Mac OS X 10.11.4 forgot root password how to handle

I recently learned about Linux, plus the current notebook is a Mac, self-class Linux command and file system management, so try to use the root account, but a few months ago to initialize the root account password, now found to forget the root

Using Git in Mac OS

Objective:Most of the time since work has been the use of SVN, git do not know much, now because of the need for work, here is recorded under the Mac system how to use Git.PS: Legend has it that Git was the founder of the Linux system, Linus spent 2

Configuring JDK Environment variables under MAC OS x

Go to the command line and start doing the following: CD ~touch.bash_profile VI. bash_profile Enter the contents of the JDK variable configuration: Export Java_home=/library/java/javavirtualmachines/jdk1.7.0_45.jdk/contents/home

How to decompress PKG files under Mac OS X (Web pick)

Reference link Address: we may need to unpack the PKG format of the installation package, the OS X system to complete the operation does not require you to install additional software,

North Korea self-developed operating system exposure: likeness of Mac OS

According to the latest news, the DPRK independent research and development operating system "Red Star" by Germany two experts exposed, Red Star OS closed strategy, the system is the same as Mac OS. ERNW GmbH, a German IT security firm, researchers

Installing autoconf and Automake in Mac OS

Reprint Address: noticed today and Mac OS 10.6 (specifically, 10.6.2) comes with Automake and autoconf, the versions is a little Bit dated. Normally I

MAC OS x Stress Test Tips

MAC OS x Stress Test Tips650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" screen shot 2016-05-21 pm 9.40.52.png "alt=" Wkiol1dazrgh9xnhaalehqr_mwc277.png "/>Just received a micro-film

MAC OS x Installation OpenCV 3.1.0

In my previous article "" has introduced the Linux under the OpenCV installation configuration method, here only records the Mac to the Linux a little difference.1. Installing dependent PackagesThe tool used to install packages on Mac is brew, which

MAC OS x Developer prep work

After migrating to the Mac platform for Development, a series of preparatory work is needed to make our work smoother.1. Installing the Homebrew Package ManagerThe Apple system comes with a package manager, but it's not very useful. Now, the more

Installing Mac OS X in VMware Workstation Pro 12

Environment: VMware Workstation Pro 12 with key link: Password: 04qkMac os X Patch: unlock207 Link: password: U2tamac OS x:mavericks_install_13a603    Link:

Nginx Install (Mac OS) error Ld:symbol (s) not found for architecture x86_64

Today on the Mac OS compiled installation Nginx, error: Ld:symbol (s) not found for architecture x86_64, after some tossing and finding, because Nginx relies on the OpenSSL library, view OpenSSL. Config file found that the problem should be

MAC OS start Service optimization Advanced (LAUNCHD tuning)

the start-up service under Mac has three main places to configure:1, System Preferences-> account-> login Entry2,/system/library/startupitems and/library/startupitems/3,LAUNCHD system initialization Process configuration. The first two

MAC OS X Terminal command Open feature

1. Display the repository in the system directoryMethod One:ShowIn terminal, enter the following command:Chflags Nohidden ~/library/HideIn terminal, enter the following command:Chflags Hidden ~/library/Method Two:Open Finder, select the Go to Option

tsung-installation of pressure test tools (Mac OS)

How the Tsung pressure test tool works is introduced:1. Each virtual user of Tsung is a lightweight process of Erlang.2. The virtual user disappears after completing the session3. A large number of virtual users built on the ERLANGVMThe installation

Tips for Mac OS hidden folders

No matter who you are, there are always some things that you don't want to see on your computer, or a private diary, or a strange thing about a download, for which you don't want to be seen. What do we do?Some people have said several ways:1. Change

VM11 installing Mac OS X 10.10

Tools/Materials 1. VMware Workstation 11, 12 2. Unlocker 206 (for OS X plugin patch) 3. Mac OS X 10.10 Mirroring Method/Step There is a picture of the truth, haha First, download the above documents1. VM Baidu software

Allow Mac OS to use the alias of LL LA L and other LS

 The default ll under Linux is the alias of Ls-l.OS x is not supported by default.Accustomed to using LL under Linux, we can also move our habits to the shell under OS X.Then create a new. bash_profile file under the current user home

Build python3.5.1+pyqt5.6 development environment under MAC OS X

Statement: This article is quoted from, and in its own practice has made the update and supplement, hope to be able to help you developers, less detours. Hardware and Software Environment

JAVA1.6 upgrade 1.7 on MAC OS, and maven3.2.1 configuration

One, my Mac systemThe preinstalled JDK is 1.6 and needs to be upgraded to 1.7 due to the need to use the Eclipse MARs 2 versionSecond, download Java JDK not know

Build Python3 scientific computing environment in MAC OS X 10.9

Installing HomebrewUse Homebrew to manage Python versions. In Terminal/iterm2 input:$ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"If the previous system did not install Command line Tools, this time will also be

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