The relationship and difference between Linux library function and system call

Last week summed up the "C standard library base IO", in fact, these function functions through "system call" can also achieve the corresponding function. This article is not to detail the use of each system call interface, but rather to understand

"Linux learning is not difficult" file/directory Management (6): mkdir command to create a directory

7.6 "Linux learning is not difficult" file/directory Management (6): mkdir command to create a directoryUse the mkdir command to create a directory on a Linux system.Command syntax:mkdir [Options] [contents]The meanings of the options in the command

"Linux learning is not difficult" file/directory Management (4): cd command Change working directory path

7.4 "Linux learning is not difficult" file/directory Management (4): cd command Change working directory pathUse the CD command to change the user's working directory path. Working directory paths can use absolute or relative path names, absolute

Linux Build Wiki

Https:// if the system is installed with MySQL:Rpm-qa | grep MySQLUnloadingRPM-E MySQL // Normal Delete mode rpm-e--nodeps mysql // Brute Force Delete mode, if you use the above command to

Linux Common commands: rmdir command

learn about Linux commands today: RmDir Command . rmdir is a commonly used command, the function of which is to delete an empty directory before a directory is deleted must be empty. (Note that the Rm-r dir command can be used instead of rmdir,

Common compression format comparison, and Linux compression-related instructions

You can browse the bold section first One, the common compression file *.zip | Zip program compresses packaged files; (very common, but because it does not contain document name encoding information, cross-platform may be garbled)*.rar

Linux Learning Summary (42) LNMP access Control Chapter

1 Nginx configuration anti-theft chainThe principle of anti-theft chain we have already introduced in lamp, here no longer repeat, directly look at the configuration process.The core statement is valid_referers none blocked server_names *

Linux Yum Command detailed

Linux Yum Command detailedYum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download the RPM package from the specified

One Linux command per day: Tar command

Through SSH access to the server, will inevitably use compression, decompression, packaging, unpacking, etc., this time the tar command is an essential tool for a powerful. The most popular tar in Linux is the perfectly formed, the most powerful.The

First assignment: Analyzing its process model based on the source code of Linux Kernel 2.6

[TOC]1. IntroductionThe content of this article is based on Linux Kernel 2.6 source code, in-depth analysis of its process model, the main analysis of the following: What is a process (the concept of a process) How the operating system

Linux rpm Command parameter usage [introduction and application]


Linux rpm Command parameter usage [introduction and application]RPM is a "Add/Remove Program" in Windows like Redhat Package Manager (Redhat Packages management tool)RPM Execution Installation packageBinary packages (binary) and source code packages

06_linux Directory File Operations Command 3 Find commands _ my Linux path


The last few sections have been roughly told about some of the commands on the Linux side file directory operationThis essay, we continue to learn the operation of the file directory commandA command to find a file or directoryFind files in the find

Linux Command Learning Series 11-umask,file,find

Previous section review:1. File/directory Details2. Modify Permissions command: chmod command3. Modify file Owner: Chown command4. Modify file All groups: Chgrp commandJob: Create file Test.txt, modify the file permissions for the owner has read and

Linux basic commands

CD(change direction): Changing the Directory{CD/: Go to the root directoryCD Directory Name: Enter the directoryCd.. : Go to the previous level directoryCd. : Enter the current directoryCD ~: Enter the host (home) directory (cd ~ Directory Name:

Search for directories and files under Linux

Reference URL: command:The which command is used to find and display the absolute path of a given command, and the environment variable path holds the directory that needs to be traversed

One Linux command per day: exec of the Find command

Find is a very common Linux command, but what we generally find out is not just to look at it, there will be further operations, this time the role of exec is revealed.EXEC explained:The-exec parameter is followed by command, which terminates with a;

Process and terminal management of Linux system

The original text was published in "Cyber Security and Informatization" in the 3rd issue of 2018, reproduced in the blog. Process management is a basic skill that Linux system operators should master, Linux, as a typical multi-user operating system,

System Package management for Linux

Rpm We know that the programs that are used on top of the operating system are developed by programmers through development tools, and the plain text written by programmers is what we call source code. Because computers only know the binary,

EXT4 File System fsck post-corruption repair method-linux Data Recovery case

There are several concepts that need to be understood before data recovery cases beginBlock group: The entire space of the Ext4 file system is divided into block groups, and the structure within each block group is roughly the same.Block Group

Linux Common commands


1. View Ipifconfig or IP A2. Restart the reboot3. Shutdown shutdown-h now4. Stop CTRL+C5. Restart the network or one of the Services service network restart II. directories and Operations commands 6. View the working directory

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