How does the default open mode for MAC OS files change

Here is an example of a picture. Click the right mouse button on the file icon to see the default opening path in the pop-up menu "open" and other applications that can open this type of file. The first step: click "Show Introduction" in the

Mac OS 10.10 installs QT Xcode not set up properly

Install QT5 on Mac OS10.10 because only Xcode6-beta is installed, error is prompted when loading the projectXcode not set up properly. Need to confirm the license agreement ... Solution: Execute the following command sudo

VMware Workstation Mac OS Installation

Preparatory work:1. VMware Workstation Pro2, Mac os image download Yosemite Install (14a389). Cdr3. VMware Workstation plugin download or Unlock-all-v120.zipUnlocker It's a patch that VM VMS use to install Mac OS prerequisites, so

VMware Virtual Machine mac OS X cannot resize the extended hard disk, and there is not enough disk space to update Xcode

With MacOSX built with VMware virtual machines, there was an insufficient disk space error installing Xcode.Because many friends in the initial installation of MACOSX, the default choice of 40G disk size, the results in two days after the discovery

Vmware Workstation 12 Install Mac OS

Environment: VMware Workstation ProMAC OS 10.10Link: Password: zy4q1, first stop the services of VMware, such as:650) this.width=650; "title=" 1.png "alt=" Wkiol1evmorcpxz_aab19htr600381.png "src="

Mac OS X common shortcut keys and usage

Recently in the study of Mac OS X system, began to start, very unaccustomed, and Windows differ greatly, after all Unix kernel. Use the summary of some of the use of shortcut keys (the default), continuous updating, welcome to Add.1. Revocation:

What about the MAC OS X system?

North Korea's IT applications are not well known, with media reports that North Korea's late leader, Kim Jong-il, has a penchant for Apple electronics, and a recent survey shows that Apple's MAC OS X system is the first in the market for PC

Mac OS screenshot method

What software is installed under the Apple system? Of course not, the system comes with a fast function is already very powerful, more than Windows weak weak strong.Specifically, there are two ways, the shortcut keys are as follows:1.command+shift+3:

Mac Air version 2010 installs the Mac OS X 10.9 (13a603) system

Reference: How-to-make-a-bootable-os-x-10-11-el-capitan-installer-drive.htmlsudo ~/desktop/createinstallmedia--volume/volumes/mavericks--applicationpath/users/dj0708/documents/

Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite Official edition How to upgrade the upgrade tutorial

Apple launched its new iPad, IMac product, and the Mac OS 10.10 version of the system that everyone has been looking forward to on October 17, 2014 One o'clock in the morning. The individual was started using the first beta version of Mac OS 10.10,

Install Mac OS on a virtual machine

One, Mac OS X access Path    Mac OS X is an operating system developed by Apple specifically designed for Apple computers.1. Virtual Machine 0 cost, slow speed, high performance requirements for PC 2, Black Apple: is the normal

Remove the. Ds_store and other specified files when you hit a zip package in Mac OS x.


The compress "..." in the Finder is very useful, but there are also times when there are problems, and often packaging will include some. Ds_store file,. Ds_store is a file that stores the basic information of the current directory in the Apple

Problem resolution Cocoapods not working correctly after MAC OS upgrade to 10.11 (OS X eicaption)

Went home last night after the upgrade system to 10.11, downloaded a whole night after finally downloaded in the morning, brought to the company in the morning, want to check a third-party library, but encountered a problem:guoyufudemacbook-pro:~

1 Installing Mac OS on a virtual machine

One, Mac OS X access Path    Mac OS X is an operating system developed by Apple specifically designed for Apple computers. 1. Virtual Machine 0 cost, slow speed, high performance requirements for PC 2, Black Apple: is the normal

Mac OS X common shortcut keys

System common shortcut keysControl + COMMAND + F # Full Screen displayCommand + W # closes the current window (and does not exit the application)Command + Q # exits the current application (equivalent to dock right mouse button exit)CONTROL + UP

Research Migration Assistant tools in Mac OS

First, the understanding of Migration Assistant Tools:1. The most incisive definition is: Move your content to a new Mac. If you want to migrate data on Windows to your Mac? Use the tools Windows migration Assistant, how do I see this

Troubleshooting Mac OS Installation myeclipse error: Your system does not has sufficient memory to support MyEclipse

Recently want to taste fresh, FQ to downloaded the latest version of the MyEclipse version 15CI, when installed, reported the following error (MyEclipse 14 will also appear this problem):Your system does not has sufficient

Mac OS Installation configuration Scala

1. Download the latest version of scala, Unzip the tgz under the installation path you wish.3. Configure the environment variables Scala_home, and path:(1) Enter the bin directory under your Scala decompression path of

Mac OS X: convert CSV format to Excel document format

One: on Mac If you use Excel to open Windows exported CSV format document, you will find that all the content in the table is displayed in column A. So, how to get back to normal, you can import the CSV format of the document into the Excel document,

Install Mac OS on Windows

Developing iOS programs on Windows is a painful thing to do because:Developing Android programs, using Eclipse,eclipse with Windows version also has Mac version, so Mac on the development Android program and not much difference on windows;However,

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