Types of variables for Linux

Shell variablesWhen defining a variable, the variable name does not have a dollar sign (required for variables in the $,php language), such as:your_name="runoob.com"Note that there can be no spaces between the variable name and the equals sign,

iTOP-4412 Development Board driver LCD graphics and Linux boot log modification method

iTOP-4412 Development Board LCD screen driver, iTOP-4412 Development Board support 4.3-inch, 7-inch, 9.7-inch LCD display. One of the 4.3-inch screen is the CPU directly out of the RGB signal, 7-inch screen and 9.7-inch screen is used for the LVDS

Linux/unix basic Command (ii)

Basic Commands-2Compression and archivingPackaged:Archive, similar to packing before travellingCompression:To reduce the amount of disk space used, backups can be made to save network bandwidth when transferred over the network.Packaged compression

Linux basic knowledge of users and user groups and Linux rights Management

has started to contact Linux User Management, user group management, and Rights management These are a few of the full of keywords. These key words for the front-end program Ape I really is very tall on the wood there, before trying to learn Linux

Description of the structure and application of the folders under Linux

Linux under each document Clamp of the Knot structure say Ming and uses Shaoxing :/bin:Binary executable command./ Dev:Device special files./ etc:System administration and configuration files./ETC/RC.D:Start the configuration files and scripts.

A good parameter to the kernel in Linux Somaxconn

Reprinted from: Click to open linkIn Linux,/proc/sys/net/core/somaxconn this parameter, a good parameter of the kernel in Linux SomaxconnLook at its parsing:For a TCP connection, the server and client need to have a three-time handshake to establish

Modify the command prompt and its colors for Linux

We use the Linux system when the most contact is its command-line window, many times we need to enter commands on the command line, before the input command will have a prompt, the general system default prompt form is: [[Email protected]

Linux commands (13) Create directory mkdir Delete directory RmDir

I. Introduction to the establishment of a directory mkdir commandThe mkdir command is used to create the specified directory. When you create a directory, the current user has read access to the directory where the action is required. If the

Linux nginx Load Balancer, SSL principle, generate SSL key pair, Nginx configuration SSL Introduction

Load balancing of Nginx1. Find www.qq.com domain corresponding IP to do the test[[email protected] ~]# yum install -y bind-utils //安装dig命令包[[email protected] ~]# dig www.qq.com; > DiG 9.9.4-RedHat-9.9.4-51.el7_4.1 > www.qq.com;; global options:

Linux process priority NI and PR

Why do you have a process priority?This does not seem to explain too much, after all, since the birth of a multitasking operating system, the ability of the process to execute CPU is a matter that must be artificially controlled. Because some

Linux Common Commands 30:chgrp command

In the LUnix system, the control of the permissions of a file or directory is managed by the owner and the group being sued. You can use the CHGRP command to change the file and directory to belong to the group, this way with the group name or group

L-1-19 Linux raid& partition & File system commands

[Badblocks]Badblocks disk Bad Check tool, can actually use mke2fs-c to replace this command-S shows progress on the screen-V can see the text message progress on the screen-W is tested in write mode. (This parameter is not recommended when you see

Commands that Linux must remember

Write in front:1, "You must know about the Linux file directory operation of the 12 common commands" is the landlord collected on the Linux file directory operations most commonly used commands, including the file or directory of new, copy, move,

A detailed explanation of soft links and hard links in Linux

Goal:1. Test environment Simulation2. Soft Link Features3. Hard-Link features4. Summary1. Test environment Simulation 12345678910111213 [[email protected] home]# mkdir test Create a testing folder[[Email protected] home]# CD

File encryption operation record under Linux

For security reasons, some important files are usually encrypted or encrypted, and the following is a brief introduction to the file encryption method under Linux:One, zip encryption1) file encryptionUse the command "zip-e filename.zip filename" To

Linux Basic Management-Text processing (small command combination to solve big problems)

Objective:The processing of logs in the server is a very common work, so operation and maintenance for a variety of text tools to view, analyze, statistics, is a necessary basic work. It is necessary to learn common file handling commands such as

Linux hard link and soft link directory structure

Understanding hard links and soft links for LinuxDirectory structure/              根目录├── bin     存放用户二进制文件├── boot    存放内核引导配置文件├── dev     存放设备文件├── etc     存放系统配置文件├── home    用户主目录├── lib     动态共享库├── lost+found  文件系统恢复时的恢复文件├── media  

Linux Yum Command detailed

Yum (full name Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a shell front-end package manager in Fedora and Redhat and SuSE. Based on RPM package management, the ability to automatically download the RPM package from the specified server and install, can

Linux Advanced Programming Fundamentals Series: Inter-thread communication

Linux Advanced Programming Fundamentals Series: Inter-thread communicationReprint: Original Address http://blog.163.com/jimking_2010/blog/static/1716015352013102510748824/Inter-thread communication mechanism:Threading is a lightweight process. the

Linux and Windows Interop files/user profiles and password profiles/user group management/user Management

2.27linux and Windows inter-pass files3.1 User profile and password configuration files3.2 User Group Management3.3 User ManagementLinux and Windows inter-pass filesShow Dates Date[Email protected]_1 ~]# DateNovember 21, 2017 Tuesday 08:38:25

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