Photoshop to draw new imovie icon Tutorial in Apple Mac OS

The volume of experience: 1, small layer style hidden big strokes, easy to create icon texture 2, to draw a perspective of the icon, to use the shape of the basic type of perspective, will avoid direct copying caused by the perspective of the

MAC OS x replaces finder fonts and restores default values

Some Mac users don't like the fonts in the Finder, so what do you do to replace the fonts in the Finder? The following small series teaches everyone a way to solve. Users in need come and have a look.   Change Finder entire main

How to reset Mac OS x user password

Suppose you forget your OS X user account password, especially if you have just updated your new password and you only remember your old password. Don't panic, here's a little trick to teach you how to reset your OS X user account password and need

How to make Mac OS X 10.10.4U disk installation disk

   How to make a Mac OS X 10.10.4U disk installation disk 1, first, we need to prepare a 8G or more space of u disk or external hard disk, and through the disk tool (Diskutility) partition and erase, to ensure that u disk or external hard disk to

Apple Mac OS x installation Dual System method

Apple Computer because of the fashion appearance, the line is extremely graceful, the interface personalization and so on the factor deeply liked by everybody, but many people are not accustomed to using the Apple system, in this article has

Mac os forget password what to do?

A few days ago friends with a new Mac OS air to help install Win7, the result of the Mac OS has a password. Previously broken Mac OS password, directly with Apple's system installation disk can reset the password. But this time did not have a plate,

About Mac OS X5 screen capture feature

+shift+3: This set of shortcut keys allows you to intercept the entire screen and store the screenshot directly on the desktop. The screenshot file starts with "screenshot", followed by the date and time of the screenshot. +shift+4: This set

MAC OS Preview Quick Jump PDF Page Home end

When browsing hundreds of pages of PDF files in the preview (Preview), you may encounter situations where you need to jump to the end of the page, in addition to the roll ... roll ... roll is there a quick way to jump? Method One: Hold down the

Mac OS X Lion pythonmysql installation configuration record

Mac OS X Lion with Python 2.7. 1. Install Xcode 4.1 via the App Store2. The official download MySQL for Mac X64,mysqlpython;3.mysql for Mac has dmg format, download and double-click to install;4. Configure/etc/paths, add/usr/local/mysql/bin;5. Open

Python2.7 upgrade Python3.3 steps for Mac OS X10.9 installation _python

1th Step: Website Download Python3.3 Here are the Windows and Mac OS X installer, download the 64-bit installer 2nd step: Install the downloaded img file, after the installation of the following directory: Copy Code code as follows:

Install Mysql_mysql on Mac OS X

I found an article on the internet, it is almost an artifact. Just started with brew search MySQL ... Can find, follow the prompts step-by-step installation, the result is not start up, the old hint of a sock related errors. Later, I went directly

MAC OS X 10.9 will not change a lot of powerful features

The new system will have many features designed for high-end users as well as core features from iOS, according to the source, with the Cabernet (Cabernet Sauvignon) inside OS X 10.9. OS X 10.9 is not upgraded as OS X Leopard to OS X Lion, and there

Mac OS X 10.2 (Macintosh) tips for hundreds of cases

Referring to Apple's Power Macintosh, many people thought first of all about the powerful Macintosh, a model of friendly human-computer interface. As early as the 1984 L month launched, it brings users a new concept and technology-graphical user

Mac OS x without a mouse, use the keyboard to reset the machine

Do not use the mouse: I do not know whether the use of these keyboard features in the classical era, I feel very practical, but also let me increase productivity, and these features in Mac OS X also exist, now provides: First of all, the next key

Drive to transfer virtual memory using MAC OS x

The design of virtual memory for MAC OS X lets us no longer use an application software to half the time to see a memory-less dialog box, and then have to turn off its application and set it up with a little more memory. Virtual memory is to use

Understanding of Mac OS X 10.2

Welcome to the fascinating world of Mac OS X 10.2. The combination of Unix's powerful features, excellent stability, and the legendary simplicity and elegance of the Macintosh has created a superb modern operating system--mac 0S X 10.2. 1.1 Mac OS X

MAC OS Start Service Optimization Advanced Chapter

The start-up service under Mac has three main places to configure: 1, login items, account, System Preferences 2,/system/library/startupitems and/library/startupitems/ 3,LAUNCHD system initialization Process configuration. The first two

Vmware10 installing Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)

Recently, people have been asking how to install Mac systems under VMware. The cause is a previous post that installs the Mac under Vmware8. So, re-download the latest version of the Apple system 10.8.5, finally installed successfully. Now we will

New features of Mac OS X Mavericks system

Apple has officially released its new desktop OS Mac OS X Mavericks, and it's completely free and surprising. Apple says Mac OS X Mavericks has improved performance, better battery performance, and enhanced software features such as the new Safari

Mac OS 10.12-Enter recovery mode in Vmwear Workstation12.5.2 in two ways (Recovery)!!!

Note: If you are going to install Mac OS10.12 into the virtual machine to learn, then I strongly recommend that you do not install any other software gas, follow my blog to enter the recovery mode (Recovery), disable the rootless mechanism!!! After

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