Linux Driver design compilation error message collection

1, warning:passing argument 2 of ' REQUEST_IRQ ' from incompatible pointer typeHttp:// warning:passing argument 2 of ' REQUEST_IRQ ' from incompatible pointer type my request The _IRQ function is

Linux Common commands

Linux Common Command DaquanSystem Information The processor architecture of the Arch Display Machine (1) UNAME-M display the processor architecture of the Machine (2) uname-r display the kernel version dmidecode-q display hardware system

0 Copy technology in Linux, part 1th

OverviewThis series consists of two articles, which describe several 0 copy technologies currently used on the Linux operating system, and simply describes the implementation of various 0 copy technologies, as well as their characteristics and

How to use CP and SCP commands in Linux

Transferred from: provides us with two commands for file copy, one for CP and one for SCP, but they are slightly different.CP---mostly used to copy files between different directories on the same

Linux time command parameters and usage details--linux Test command Execution times command

" command " Time-executes the command and timings"Format" time [-p] command [arguments ...]DescriptionExecute command line "command [arguments]", when the command line execution finishes printing in standard output, the time statistic results of

Linux Growth path (Makefile Quick Start)

Jeremy LinI think, for a lot of coder like me who use widows systems for a long time, I probably don't know what makefile is. Because the IDE in widows (like VS) is doing the work for you silently, but when you enter the Unix/linux system, that

The Linux OpenSSL tool creates a private CA

Certificate creation depends on the encryption algorithm, see Preface, with the development of the network, because the use of HTTP protocol communication between the two sides of the data is clear-

How the Linux kernel analyzes how the operating system works

How the Linux kernel analyzes how the operating system works20122137 Sha Yu JiOriginal works reproduced please indicate the sourceLinux kernel Analysis MOOC course Content DescriptionThe inline

Makefile writing and Automake finishing of Linux

Makefile Writing RulesIn a makefile, it usually contains the following content:1 The target object, usually the target file or executable file, that needs to be created by the Make tool2 files that are dependent on the target body to be created

Linux basic awk simple to use

awk Basic usage:awk [Options] ' program ' file1 file2program:pattern{ACTION STATEMENT} is made up of statements, and the statement delimiter is a semicolonAction:print, printfoption:-F: Indicates the input field delimiter-V var=value: variable

Linux under LNMP Environment installation notes

1 Installing NginxInstalling the sudo apt-get install NginxStart Service Nginx StartThe browser tests whether the installation was successful Installing PHP5sudo apt-get install PHP5-FPM3 Installing the MySQL 5 databasesudo

Linux file Permissions chmod chown

1. Linux File access rights chmodis the abbreviation for change mode. The chown same is the abbreviation for change owner, one that changes the access rights of the file, and one that changes the owner of the file. 2. Change file

~linux device-driven interrupts and timers in layman's

"I exhort you to say that you will not forget what you told me I also all cherish for us to remember is the day will never be yellow when the time is always very short look forward to the time is always very long years of the brook picked up how

Linux Installation Standalone SOLR

Objective:1 SOLR is a severlet, processing data only2 Tomcat is an environment that runs Serverlet, which is a serverlet containerThat's probably what it means: One access request comes in, the Tomcat is first reached, then Tomcat turns the request

Linux compiler gcc-5.1.0


The newest gcc-5.1.0 was released and couldn't wait to put it on the test.Download gcc-5.1.0 in extract to directory gcc-5.1.0/Run Download dependent packages required for compilationGCC dependency packages are: m4-

Create LVM logical volumes in Linux and limit disk quotas

This article focuses on How to build a physical volume, a volume group, and finally a logical volume in Linux? How to generate disk quota files, start disk quotas, limit and use disk quotas. Here again, I wrote my own handwritten Linux principle

Comparison of soft and hard link files in Linux

Hard-Link File features:1, has the same I node and storage block block, can be regarded as the same file;2, can be identified by the I node3. Cannot cross partition4. Hard links cannot be linked to the directory5, modify any file another change6,

The SED of Linux

I. INTRODUCTION of SEDIi. sed syntaxAttached: regular expression meta-characterIii. sed Common editing commandsIv. Common options for SEDI. INTRODUCTION of SEDThree major Linux text processing tools, grep, sed, and awk.Stream editor,sed is a text

Linux Study notes-the 18th lesson-lamp Environment Construction (a)

First, the preparation of lamp constructionLamp is the abbreviation for four sets of software, refers to l-linux,a-apache,m-mysql,p-php, the use of these four sets of software to build the environment of the web.Need to download good software before

Linux related shortcut keys

Linux related shortcut keys Using the Virtual Consoleafter logging in, press the "ALT+F2" key to see the "Login:" prompt, which is the second Virtual Console. Generally the newly

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