Linux Debian 9 Configuration postgressql Database

#读者注意: This article can choose not to read the explanation, directly execute the code in 0 of each paragraph(0): Some concepts (can skip direct use (i) 0 of the code)1. Client: Psql. PostgreSQL command-line client program that enters the PostgreSQL

Linux Command Collection

Command summary:mkdir Create directory make Directorys (full name)-P (Recursive)Ls-l (Long) d (dieectory) displays the directory or file name list. -A (can show hidden files)Ls-f=ls-p (to view the file with different symbols at the end of the

Naming sources for Linux common commands

Many people wonder when they are learning Linux: How can they be defined by so many Linux names? How did Linus make such a large and varied order? This article may help you solve your doubts today. # # 1. Directory abbreviationsAbbreviations | Full

Linux Series Tutorials (v)--linux link commands and Rights management commands

The previous blog we explained the Linux file and directory processing commands, or Laosheng Changtan, for beginners, we do not need to fully remember the command of the detailed syntax, remember what the command can be done, and then need to check

Single-user mode, rescue mode, clone virtual machine, Linux machine Mutual Login

One, single user mode1. Restart Linuxcannot be restarted remotely and requires a reboot on the virtual machine (host).2, the following Start screen when you press the arrow keys, select the first, press the E key.650) this.width=650; "Title="

Linux Standard directory structure

First, with the 21st understandingBeginner Linux, you need to understand the Linux standard directory structure first/ Root---Some of the core files used when starting Linux. such as operating system kernel, boot program grub and so on. Home---

linux[Basic]-33-[dns Server]-[forward and reverse Domain name resolution]-[01]

Dns_bind_ forward and reverse domain name resolutionBind Service supports TSIG Secure encryption transfer mechanismDNS domain name resolution service for resolving domain name and IP address correspondence Serviceforward parsing: Based on the domain

Several forms of process exit under Linux

Process ExitThe process exit of Linux is divided into two types: normal exit and abnormal exit.1. Normal exitA. Execute return in the main () function.B. Call the exit () functionc. Call the _exit () function  2. Abnormal exitA. Calling the About

Linux Common basic Commands (notes)

SU: Switching usersCD: Switch directoriesPWD: Show current directoryClear: Clear command shortcut key: ctrl+lLS: Displays the files in the current directoryLs-l = = ll: Displays files in the current directory in a user-friendly formatLs-i:Ls-al:

Deploying SVN on Linux

deploying SVN on LinuxAuthor:headsen Chen 2017-10-16 16:45:04Prerequisite: Install via Yum, must be centos6.5 desktop version. Otherwise, some of the installation packages will be incomplete, resulting in the installed SVN can not be used, and so on

The zero-based Linux 13th chapter

The zero-based Linux 13th chapter(Small to push the door into) students early ~ ~ is a happy day ~ ~650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title="- 5759326e8704bfea.jpg "width=" "height="

How to detect a memory leak under Linux

This article introduced a simple use of Linux system Tools Valgrind to detect memory leaks by applying Valgrind to discover the memory problems of Linux programs, This paper implements a tool for detecting memory leaks, including the principle

Linux chmod command to modify file and folder permissions command code

Under various UNIX and Linux operating systems, each file (folder is also considered a file) is read, write, run set permissions.In Linux to modify the permissions of a folder or file we need to use the Linux chmod command to do, below I wrote a few

Linux kernel image format

?? The Linux kernel has images in multiple formats, including Vmlinux, image, Zimage, Bzimage, Uimage, Xipimage, Bootpimage, and more.? kernel image format Vmlinux ?? The Vmlinux is a bootable, uncompressed, compressible kernel image, and the VM

Memory layout of Linux system processes

Excerpt from is just a study collection.The memory management module is the heart of the operating system, which is important for application and system management. In the next few articles, I will focus

Linux system backup and Restore tool 2 (tar/compression tool)

The TAR compression Restore tool is more compact and flexible than the DD Backup Restore tool, but it cannot back up the MBR. Of course, you can fix this problem with the MBR by reinstalling Grub. At the same time, Tar's approach is officially

Linux Common commands

Some basic common simple Linux commands, want more complex and more comprehensive commands can refer to the following documents!Friendship Share Linux Common commands Daquan: Link: Password: IMCVPWD View current path

Common Linux Commands

Delete: Rm-rf./jsp/(Delete JSP folder and all sub-files in this directory)Graphics switch to command interaction mode: CTRL+ALT+F1Go to the JSP folder under directory: CD folder name or CD./jspReturn to the previous level: CD.Switch User: SU user

Code Sea supplements: Linux multi-threaded mutex lock

  Multithreading counts, with each thread accumulating 10 numbers.Realize:1#include 2#include 3#include string.h>4#include 5#include 6 7 pthread_mutex_t Num_lock;8 9 intnum =0;Ten intsum =0; One A void*foo1 () - { - #if1 thePthread_mutex_lock (&num_

Linux and Windows view the process ID that occupies the port and kills the process

Sometimes the Tomcat port is occupied, the process ID needs to be detected and the process is killed.1. Find the process ID that occupies the port (Windows and Linux as 8005 can also be quoted)6904 is the process ID that occupies the port. In order

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