Ten steps to build a Linux VPN server

1) Install DKMS package RPM--install dkms-1.12-2.noarch.rpm This is supported by dynamic kernel modules. You need to use it at the kernel level to simplify installation and configuration. This will make almost everything transparent to the user

Socket for Linux network programming (15) UNIX domain socket programming and SOCKETPAIR functions

First, UNIX Domain Socket IPC The socket API was originally designed for network communications, but later on the socket framework developed an IPC mechanism, is the UNIX Domain socket. Although network sockets can also be used for interprocess

Linux Disk Management Command usage detailed

Let's take a look at an example and write it yourself. The first step is to find the newly added disk usage FDISK-L lists all the disks. The more stupid way can also go to the/dev directory under LS, see the newly added disk name. If it's just a

Linux XAMPP Integrated Package installation configuration method

To hang our PHP Web program on a Linux server, you have to build a PHP operating environment on the server first. Of course, if you are using a VPS, you choose the system with a WDCP version of Linux, will automatically help you install the

Linux Getting Started Tutorial Chapter 2nd Installation Guide _unix Linux

2nd Chapter: Installation Guide 2.1 Pre-Installation Preparation 1, collecting system data: In order to be able to successfully install and set up the Linux system, you must put the following information for the installation of the system to

Install the IBUs pinyin input method in Kali Linux __linux

IBus, known as intelligent input bus, is the open source free multi-language input framework under the Gnu/linux and Unix-like operating systems. In Kali Linux default is not installed in Chinese input method, in order to facilitate the

10 minutes to quickly build Linux system under Webmail

At present, the Internet can find a lot of webmail software, but more for commercial software, easily support millions users. Although they are very powerful, but for the general unit, a bit "overqualified." So, can you find such a webmail: free,

Install Apache and Subversion methods under Linux (RH9)

Read a lot of information on the Internet, yesterday finally with the help of Atango to become a Linux (RH9) under Subversion. Summing up the experience of each road write the installation configuration process below: First, the required

Ubuntu Linux Topics

Ubuntu 14.04 with Chrome browser content display normal but tab display garbled Ubuntu 14.04 installation mysq times wrong problem Ubuntu 12.04 Create user failure how to solve Ubuntu installation software prompts you not to open the lock

Redflag Linux Server 4.1 setup Sybase

Sybase is a database product that goes hand in hand with Oracle, and has more applications on the enterprise platform. The other day, I spent a lot of time in installing and configuring Sybase, and in the midst of all the difficulties, I recorded

What are the differences between x86 and arm under Linux?

Problem:Recently, with a Samsung i5 processor, the Windows tablet, and the ipad, as well as other mobile phones using arm processors, compared to a lot more heat, and even need to use a fan to cool, a lot of power consumption.Then it is very strange,

Linux system 644, 755, 777 permissions detailed

Thank the Blogger: 52241685 information providedCommon Linux file permissions:444 r--r--r--RW-------644 rw-r--r--666 rw-rw-rw-RWX------744 rwxr--r--755 Rwxr-xr-x777 RwxrwxrwxFrom left to right, 1-3 digits represent the permissions of the file owner,

The Linux foundation of Cloud Computing

File Management CommandsLs-lThe first column is the file type-: Normal fileC: Character fileL: LinkP: Pipeline FileB: Block deviceLs-mComma separated[Email protected] ~]# ls-m/var/ADM, cache, crash, db, empty, games, Gopher, Kerberos, LIB, local,

Remote login between single-user mode, rescue mode, clone, and Linux

Single-user mode setting password Enter the system by pressing the arrow keys to move the cursor, select the operating system, according to the letter "E", into the grub editing mode, the linux6 line "ro" changed to "RW" after adding "init=/

"Linux" Linux common commands Summary

View software XXX Installation content: Dpkg -l xxx find software in the Software Library:apt-cache search  regular expressions find software in the Software library: Aptitude search   Package find which package the file belongs to: Dpkg -s filename

Solve the problem that Firefox can't play mp3 under Linux

Kali Linux has been used before, work screen noise are used netease music. Since there is no Linux client, then the web version of it. Have to say, NetEase Music web version do really praise.  Kali Linux under the use of Firefox to listen to the

linux:644, 755, 777 permissions

The first bit 7 equals 4+2+1,rwx, the owner has read, write, execute permission;The second bit 5 equals 4+1+0,r-x, the same group of users have read, execute permissions but no write permission;Third bit 5, ditto, is also r-x, other users have read,

The Linux command to be understood by QA

Software Installation relatedQA often needs to install test software (jmeter, Mock, Python environment build, Java Environment build), or configure test environment (Nginx, CI, etc.), need to know how to install software under Linux.Common Linux

Linux modified hostname Script-no restart-support Redhat, SUSE

The host name needs to be modified with a script, involving the Redhat, SUSE system, and requires that the modifications take effect immediately without restarting, and here is my script.Here's how to use the script:1 First create a script file, if

Free Windows and Linux VPS Providers 2017

Free Windows and Linux VPS Providers 2017After surfing many days, I-finally found some VPS providers that give us VPS servers with free of charge without have to Pay anything.1. Desktone–vmware Horizon AirFree Windows and Linux VPS Providers

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