Nfs:mac OS x (server) and Mac OS X (clients) Implementation ideas

Lab Environment:NFS (server): Mac OS X (client): Mac OS X Apple System (MAC) comes with the NFSD feature by default and starts with the system. All we have to do is configure:Command-line mode:sudo vi/

Mac OS Git Installation

One, Git is a distributed Code version management tool. Common tools like Svn,cvs are also available. The biggest feature is also the advantage of providing distributed code management 1, Branch code only one copy! children's shoes with SVN must

MAC OS power Management Big analysis

Sleep mode-hibernatemode-is the way the Mac works under sleep mode, there are currently 3 main types.Hibernatemode 0: Memory remains powered while sleeping, other components are powered off, and memory data is not written to the hard drive. The

VMware Workstation9 Installing the Mac OS X10.9 system

Link Address: Workstation9.0 installs Mac OS X10.9 experience Apple System ().Tools/Materials VMware Workstation 9.0 Mavericksinstaller.vmdk

Virtual machine VM10 dress mac OS X 10.9.3

Recently WWDC Ultimate Grand strokes released--The new programming language Swift (SWIFT), led to big waves, eager to crowd the program ape. Of course, 工欲善其事, its profits, therefore, for those who do not mac very embarrassed. But, please rest

"Cocos2d-x Learning record" built on Mac OS iphone development environment

First install Python find COCOS2D official website Cocos2d-x DownloadUnzip after download, find setup.pyOpen the terminal, drag the into the terminal and

Mac OS Terminal several shortcut keys

Mac OS Terminal several shortcut keysThe combination of several keys in Mac system can make the operation of terminal more flexible and convenient.1. Move the cursor to the beginning of the line: Ctrl + A2. Move the cursor to the end of the line:

MAC OS 10.10.5 virtual machine free Download (installable Xcode7)

MAC OS 10.10.5 virtual machine free Download (installable Xcode7) mac OS 10.10.5 Virtual machine free (installable Xcode7) : Link:  password: cpzr  Installation instructions: Simply install the VM virtual

MAC OS 10.10.5 virtual machine free Download (installable Xcode7)

MAC OS 10.10.5 virtual machine free Download (installable Xcode7)MAC OS 10.10.5 Virtual machine free (installable Xcode7): Link: Password: CPZRInstallation instructions: Simply install the VM virtual machine software

Mac OS X Theme installation under Ubuntu 14.04

This article is all reproduced, the original link Ubuntu 14.04 under the Mac OS X theme InstallationInstalling the Mac OS X theme will help your Ubuntu 14.04 look more like Mac OS X. Here we introduce the Macbuntu installation package that contains

Deploying Laravel Project notes under Mac OS

recently deployed a Laravel project under Mac OS, I've always heard that configuring Php+apache+mysql on Mac is simple, but I still have a lot of trouble with unfamiliar. At first the Mamp was installed as simple as the integrated environment on

Mac OS Tip # 14: Define your own file icon

The rest of the tutorial missed the method once again, and some use hints to do something extra that we would like to be helpful to everyone.define your own icons     for Mac OSX users, the Dashboard,dock bar, wallpaper and a variety of keyboard

MAC OS x Network Diagnostics command

Here are some of the network Diagnostics commands commonly used under Mac OS x. They can help us discover network problems. The Protocol and network communication principles mentioned in this paper can be referenced in the protocol forest . Some

SSL connection error in Mac OS installation Cocoapods

Gem source-r gem source-a gem install CocoapodsOr install the certificate:What solved it for Me:install this certificate: Rubygems/ssl_certs/addtrustexternalcaroot-2048.pemIn this folder:

Install a small pit of pyenv in Mac OS X 10.10

Take a little note, please.Because the full turn to Python 3.4 as the main development version, but the hands of Mac OS X and server are used in Python 2.7, so need to install pyenv .Follow the instructions on their GitHub page to use the homebrew

Laotech Teacher's chatter Mac in Layman's Mac OS X-1

Laotech Teacher's chatter Mac in Layman's Mac OS X, a bunch of crapThe No. 0 section is also nonsense.Apple comes with a professional applicationVideo Final Cut

Mac OS Command Reference

1.How to enter command line operation modeIn the graphical interface, open the Application utility terminal with the Finderor press F8 at boot, start with the-s parameter, and enter the command MOUNT-UW/Get permissionIn order to prevent misoperation

MAC OS X Yosemite installing Hadoop 2.6 Records

The entire installation process is divided into four parts:I. Installation homebrewTwo. SSH localhostThree. Installing Hadoop has configuration file settings (pseudo-distributed)Four. Running ChestnutsI. Installation homebrewInstalling Hadoop with

Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) sudo pip install error "OSError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted"

Because OS X El Capitan uses System Integrity Protection protection technology, error is generated when sudo pip install installs Python packages:1File"/system/library/frameworks/python.framework/versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/", line

Mac OS X Network Diagnostic command, macos

Mac OS X Network Diagnostic command, macos Below are some common network diagnostic commands for Mac OS X. They help us discover network problems. Refer to the Protocol forest for the protocols and network communication principles mentioned in this

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