Linux Common commands


1. View Ipifconfig or IP A2. Restart the reboot3. Shutdown shutdown-h now4. Stop CTRL+C5. Restart the network or one of the Services service network restart II. directories and Operations commands 6. View the working directory

Linux basic Commands (i)

Today we will work with you to learn the commands of the basic command line inside the Linux system.1. The composition of the command is basically divided into command words + options + parameters2. Command word: Common basic commands3. Option: Make

The difference between the Linux kernel tuning tcp_max_syn_backlog and Somaxconn

The behavior of the backlog argument on TCP sockets changed with Linux 2.2. Now it specifies the queue length for completely established sockets waiting to be accepted, instead of the number of incomplete connection requests. The maximum length of

Linux Security Management

First, SELinux security protectionIi. Data encryption and decryptionThree, grasping the bag and scanning++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++First, SELinux security protection1.1 SELinux Introduction1.2 Linux security protection model?1.3 Viewing the

Various decompression commands under Linux

This article describes the programs that are compressed under Linux, such as tar, gzip, gunzip, bzip2, bunzip2, compress, uncompress, zip, unzip, RAR, Unrar, and how to use them for. Tar,. GZ,. tar.gz,. tgz,. bz2,. tar.bz2,. Z. Tar. Z,. zip,. rar 10

Linux General Installation Items

Yum Install Net-tools//Installation Network Infrastructure packageYum Install NTPSystemctl Start NTPDNtpdate timeService NPTD start//enable NTP servicesChkconfig--level 23456 ntpd on//NTP random startYum install NET-SNMP, net-snmp-

Linux Find command

The following is a complementary part of the video course, and to learn more about Linux commands, you can learn from the following links:Http:// file name Lookup method:This method is as easy to understand as

Common Query command collation under Linux centos6.x

Linux centos6.x Common Query command collation----1. System basic Information----View System versioncat /etc/redhat-release[[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/redhat-releaseCentOS release 6.9 (Final)View Processor Architecturearch 或 uname

permissions, special permissions, ACLs under Linux

First of all, we know that Linux is a multi-user operating system, then the problem is, suppose I have a file called File1, this file is User user1, User1 has a project group G1, he wants his project team colleagues can view modify this file, But

Linux Learning Note 2.0

Command">" | >> file Standard input redirect (overwrite); (append)2> | 2>> file standard error redirection (overwrite); (append)File &> File = = >file 2>&1 all standard output redirectionTR Convert and delete charactersTee [-A] file1 stdin to file1

Common techniques for Linux text processing

1. Find File LookupFind txt and PDF files:Find. (-name "*.txt"-o-name "*.pdf")-printRegular way to find. txt and PDF:Find. -regex ". * (. txt|. PDF) $ "-iregex: Ignoring case-sensitive regularNegative arguments to find all non-txt text:Find. ! -name

Single-user mode rescue mode clone virtual machine Linux machines log in to each other

One, single user modeForgot root password:Method One: Use single-user modeLinux restart command: Reboot, init 6, Shutdown-r nowLinux shutdown command: Init 0, PoweroffVirtual machine Power on restart press the arrow key to select, select the first,

Linux file system call (1)---Mount

List of terms:struct Mount : mount pointstruct Mountpoint: mount point Nodestruct Vfsmount : Mount ItemSource file system: The file system that the user is going to mountDestination file system: file system for mounting the source file

"Linux crontab, start"

First, the scheduled task ATDThe AT command publishes a scheduled taskOne-time Task SchedulerAt time Ctrl+d submitTime1. Absolute time: 12:002. Relative Time: +83. Blur Time: Noon Midnight Teatime-L: View task List equivalent to ATQ-D #: Undoing a

Linux Common commands Daquan 100 article

1,echo "AA" Test.txt and echo "BB" "test.txtThe original file is emptied and the content is written to the file, and the content is placed at the end of the file2,chmod go+w-r/home/zhangy//Add Write permission to group users and other

Brief introduction to Linux common commands--dirname and basename

First, Introduction1, dirname command to remove the non-directory part of the file name, delete the last "\" After the path, display the parent directory. Syntax: dirname [options] Parameter2. The basename command is used to print the directory or

Linux cluster (quad)-lvs persistent connection and high availability

Fwm:firewall MarkMARK target 可用于给特定的报文打标记--set-mark value 其中:value 为十六进制数字借助于防火墙标记来分类报文,而后基于标记定义集群服务;可将多个不同的应用使用同一个集群服务进行调度Implementation method:在VS主机打标记:iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -d $vip -p $proto –m multiport --dports $port1,$port2,… -j

[Linux Learning] DNS Foundation

This is the time to learn some Linux when the content of the record, recently in the writing of the training materials, and turned out familiar with the past, because it was recorded in the book, there is no time to organize, now just take this

Linux Learning Command Rollup eight-file Find command find options and usage tips

This chapter blog related Linux knowledge points Different points for find versus grep:Find is a file Search command--used to find files in a specified directory, and grep as a text Search command--to search the target file according to a user-

Find command, file name suffix, and Linux and Windows inter-pass files

Find CommandFile Lookup:1.which (typically used to find the absolute path of a command)2.whereis (not used)3.locate (non-real-time lookup, based on a pre-defined database.) Fuzzy Lookup, Find Fast. This command must be installed before use yum-y

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