4 Ways to modify hosts under Mac OS X Lion

A friend who just used the MAC OS X Lion system asked me how to modify the Hosts file under the system, said online search a lot of methods do not work, as long as the edit Hosts file appears "You are not the owner of the file hosts, so there is no

Issues to be aware of when burning Mac OS system discs

A lot of friends. There are some problems in burning the Mac OS system disc, this article briefly describes the issues that need attention in the Mac OS system disc burning. Like some friends. The Mac OS disc image file shown in the burn software

How to change the boot screen for Mac OS X

The method is actually very simple, everyone can do it by themselves oh ^_^ Use Photoshop to assist First of all, you have to find a pattern that you like, Meizi of course is to take photos of their own family, my daughter is very cute oh, oh.

MAC OS x System play "Diablo 3"

"Diablo 3" is a large number of players welcomed the large-scale games, most of the Mac users can be very smooth play "Diablo 3", but still some of the old model users can not run smoothly. To solve this problem, today Xiao-bian introduced some of

Mac OS x10.10 How do I batch modify file names?

Mac OS x10.10 Batch rename tutorial to a small set of OS X 10.10 Batch change file name step, when we need to change a lot of file name is there a quick way? Please refer to the following. To change the file name in batches, first select the

How Mac OS opens app apps under a terminal

When a user configures a file on a Mac OS platform and sometimes needs to configure some files in the Mac terminal, it needs to use the command to open the app app in the terminal, but there are a lot of users who don't use terminal commands, which

How does Mac os turn on the touch angle feature?

To further extend the usability of the edge of the screen, the MAC OS X system provides a feature that allows the user to turn the four corners of the screen into an active target. After setting up, the user can move the mouse to any corner randomly

VMware 11 installs Mac OS X 10.10 virtual machines and optimizes experience

To use Xcode and sketch, must be operating in the MAC environment, but I have a notebook black Apple, the independent graphics card and wireless network card driver without solution, do not want to toss, first with a virtual machine to try. At the

about how the Mac OS X operating system handles file name extensions and opening methods

The person who used the PC must know that Windows is very sensitive to file extension, a JPG picture, renamed when the ". jpg" was deleted, the result--windows did not know it. What about Linux? That dude doesn't look at the extension, and the

How to view the total volume of multiple files under MAC OS x system

We know that under the Mac OS X system of Apple Computer, pressing the shortcut key "command" + "I" after selecting the file (or right-clicking the mouse and selecting "Show Info") will pop up the file Information window. But if you select more than

How to completely remove the huge sleepimage file in Mac OS X

With SSD's friend hard disk space is not big, need to save. and Mac OS X hibernation mode will automatically put a large memory and other files called "sleepimage" to the/PRIVATE/VAR/VM directory, in other words, your memory is how many GB, how many

The experience of deploying Tomcat in Mac OS X

Because the Mac system was re-installed a few days ago. Get ready to set up some of the necessary lab environments next. Here's a brief summary of what you should be aware of when deploying Tomcat on Mac OS x:Download the corresponding version

Install assimp under Mac OS

Prerequisite: CMake has been installedDownload Assimp installation packageThe version of 3.3.1 is used here.Create a new empty folder named Build in the downloaded assimp-3.3.1 folder.Open the CMake gui,source code directory set to

Install pkg_config under MAC OS

Tried several times on-line installation package to get the problem of tar.gz, so re-find a bit.Install packageThis is the latest pkg-config-0.29.2.tar.gz I've chosen.Unzip the installation package tar.gz, in the terminal CD to the directory where

Mac OS X compiler spark-2.1.0 for hadoop-2.8.0

Mac OS X maven compiled spark-2.1.0 for hadoop-2.8.01. The official documentation requires the installation of Maven 3.3.9+ and Java 8;2. Implementation Export maven_opts= "-xmx2g-xx:reservedcodecachesize=512m"3.CD spark2.1.0 Source root

VMware Virtual Machine mac OS x cannot adjust the size of the extended hard drive solution

With MacOSX built with VMware virtual machines, there may be an issue where the disk size cannot be expanded by more than 10.10.Because many friends in the initial installation of MACOSX, the default choice of 40G disk size, the results in two days

In Mac OS x, there are three ways to implement the configuration of a startup item

Mac OS x startup Item SettingsHow Mac OS X starts:1,mac firmware activated, initialize hardware, load bootx bootloader. 2,bootx load kernel and kernel extension (kext). 3, the kernel starts the launchd process. 4,launchd according to /system/library/

MAC OS Configuration Environment variables

It's easy to configure the JDK environment variables in windows, but if you want to configure the JDK environment variables in your Mac to be different from windows, here are the following:First:Mac OS comes with JDK, but 1.6 version, now many

Mac OS installation maven encounters a problem E45: ' readonly ' option is set

1. Download Maven and unzip it to a directory. such as /users/yintingting/apache-maven-3.3.92. Open Terminal , enter the following command, setMaven classpathVI ~/.bash_profile3. Add the following two lines of code, and then save and exit Vi :Export

Mac OS Modify Hosts File

The VI editor is used here to modifyOpen Terminal (application-utility), run:sudo vi/etc/hosts, you will be prompted to enter your password at this timeAfter opening the Hosts file, press the I key to enter insert mode (can be understood as the

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