Mac OS X Forget the root password to do, forget the login password (normal account password) is the same

Sometimes we set the root password for the Mac, not for a while, but forgot the password, how to do? Here are some ways to help you solve:Step 1: Turn off your Mac system firstStep 2: Power on, hold command and s two buttons until the following

MAC OS Setup JDK summary

Start tossing Mac Pro, find some information on the Internet, I also tried a bit, special here to do a summary. The location of the JDK in your Mac OSX default JDK/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/CurrentJDK/HomeThis

Mac OS X 10.10 Use tips for continuous updates

As a learning IOS developer, Mac is a must-have tool, as the saying goes, 工欲善其事, its prerequisite, here are some tips for using Mac OS X 10.10 Terminal aliases Setting an alias for a terminal can be useful to some extent

Mac OS Environment variables

We generally use the user profile below, use CD ~/to see Bash_profile, configure the environment variables you need to configure inside, and then through the VI command to edit the file(1)/etc/profileA global (public) configuration that reads the

Install Mac OS on a virtual machine

One, Mac OS X access Path    Mac OS X is an operating system developed by Apple specifically designed for Apple computers.1. Virtual Machine 0 cost, slow speed, high performance requirements for PC 2, Black Apple: is the normal

Build a latex editing environment under Mac OS X

Share here how to build a latex editing environment under your MacFirst of course, Google Mac latex looking for an existing blog tutorial, and then found on Mac commonly used sublime text to edit, so search Mac sublime Latex, found the following two

Installing autoconf and Automake in Mac OS

You need to install a lot of things, please install in the following order:The installed version package also cannot be wrong: curl-o TAR-XZVF m4-1.4.13.tar.gz CD m4-1.4.13 ./configure--prefix=/usr/

Mac OS use SSH to build git server server detailed tutorials, and git basic usage

Learn more about Mac-connected git operations for MacFirst on the service sideFirst: Create a new warehouse1, Cd/users/username/projectsUse the Linux command to enter a folder that you want to create to share with others.2,sudo git--bare initBuild a

MAC OS X10.10 Caffe no Brain installation (CPU only)

On a whim, I want to play all kinds of deep learning hot tools (Caffe, Theano, etc.) in the spare time of the week before the internship, but the pain of installing and configuring the environment ... It took me two days to install Caffe, and I had

How to make and install MAC OS USB Drive

With the release of hardware such as IMac 5K Retina and the new Mac Mini, Apple has finally rolled out the OS X Yosemite system version! I believe a lot of people have already used it. But for some friends who don't want to upgrade, they're going to

Setting up a MAC OS build environment

In a default installation, Mac OS runs on a case-preserving but case-insensitive filesystem. This type of filesystem was not supported by git and would cause some GIT commands (such as git status ) to behave abnormally. Because of this, we recommend,

Using EXE files under Mac OS

Still a colleague asked me that her computer could not open EXE file.Computer is familiar to know, EXE file is one of the most basic application files in Windows system, as long as the direct open on the line, but in the Mac system is not the case.

Mac OS X (Yosemite) Console Shortcut

Common shortcut keys:Ctrl + D deletes one character, which is equivalent to the usual delete key (the command line is equivalent to exit if none of the characters are the same; EOF is also represented when working with multiple lines of standard

Acer em250 Install Mac OS 10.6.3 and Xcode 4

The machine itself is installed Win7, in the logical partition of the hard disk finally 40g space, set the partition type AF,Then use the installation disk to start, Cpus=1 into the installation interface, after installation, Win7 has EASYBCD,Add

Atom Editor Toss Kee _ (9) Utility Sidebar plugin [imitation mac OS Finder]

Plugin Description: Tree-view-finderModifying a directory tree is similar to a Mac OS finder-Display file size and file modification date and file size in the directory tree-can be arranged according to the file name/size/File modification

MAC OS X Yosemite installing Hadoop 2.6 Records

The entire installation process is divided into four parts:I. Installation homebrewTwo. SSH localhostThree. Installing Hadoop has configuration file settings (pseudo-distributed)Four. Execution of chestnutsI. Installation homebrewUsing homebrew to

Installing the LUA development environment on MAC OS X


To test whether the LUA environment is installed:ademacbook-Pro:perl_dev apple$ lua-bash:lua:command not foundView CodeIf not, go to LUA official to download: (URL: notes:When make is the specified

Mac OS Install boost

Just started learning which Luo Jianfeng's "Boost Library full development guide", there are some problems and solutions under Mac OS under boost.Environment: OS Yosemite (10.10.3)Xcode:version 6.3boost:1.58.0Operation Steps: Download boost

What if I am not compatible with Office fonts under Mac OS?

Recently encountered a headache problem, every time the doc document saved under MacOS is not open at the bottom of office of the print shop, it may be that the Print shop Office version is too low, or I may have saved a problem when the storage.

Making Mac OS USB drive boot disk in Windows system

Steps:1 Download Transmac from, this thing has 15 days probation;2 Download a DMG for OS X;3 Installing Transmac;4 running Transmac;5 Insert the U-disk which can " clear all the data in U-disk ";6 Select the

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