Mac OS Installation composer

Mac OS Installation composer Download scripts and execute scripts in PHP Curl-ss Https:// | Php Will then be generated in the current folder Composer.phar put him in the/usr/local/bin/composer. Add/usr/local/bin to

LAN on the VM8.0 virtual machine Mac OS network configuration and the main machine phase independent IP

First, the preface Probably a handful of people using the Mac OS in the virtual machine environment to do iOS development, I do not advocate this approach, but in conditions that do not allow, the choice of virtual machines is also no way to do, on

Use NVM to install NODEJS__JS on Mac OS Systems

Recently, bloggers have a new job, and the new company uses Macs uniformly. 工欲善其事, its prerequisite. So, the first day to get the computer to start installation development environment, the following describes how to use NVM installation Nodejs. 1.

Installing and configuring Maven under Mac OS x

1. Download maven Open Maven official website download page: apache-maven-3.5.0-bin.tar.gz Unzip the downloaded installation package to a directory, for example:/users/xxx/documents/maven

Install Mac OS theme for Ubuntu18.04

The effect of the installation finishes:Reference:————————————————————————————————————————————————————The following officially begins————————————————————————————————————————————————————To install

VMware Virtual Machine 10.0 does not have Mac OS X installation options and "Binary conversion is not supported for Mac OS X." The workaround

VMware10.0 There is no mac system installation option, unable to identify the mac System, because of the lack of a patch, we just have to hit the patch, OK up. Patch: Link: Password:gmbx. Installation method:1. Unzip.2

History and it relevant variables in Linux/gnu and Mac OS History command and related environment variables

For Terminalor, the history command is not unfamiliar, what!n,!! is more commonly used, and the cmds you hit at the command line is saved by default in/home/$USER/.bash_history (Linux)/users/$USER/.bash_history (MAC).But history doesn't just look

Mac OS Terminal several shortcut keys

The combination of several keys in Mac system can make the operation of terminal more flexible and convenient.1. Move the cursor to the beginning of the line: Ctrl + A2. Move the cursor to the end of the line: Ctrl + E3. Clear the Screen: Ctrl + L4.

How to upgrade Mac OS X snow leopard to Lion for free

Literacy: Introduction to snow leopard Http:// Lion Introduction Http:// Can snow leopard be upgraded to Lion for free? Continue Literacy: Mac OS versions: 10. x.y For example,

Apple Mac OS x daily tips 017: how to add and delete files on Mac OS

There seems to be two ways to install Mac OS software 1. After running the DMG file, a drive is generated on the desktop, similar This is similar to a virtual optical drive. Clicking this will open a finder window. It seems that this window

Use of shortcut keys in Mac OS and Mac OS key updates on the corresponding windows keyboard

Basic knowledge about Mac OS X! -- New users must read Address: 1. Each Mac OS key corresponds to a key under the win keyboard!Win key = opShift Key = ShiftAlt key = command (that is,

Mac OS X terminal 101: terminal usage tutorial

I recently learned Apple's Mac OS x support essentials. I have learned a lot about command line. Next I will take some translations and notes, as shown below. You can drive cars all day without knowing how to fix them, but if you want to be a

Why should developers use Mac OS x and OS x tips? I wrote a great post.

From: A week ago, I chatted with tinyfool about Apple's operating system and thought that Apple's operating system (Mac OS) was a good choice for developers. Tinyfool's pen was very

Mac OS X: uninstall the Google auto update program

Mac OS X: uninstall the Google auto update program   MostRecently, it was found that there was always a googlesoftwareupdate program that runs automatically, because you hated an inexplicable daemon background program to run quietly without knowing

Start Mac OS X's built-in Apache server

This article references this article Http:// Summary: Most people may not notice that Mac OS X is actually built into the Apache server and can easily start Web Services. Apple "encapsulates" Apache.

How to Implement ssh Login-free access to Linux Hosts on Mac OS X [forward]

This article describes how to simplify the steps for logging on to a Linux host from a Mac to improve efficiency. The so-called "login-free" does not actually exist. It just means that the password authentication method is changed to the

The latest version of Firefox does not support Mac OS X 10.4.

Mozilla, an open-source software organization, has officially announced that it will abandon Apple's Mac OS X 10.4 operating system in the upcoming New version of Firefox, despite the dissatisfaction of some web browsers. After intense discussions

Tips for using Mac OS: quick and convenient Mini Dock and Mini Dock

Tips for using Mac OS: quick and convenient Mini Dock and Mini DockI forgot to mention the Mini Dock. Here are some supplements. Mini Dock is a highlight of Mac OSX worth the special book. Although there are similar things in windows, the Mac

14 tips for using Mac OS: custom file icons and OS skills

14 tips for using Mac OS: custom file icons and OS skills The remaining tutorials are mostly omitted methods in the past, and some tips to help you. Custom icons for Mac OSX users, Dashboard, Dock bar, wallpaper, and various keyboard touchpad

Install mac OS X Mountain Lion on vmwarevm

Vmwarevm installation mac OS x Mountain Lion 1. Download (1) vmwarevm. It's too easy to skip. Here I will take 9.0 as an example. (2) VMware Workstation crack install mac OS patch: (3) Mac OS x Moutain Lion: Mac OS X 10.8.rar. (4

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