Cute illustrations to help you understand the evolution of Mac OS x history

The early OS X operating system, which was named after a large cat in the apple, was simply used as an external trademark by the animal code, and became the abbreviation for the versions of the systems until the first two years had changed. Today,

How to change the font size of messages in Mac OS X

1, open the mail program, if you have not done so 2. Optional but recommended: Select or open an email to see font size changes in real time 3, click "Mail"-"preferences" (Translator: "Command" + "," can be applied to all OS X applications) 4,

Chapter One the Mac OS compiler openjdk 7

Like the author of the book, I compiled the OPENJDK 7. The process is also encountered a lot of pits, consulted a lot of information, tried to use JDK8,JDK7,JDK6, the final use of jdk7u71 compiled successfully, the following record the process, so

MAC OS Access Windows shared folder

(Author: Chen Bo, 2012-02-09, reprint please specify form: One of the first questions you've started to study about Mac OS is how to access Windows shared folders in Mac OS, which is often used

Mac OS Terminal Landscaping: Iterm2 + zsh + oh~my~zsh Setup Tutorial

ObjectiveMac comes with the terminal terminal does not have the file name highlighting and so on, and the interface is not very good-looking, so tonight learning roommate toss the terminal, you can make their use more convenient, looks more

Finalshell Mac OS edition, Linux installation and tutorials

This version is basically the same as windows, but host detection and Remote Desktop functionality is temporarily unavailable due to compatibility issues and will be supported later.User QQ Group 342045988Installation path for Mac

Install MVN under Mac OS

STEP1: Go to the official website address download Unzip and move to the specified directory STEP3: Configure the environment variable and make it effectiveAdded in. bash_profileExport

Remote access to Mac OS under router (SSH+VNC)

Demand:Use an extranet PC (Win7 operating system) that can be connected to the Internet. Remote access to the MAC computer under the public network Tp-linkEnvironment:Mac OS-----tp-link-----------pcTools:Putty TightVNC or TeamViewerMethod OneMethod

How to install Maven on Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9)

Step 1: Download maven binaries from maven Download Page. I was using the Maven 3.0.5, so I downloaded apache-maven-3.0.5-bin.tar.gz.Step 2:you can install Maven at no location but since it's a one time process, I didn ' t wanted it in my user

Mac OS X ssh to Linux using gnuplot


Use a terminal under OS X, such as Iterm,ssh to a Linux machine, and then use Gnuplot on a Linux machine to draw.First, the project configurationI'm using OS X Yosemite 10.10, going to ssh RedHat Linux, and these are all done under these

How to generate private keys and public keys using OpenSSL under MAC OS

MAC OS comes with OpenSSL, so you don't have to compile the same source code as shit. You can use OpenSSL directly on the command line.Open the command-line tool and enter OpenSSL to open OpenSSL, and then just three commands to get it done. The

Maven Install on Mac OS X

Disclaimer:here is a complete answer taking, the last version of OS X (10.9 AKA Mavericks) to account. I am aware that everything I compiled in this answer are already present in the page, but have it clearly in one answer M Akes it a lot

Mac OS X Install Brew tool!

The earliest ports management was BSD, and then a powerful Debian, a dpkg+apt!.Mac OS X is the first to use a lot of tools is macports, but now see this tool is a bit old, not very stable, then we recommend you install brew.The commands for

Using the solarized color scheme in MAC OS X terminal

Believe that long-term immersion in the terminal and the code of the small partners have their own favorite color scheme. Used to be a simple, readable color scheme, the MacBook Pro with Retina display found this color time to look a

Installation and configuration of OpenFire for XMPP chat---Mac OS

First, download and install OpenFire 1. Download the latest OpenFire installation files Official Download site: Http://   OpenFire is the server, there is also a spark, this is an XMPP protocol

Mac OS X Yosemite installation disk USB drive maker

Download the Mac OS X Yosemite installer from the App Store, and the downloaded installation file is saved in the application (/applications) folder. Please note that you must not start the program installation directly at this time OS X Yosemite ,

Suggest Ubuntu users, tired of Windows users switch to free Mac OS x platform

    If you hate the Windows platform, if you want to switch to Ubuntu or other Linux platforms, then a better option is OS X.     I've used Ubuntu before, and that's a great system for an IT technician. But I still have to deal with some of the

Install the Mac OS x 10.7 lion official version of the Apple OS on Vmware 8

How to install Mac OS x 10.7 (to OS /201201/116746.html) in vm8 today)1. ToolsDownload vmware workstation 8.0 official #Vmware8.0 Chinese package #(Because my computer

Install Mac OS X snow leopard on Windows 7 + virtualbox

Because of work requirements, I need to use Windows and Mac OS X operating systems at the same time. Although the company can configure two machines, for reasons such as heat, space occupation, and operating system interconnectivity, I prefer to

Why should developers use Mac OS x and OS X


2013-02-05 wcdj Go home tomorrow. On the company's BBS, I saw two special searches for articles reposted with this article. Article 1: tinyfool: Why do I think every programmer should use Mac OS X? Article 2: Why should developers use Mac OS x and

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