How to turn on Apple mac OS x Dark mode

how to turn on Apple mac OS x Dark mode One, Apple Mac OS Dark mode is what Dark mode refers to the translucent black mode used for menus at the top and bottom of the Mac desktop, and is semi-transparent blue by default. If you use a light-colored

How to share printers between Windows7 and Mac OS X

While Microsoft's Windows7 is indeed the hottest operating system in Microsoft's history, it is undeniable that Windows is being eaten up by Apple's Mac OS in all operating systems around the world. Regardless of the immortal fights, we look at some

How MAC OS Upgrades

How does Mac OS upgrade? Where should the user download the installation package? After Apple OS X New system is fully implemented free of charge, Apple Computer users can directly from the App store to update the latest system free of charge, for

Why Apple added Safari browse mode to Mac OS X Lion

The safari-only mode in Lion can be used as a security precaution against Mac. After the Find my Mac is turned on, Apple allows only the guest user to use Safari and no other user can log on. This technique can help users find out where the MAC is

VMware Workstation11.0 Install the most complete guide to Mac OS X 10.10 _vmware

Preface notes: Recently changed a new computer, configured a lot, want to install virtual machine to play under the iOS, which also encountered a few pits, now just completely installed, all the steps and resources into one place, the back of the

Source code process for compiling Apue (Advanced UNIX Environment programming) in Mac OS X 10.8 _c language

Recently in the revision of APUE ("UNIX Environment Advanced Programming"), previously in Linux, and now intend to get down in their own machine, so Google, the compilation of things done, modify some of the tutorials some errors, such as download

tutorial on installing Tomcat servers on Mac OS _java

For Apache Tomcat estimated a lot of children's shoes will be, so today's simple to say on the Mac on the installation of Tomcat; First step: Download tomcat Here himi download the Tomcat version:7.0.27 Direct Download Address:

Install Gevent on Mac OS X and Ubuntu systems

Error prompts for using PIP installation gevent in Mac OS x: Fatal error: ' event.h ' File not found This is because Gevent is built on top of the Libevent library and the Event.h header file must be installed in Libevent,libevent. You can use

MAC OS system topics

Mac OS X 10.2 Perfect Internet design Mac OS X 10.2 Perfect Digital Solution Mac OS X 10.2 Leading graphics and image technology Understanding of Mac OS X 10.2 Ultra-modern Foundation platform for Mac OS X 10.2 Darwin Apple Mac OS x Snow

How to upgrade and demote Mac OS Sierra Public beta

Apple has officially pushed the beta version of iOS 10 and MacOS Serria, all of them registered to participate in the "apple beta software program, to upgrade, and the morning minority has released a detailed tutorial on the PB-level iOS, which

How do I change the font size of messages in Mac OS x?

The "Mail" and "imessage" applications in Mac OS X are often the most commonly used communication tools, their default font size is 12th number. If you feel that the font size is too small or too big to worry about, changing the text size of the

How to modify the Hosts file under Mac OS X system

The OSTs file, equivalent to a URL-ip list, is roughly equivalent to native DNS. Modify the Hosts file on your Apple computer to access some of the Web sites that are in harmony, or to intercept certain sites (such as software vendors ' genuine

Installing and configuring Maven under Mac OS x

1. Download maven Open Maven official website download page: apache-maven-3.5.0-bin.tar.gz Unzip the downloaded installation package to a directory, for

Use common network commands to view current network status--mac OS x

Reprinted from: operating system has a common set of utilities to determine the connectivity of the local host's wired or Wireless Link state and IP. If the machine has an IP connection, then

Ubuntu 16.04 installs Mac OS 12 virtual machine resources (not successful, but resources are still available)

Defragment the Mac OS 12 virtual machine resource. A virtual machine is basically a routine:1. Install the VM first2, crack the VM to support Mac OS 12, this script is basically full platform support, you can see the tutorial document inside.3,

Issues that occur after Mac OS X update High Sierra

Today we have updated the MacBook Pro system to 10.13.1, and there are a few small issues that summarize the solution:The GIT client cannot use theThe solution is as follows: --

MAC OS configuration Maven

Steps:1. Download the Maven tar packageHttps:// is the latest version of download 3.5.02. Download and unzip to the/usr/local/maven/directory (if not,

MAC OS Installation Scrapy

Individuals find it useful to master simple crawler knowledge, especially if they want to automatically download some resources from certain websites or to count some data. For product managers, if you want to understand the price of competitive

How to configure hosts under Mac OS system

First of all, introduce what is the hostsHosts is a system file without extension, you can use the system comes with Notepad and other tools to open, the role is to use some of the commonly used URL domain name and its corresponding IP address to

Mac Os+selenium2+chrome Driver +python3

Mac OS 10.11.5Mac comes with python2.7, I downloaded the Python3.5,pip list to view the installation package in the system, I have the PIP and Setuptools installed on my computer, if not installed, please first usesudo apt-get install

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