Git for Mac OS X

Because the customer uses GIT to manage the source code, it's always convenient to use CVS and SVN before. Git has a UI client on the Mac, but it's not good, but it's also easy to use the command method. Here are the common commands: Login SSH

Mac OS X 10.9.2 configuration jdk1.8.0_05 environment variables

First download the JDK 8u5 to the Oracle Web site, and after the download installation completes, configure the following: 1. Open shell, enter VI ~/.bash_profile 2. Press the keyboard i key, enter VI insert mode, at the end of the file.

AMD CPUs build Mac OS 10.6.3 operating system based on virtual machines under WIN7 system

Figure not much useful, if you want to see, come to my space 2010.10.27 build the iphone development environment title can Just finished building Xcode development environment, excitement, write a note, may be

Mac OS X Open php____php

Start terminal sudo-s Enter password vi/etc/apache2/httpd.conf press I or O to enter edit status, find #LoadModule php5_module libexec/apache2/, remove # Annotation Character. Save and Exit VI:: WQ Build PHP configuration file:

Example of using this static library in manual compilation of static libraries and Xcode under Mac OS (i)

the first part of the Mac OS to create a static library Preface As we all know, Mac OS is actually written based on Unix, so it retains many of the original UNIX features, in the case of static libraries, still named after Libxxxx.a. There are

MAC OS development from getting started to crashing (i)

Objective of this article: Create a Mac app from Xcode. Click the button to pop up the Hello World window with the following effect.There are 4 steps we can take to achieve the above effect.1. Create a Mac App project.2. Layout "button" control3.

Mac OS X bound 80 port, without nginx tips

Tag:config    port forwarding     permissions    etc    this      Note     Request     Network file sharing     modify     Mac OS X requires root privileges to bind port 80, but if you start eclipse or Tomcat with root, the various files created by

Mac OS X clears the DNS cache

Reference: Flushing your DNS cache in Mac OS X and Linux Mac OS X clears the DNS cacheSelect the following commands according to the version of Mac OS X operating system:Mac OS X (Sierra) and later:sudo killall -HUP mDNSRespondersudo killall

Learn how to operate the installation Tools component of Mac OS

Video software: MplayerxInstall MySQL:Download MySQL: environment variables: initial Password:

Log in to a remote Linux server using Mac OS X terminal SSH

Ways to log in to a remote Linux server using SSH in Mac OS xOpen a terminal in your MacSee if it's root,If it is not, enterSudo-iEnter the root login passwordAnd then enterSSH [email protected] is the domain name or IP of the Linux

Mac OS X view network port conditions


To see if the port is openUsenetstatCommanda. `netstat -nat | grep ` , 如命令 `netstat -nat | grep 3306`b. `netstat -nat |grep LISTEN`UselsofCommand# Yongfu-proAt yongfu-pro.localIn ~ [22:39:32]$ lsof-n-p-i tcp-s tcp:listencommand PID USER FD TYPE

How to get a Mac OS x system to display resource files

The MAC system is hidden from the user's resource file (library) by default. However, this file is often needed for many times. For some users who are not familiar with the command, it is necessary to display it. Often encountered finding a file

TensorFlow Environment Configuration----MAC OS

TensorFlow installation is simple under Mac OS system1, install Python, we strongly recommend using homebrew to reinstall Python, do not use the system comes with Python;Install Homebrew: Log in, follow the website prompt paste

How do I see how many Mac OS?

1. Click on the top left corner of the toolbar (Apple logo) logo, about this machine--more information--system report--(in the left sidebar) software (some computers are not for example the first picture )2. Enter Command uname-a carriage returnX86_

Problems with Finder folder tag not appearing under Mac OS

At first I thought upgrade Mac OS Sierra Bug, later found that Spotlight search is not good enough, can only search the dictionary translation.Cause: A few days ago the computer fever, see the system process has a "mds_stores" accounted for a lot of

Under Mac OS, Intellij idea default JDK version modification

Found the default version is 1.6, want to change to 1.8 after several practices1, according to Baidu out of the results, the normal addition of operations:Idea can specify a different version of the JDK for each project and requires the developer to

Python3:command not found (Mac OS)

1. First step: see if the following paths are installed with Python 3.x# 打开以下目录, 版本号有可能不同cd /usr/local/Cellar/python/3.5.2_3/bin# 查看当前目录的内容ls2. Establishing a soft connection# 确认电脑上已经安装有 Python 3.x# 软连接命令说明:ln [-bfis] existing-file-list(source)

Mac OS Installation OpenCV (PYTHON3)

My blog address: poke hereTo run the command:brew install opencv3 --with-python3 --c++11 --with-contrib brew link --force opencv3 Test:$ python3 3.5.120201612:52:19) (clang-703.0.31)] on darwin

MAC OS x disk repartitioning after Bootcamp Windows startup item is missing

ObjectiveI have a Mac with OS X and Windows two systems, both Windows and OS X can read and write exFAT partitions,Therefore, if a EXFAT partition is opened between Machintosh HD and Windows HD, it can be used as a shared file area.I partitioned

Windows VMware12 installation of Mac OS 10.11 system

Because the company to use the Apple system to manage their own apps, but the company did not match the Apple Computer, had to use the virtual machine to make a system to use. Oneself is also engaged for a long time, found on the Internet various

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