Tutorial on installation and use of MacPorts in Mac OS

MacPorts is an Open-source project launched by the open source community to facilitate developers under the Shell to compile, install and upgrade software, and to facilitate developers in MAC environments. Not only developers, but also ordinary

Using mod on Mac OS

First, install MOD_WSGI 3.4: ? 1 2 3 ./configure--with-apxs=/users/levin/dev/apache2.2.27/bin/apxs--with-python=/usr/bin/python make make install Edit httpd.conf make Apache import module mod_wsgi.so and introduce vhost

Mac OS X 10.10.4U disk installation disk How to make

Mac OS X 10.10.4U disk installation disk How to make? now, many Mac user friends want to independently make OS X 10.10.4 USB disk installation disk, many people are asking, Mac OS X 10.10.4U disk installation disk How to make? Small knitting here to

MAC OS x Installation Win7 Tutorial

1. Select the utility below "go" under the tool Finder, then click the boot CMap Assistant in the tool folder, and then perform the instructions for the boot Camp assistant and so on, and click Continue. 2, the program appears please

Create Mac OS X Lion 10.7 for VMware to install virtual hard disks

A recent attempt to install Mac OS X Lion 10.7 in VMware found that Lion installable DMG files are not available in VMware on non-Apple machines and we need to create a virtual hard disk that can be booted to install Lion. This article describes how

MAC OS and Office version issues

Yesterday, a colleague using Mac OS told me that the email was suddenly out of the question, not all Mac OS users, OS versions from 10.9 to 10.13, most of the problematic Mac office is version 2011, There are a number of attempts to find the 12

Mac OS Terminal tool ITERM2 configuration Daquan

have been using the Mac OS comes with the terminal, although some inconvenient, but overall is acceptable, is to have the idea of changing a terminal, and then happened to see a terminal weapon iTerm2, found that really very powerful, but also very

Mac Git pull fails with the latest operating system resulting in SSH issues with Mac OS X high Sierra

Mac upgrade to the latest operating system SSH encryption mode and Gitlub not the same, resulting in not git pull such as: Mac is MD5 encryption method, Gitlut is AES-256-CBC encryption method is the followingA coworker of mine is reporting an issue

Tensorboard how to start in a Mac OS x system environment

Again must write a blog, once to explain this open tensorboard difficult road, met a lot of mistakes, really go a lot of detours, finally solvedAt first, always error, do not know why, in fact, I did not understand the principle of the impulse began

MAC OS X Configuration environment variables

/ETC/PROFILE;/ETC/BASHRC is a global variable for all users of the system, and only the root user can modify the two files, which is read-only to the average user. General users to modify them, you can add sudo before the command, meaning to execute

"VMware installs Mac OS 10.11.6"

Preparatory work:VMware 11.1.0 (Virtualization platform)Unlocker204 (cracked vmware plugin)El Capitan 10.11.6 installer.cdr (Mac OS x image)Baidu Resources:Unlocker 206 Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bnWTgIz Password: 5ZGMMac OS X 10.10 Mirroring

Vscode shortcut keys under Mac OS

General?? P, F1 Show Command Palette? P Quick Open, Go to File ...?? N New window/instance? W Close window/instance?, User Settings? K? S Keyboard ShortcutsBasic editing? X Cut Line (empty selection)? C Copy Line (empty selection)↓/? ↑move Line Down/

Install TensorFlow under Mac OS

Install via PIPI'm here to install with PIP, so install PIP firstOpen the terminal and run the command line:will be able to install PIP successfully.The tutorial says in the terminal inputPip Install TensorFlowYou can install the CPU version of the

Profile settings under Mac OS

There are no profile files in the home directory under the MAC OS environmentAfter opening the terminal, read the/etc/profile fileBecause the individual likes to use the LL command, the Mac does not have this command by default, so use the following

About Mac OS booting with Git

1. Download git installerLink Address: HTTPS://NCU.DL.SOURCEFORGE.NET/PROJECT/GIT-OSX-INSTALLER/GIT-2.14.1-INTEL-UNIVERSAL-MAVERICKS.DMG2. Installing git-xxxx-intel-universal-mavericks.pkgIf you are not prompted, developers can set the security &

VMware Virtual machine installation mac OS X

Install Mac System Learning website Source: http://blog.csdn.net/hamber_bao/article/details/513358341. Download and install VMware Workstation(1) First download wmware,:http://www.epinv.com/post/6304.html(2) Double-click the downloaded program to

Sublime Text3 Install Mac OS Chinese/Common modules

Sublime text introduction;Sublime text is a code editor (Sublime text 2 is a paid software, but can be tried indefinitely) and is also an advanced text editor for HTML and prose. Sublime text was developed by the programmer Jon Skinner in January 200

Python3 installing Django under Mac OS

1. View PIP version No, it's not. When you install Python successfully, the PIP is usually installed automatically. -V//correspondsto python2.7 9.0.1 From/library/python/2.7/site-packages/pip-9.0.1-py2.7.egg (Python 2.7 -V//correspondsto python3.6 9

Install Mac OS on Windows

Developing iOS programs on Windows is a painful thing to do. Because:Develop Android programs and use Eclipse. Eclipse has Windows edition at the same time also has Mac version, so the Mac on the development of Android programs and not much

Mac OS X 10.5 fast system deployment practices-making core system images (1) V1

MacOS X 10.5 fast system deployment practice Quick system deployment practices for Mac OS X 10.5Note: The previous article is here: Mac OS X 10.5 fast system deployment practices-Plan (2) V1 Create a core system image Core System Image The system

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