including Zlib,zlib-devel), OPENSSL,OPENSSH, required RPM package in CSDN1. General Linux systems, including Rehat,centos, have the basic installation of OpenSSLDetection: Which OpenSSLForced installation

Embedded Linux CP Command implementation

Recent projects in the data export when the problem occurs, the basic idea is:First Vfork Create a process, the child process creates 2 threads, thread 1 is responsible for the interface display, thread 2 is responsible for the data copy; The parent

Comparison of various programming locks under Linux-file lock

Shing Email: [Email protected] Blog: Http:// Date: 2014.09.12 Reprint please indicate the CSDN blog from "Chifeng" 1 OverviewA system that contains multiple threads/processes will often have multiple

How to choose the most ideal Linux server system for the enterprise?

"October 12, 2013 51CTO headline" What kind of Linux server is most suitable for your business? In short, it needs to give employees the ideal support they need to work.Compared to hundreds of Linux desktop systems, the number of Linux server

Linux compression, decompression, archiving detailed

Common compression tools under Linux are zip, bzip2, gzip, XZ, tarDecompression tools are unzip, BUNZIP2, Gunzip, Unxzbzip2, gzip, three commands above can not compress the directory, only the files under the directory compressionCompression command:

Linux or Mac systems use SSH to connect Raspberry Pi

You can use SSH to connect to your Raspberry Pi on a Linux or Mac computer (or another Raspberry Pi) terminal, and you don't need any other software.You need to know your Raspberry Pi IP address to connect to it. Query IP, you can enter the command "

Cheat--linux Command Line Ultimate Memo

What do you do when you're not sure what commands you're running, especially complex commands that use a lot of options? In this case, we use the man pages to get help. There are other options that may include commands suchas ' help ', 'whereis' and

Linux How to view and modify time zones

1. Check the system time zone:Method 1:[Email protected] ~]# date-rSun, Sep 2014 23:10:23-0400Method 2:[Email protected] ~]# Cat/etc/sysconfig/clock# The ZONE parameter is only evaluated by System-config-date.# The timezone of the system is defined

10 Key Tips for "lazy" Linux administrators

A good system administrator distinguishes between efficiency. If an efficient system administrator can complete a task that someone else needs 2 hours to complete in 10 minutes, he should be rewarded (get more money) because he saves time for the

Remote Desktop Connection under Windows Linux-vnc

VNC was developed by the at and T Lab and is an excellent remote control tool software that was later open source in the form of GPL-licensed. After several years of development, now VNC has not only refers to a software, but a class of software

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