Linux Disk Management Command usage detailed

Let's take a look at an example and write it yourself. The first step is to find the newly added disk usage FDISK-L lists all the disks. The more stupid way can also go to the/dev directory under LS, see the newly added disk name. If it's just a

Linux md5sum verify file integrity __linux


1. Introduction MD5 algorithm is often used to verify the integrity of network file transmission, to prevent files from being tampered with. MD5 full name is the digest to the algorithm (Message-digest algorithm 5), this algorithm for arbitrary

Linux SVN Command Summary __linux

Directory First, get information from the version library ... 1 Second, from the version of the library to the local ... 2 Third, from local to version library ... 2 Four, advanced application ... 4 First, get information from the version library

Ubuntu Linux Topics

Ubuntu 14.04 with Chrome browser content display normal but tab display garbled Ubuntu 14.04 installation mysq times wrong problem Ubuntu 12.04 Create user failure how to solve Ubuntu installation software prompts you not to open the lock

Linux Advanced Programming--04.gdb Debug Program (View data)

View stack InformationWhen the program is stopped, the first thing you need to do is to see where the program is parked. When your program calls a function, the address of the function, the function arguments, the local variables within the function

Nginx Series -1.linux Installation Nginx

Nginx Series -1.linux Installation Nginx catalogue-Nginx Series Nginx Series -1.linux installation NginxNginx Series-2. Configuring the Lnmp (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) architectureNginx Series-3. Configuring Nginx Virtual HostNginx Series -4

2018-05-22 Linux Learning

18.6 Load Balancing Cluster introduction主流开源软件LVS、keepalived、haproxy、nginx等其中LVS属于4层(网络OSI 7层模型),nginx属于7层,haproxy既可以认为是4层,也可以当做7层使用keepalived的负载均衡功能其实就是lvslvs这种4层的负载均衡是可以分发除80外的其他端口通信的,比如MySQL的,而nginx仅仅支持http,https,mail,haproxy也支持MySQL这种相比较来说,LVS这种4

2018-4-11 Linux Learning Notes

18.11 LVS Dr Mode construction The LVS NAT mode requires fewer public IP addresses and is suitable for up to 10 servers. Then the DR mode is more suitable for large-scale speech. (1) Prepare three machines Dispatcher, also known as the

Linux Learning Notes (20) file compression zip compression, tar package, package, unpack

One, zip compressionInstall Zip and unzip firstYum Install-y Zip/unzipzip 1.txtCompressed file 1.txt, compressed filename is called zip -r 123/Compressed folder 123/specified name unzip 1.txt.zipThe zip file

Remote download command for linux command: wget

Transferred from: wget in a Linux system is a tool for downloading files, which is used at the command line. For Linux users is an essential tool, we often have to download some

Socket details-linux Socket programming (unlimited Linux)

"Everything is socket!. ”Although the words are slightly exaggerated, but the fact is, the current network programming is almost all using the socket.--Thoughts on practical programming and open source project research.We know the value of the

Linux and Unix differences

collation from the network: are a lot of beginner Linux people who are concerned about the difference between Linux and Windows, and here is the difference between Linux Unix, it is

Linux real-case (8) Background run commands nohup command > Myout.file 2>&1

Linux Command background runTurn from the rain in the north, thank you: are two ways of doing this:1. Command &: Background run, you shut down the terminal will stop running2.

Linux Commands: Modify file Permissions command chmod, CHGRP, Chown detailed

Each file and directory in a Linux system has access permissions, which are used to determine who can access and manipulate files and directories.Access to a file or directory is divided into read-only, write-only, and executable three types. As an

The feasibility analysis of old Wangxue linux-Cloud Desktop

cloud computing in full swing of the hot development of the present, traditional desktop system is also unavoidable to be cloud, why it is cloud, where his needs. The desktop is one of the most important link in the Internet infrastructure : It is

Linux System tuning 1

Linux in the system tuning, the first consideration of the entire operating system structure, and then for the various parts of the optimization, the following shows the various components of a Linux system:As can be seen, we can adjust the

This is three days of Linux learning notes, the great God can advise, do not squirt me, I novice.

20140825. Study NotesOpen new Terminal ctrl+shift+nClose Terminal Alt+f4Expand Terminal ctrl+shift+ "+"Reduce the terminal Ctrl + "-"Open a new Terminal tab ctrl+shift+tClose the Terminal tab ctrl+shift+wToggle between labels ALT + label

"Linux" Windows 7 HDD installation ubuntu 14.10 Graphics tutorial

This article was reproduced from: famous Linux distribution Ubuntu system has released the latest version 14.10, and you may not know that it is 10 years old. Compared with 14.10, this time, the

Introduction to OpenSSL and compilation steps on Windows, Linux, Mac Systems

OpenSSL introduction : OpenSSL is a powerful Secure Sockets Layer cipher library that includes key cryptographic algorithms, common key and certificate encapsulation management functions and SSL protocols, and provides a rich set of applications for

Linux Versus Windows, Ubuntu/mint V XP/VISTA/7

Original: Http:// Versus Windows, Ubuntu/mint V XP/VISTA/7 submitted byPeter on Tue, 2013-10-22 12:16 I am writing in Libreoffice on Linux Mint, with Cinnamon 2.0. The

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