Vmware10 installing Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)

First, the preparatory work:(1) Virtual machine system: VMware Workstation 10, (or VMware player), please download it on-line.(2) VMware's Mac patch pack. If you are using Vmware10, please download the patch pack V1.20, if it is Vmware8 or 9, please

Mac OS x terminal uses the tree command column directory

1. Description of the problemIt is believed that many users who have used Linux have used tree commands, which can display the directory structure as clearly as the Windows File Manager. But there is not the system itself, if necessary, Ubuntu can

Common commands under Mac OS

Commands that are commonly used under Mac: LS column directoryLS parameter catalog name (parameter- W displays Chinese,-l details,-a includes hidden files ) mkdir Creating a Directory Touch file (create file) CP parameter file target file (

How to Fix cowardly refusing to Sudo error in Brew–mac OS X

It is a common error this users generally encounter when they try to execute a brew command as sudo and shown below are an Example of the error looks like: Debjit-sahas-mac-mini:mcrypt debjit$ sudo brew link mcryptPassword:Sorry, try

Install NSQ on Mac OS X and use

Installation:Brew Install NSQUse:The following steps would run a small NSQ cluster on your local machine and walk through publishing, consuming, and arc hiving messages to disk.follow the instructionsinchThe installing Doc.inchOne shell, start

MAC OS X Yosemite PyQt4 configuration record by Tsy

MAC OS X Yosemite PyQt4 configuration record by TsyStatement:1) this report by the blog Park Bitpeach Write, copyright, free reprint, please specify the source, and do not for commercial purposes. 2) If there are any infringing text or images in

Install Docker on Mac OS X

Small white to cottage an official website document.Docker cannot run directly on OS X, it needs to install the VirtualBox and Boot2docker first. Boot2docker will help us launch the VMS, launch Docker, and provide some administrative commands by

Use of Nssavepanel and Nsopenpanel in Mac OS

SsavepanelYou recently need to save the document locally, because it is not pictures, music, or movies, and you cannot use these permissions, so use Nssavepanel to let the user customize the save path. Here is the code1 nssavepanel* panel =

Install TrueCrypt on Mac OS X Yosemite

install TrueCrypt 7.1a on OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 today with the following error 650) this.width=650; src= http://img0.ph.126.net/ 4b3pamgr9xhy2fhzdhljjw==/6630654349327174215.jpg "style=" line-height:28px;border:0px;font-family: ' Hiragino Sans GB W3

Mac OS x system installation for deploying a development environment using VMware virtual machines

first, the tools needed to deploy the swift development environment using VMware virtual machines: Vmware Workstation 10.0 Virtual machine software VM Install Mac unlock tool unlock Apple OS (Mac os X Mavericks 10.9.4)

Mac OS Installation Scikit-learn

Recently used to do experiments, using python found that the Scikit-learn provided by the library is very useful. Therefore, on the computer to decisively download the installation:Step1:sudo easy_install pipStep2:sudo pip install-u numpy scipy

The solution to the unsuccessful problem of compiling MOD_WSGI on MAC os

Recently contacted with a bit of Django, it's really very efficient to do web development. It is very convenient to play in this machine, a command, and then in the browser can see the page. But it is not possible to find the IP to others

Mac OS apahce adding virtual machines

The version of Mac OS X I'm using is 10.8.2,mac comes with an Apache environment.Launch ApacheSet up a virtual hostLaunch ApacheOpen terminal (terminal), enter sudo apachectl-v, (you may need to enter the machine secret). The Apache version is shown

MAC OS X Configuration IntelliJ idea + Tomcat solutions for permissions problems

The error message that appears is as follows:PM 9:11:27 all files is up-to-datePM 9:11:27 all files is up-to-datePM 9:11:27 Error Running Tomcat 8.0.18:cannot Run Program "/users/horse_leo/documents/apache-tomcat-8.0.18/bin/ Catalina.sh "(In

Try compiling coreclr source code on MAC OS x

After CoreCLR landed on GitHub, the first way to experience CoreCLR was to compile it on his own computer, and yesterday successfully compiled the CORECLR on Windows and Linux, as described in:1) successfully compiled CORECLR source code on Windows;2

Read "Beginning Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard Widget Development"

An English book that describes how to develop the Dashboard control of an Apple computer,is a small program on the leftmost screen.is to use special keywords, with grammar, and some definition of fixed death. To write HTML, JavaScript, CSSTo write a

Mac OS Installation Golang

Download Golang installation package: Http://www.golangtc.com/downloadHttps://code.google.com/p/go/downloads/list Go1.4.darwin-amd64-osx10.8.pkg go1.4 Mac OS X (x86 64-bit) PKG Installer Set environment variable

Mac OS creates a new keychain

User keychain on the saved or on the authentication password, but the user has logged into the system with a new password for one months, also do not remember the old password, so some apps will be asked to enter the Keychan password when launched.

Installing the GCC compiler and the integrated development environment in MAC OS X

After upgrading the system, I typed GCC in the terminal, and the result was that the command was not found, indicating that the compiler is missing from the system nowThe specific installation method is as followsHttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/93

Vmwarevm 10.0 does not have the Mac OS x Installation option and "binary conversion is not supported for Mac OS X ." Solution: vmwarex.

Vmwarevm 10.0 does not have the Mac OS x Installation option and "binary conversion is not supported for Mac OS X ." Solution: vmwarex. Some of VMware10.0 does not have the Mac system installation option and cannot identify the Mac system. The

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