Use the source package to compile the installation under Mac OS X 10.10.3 GCC5.1

1. First go to download gcc5.1 Source package: Installation:./configure (can be set up here to install the directory, all files are stored in a directory, later whether it is to find or delete is very convenient, eg: my

MAC OS x Environment variables related

MAC Boot load file location (environment variables can be set)-------------------------------------------------------(1) First know what kind of shell you use for Mac OS x, use commandsEcho $SHELLIf the output is: CSH or TCSH, then you are using C

Install burp ' s CA Certificate on Mac OS x Firefox

Operating system: Mac OS X (Yosemite) Burp Suit Version: 1.6.09 Firefox version: 37.0.1 1. Configure Burp Suit A. Double hit Open burp Suit B. Configuration proxy (Options->edit, proxy) 2. Configure the agent for Firefox browser A. Enter Firefox

Build git and initial use on Mac OS

Recently once again, with the cooperation of the project, because two people lack of experience, using the U-disk for Unified Code management method (simply to die), so learned from the bitter, decided to study the GitHub this open source version

How Mac OS x installed under VMware modifies the display resolution

how Mac OS x installed under VMware modifies the display resolution i installed Apple's Mac OS under Win7 with VMware, and after the installation was successful, I found that the resolution was 1920*1080, and the resolution of the

Mac OS uses homebrew to manage background services

Under Linux We often manage our backend service software through service or/etc/init.d/, and install the software using the Package Manager. Under the Mac has homebrew this handy tool to install the software, but has not found the good management of

Mac OS X 10.10.3 installation Protoc


Building from SourceDownload latest version of Procbuffer. [Https://]. e.g "Wget" Untar the tar.bz2 file Tar xfvj protobuf-2.

Installation of MacPorts in MAC OS x use Memo

Under the Mac in addition to use DMG, pkg to install software, more convenient also useful macports to help you install other applications, and BSD in the same ports. MacPorts, like Apt-get and Yum, can quickly install some software.MacPorts is used

Mac OS X 10.10 compiled code error fatal error: ' __debug ' file not found #include <__debug>

1. Error descriptionWhen the Mac system is upgraded to Yosemite, or the Xcode version is upgraded, it cannot be passed while compiling the C + + program, the error type is as follows:  2. SolutionCreate a temporary file "__debug" to resolve this

Mac OS newline character causes the command-line module published in NPM to not use the problem

Learn node, get a command-line module, post to NPM, Windows can be used after installation, but not under the Mac terminal. Compared to GRUNT-CLI for a night, very depressed, and finally found that the operating system is the line-break

Mac OS X view network port conditions


To see if the port is openUsenetstatCommanda. `netstat -nat | grep ` , 如命令 `netstat -nat | grep 3306`b. `netstat -nat |grep LISTEN` UselsofCommand# yongfu-pro at yongfu-pro.local in ~ [22:39:32]$ lsof -n -P -i TCP -s TCP:LISTENCOMMAND PID

Solution for Mac OS system 10.10.3 boot speed too slow

Method One:Completely shut down the machine. Press the Power key, then press and hold COMMAND + OPTION + P + r at the same time, press and hold, hear duang after the boot sound do not let go, repeatedly duang 4 times after letting go.Method

Mac OS x under 64-bit assembly differs from Linux under 64-bit compilation

1 First system call number greatly different, MAC64 and linux32 system call number is also different (although the local may have the same)2 MAC64 system call number in:/usr/include/sys/syscall.hCan be found, but the call when its value to add 0x2000

Under Mac OS, Intellij idea default JDK version modification

Intellij idea by default, the version of the JDK used is 1.6, and when the idea is first launched, if the JDK is not installed on the system, the system will automatically download the JDK installation file on the Apple website. If your system is

MAC OS x Development Learning-Open file selector and get files

The code is as follows:Nsopenpanel *openpanel =[Nsopenpanel Openpanel]; [Openpanel setprompt:@"Open"]; Openpanel.allowedfiletypes= [Nsarray arraywithobjects:@"txt",@"Doc", nil]; Openpanel.directoryurl=Nil; [Openpanel beginsheetmodalforwindow:[self

How to use Git with GitHub under Mac OS x10.8

1. Preparatory work:Download install git client (git client installed, git command on command line )Sign up for a GitHub account>pricing and Signup-->create a free

Use QuickTime to record iphone screen on Mac OS X 10.10

When you're in class or out preaching, you often need to show the app on the projector, or even record the screen (which seems to be more needed for a game demo). have been looking for ways to use the most is by installing a airplay Server software

MAC OS X System lock screen two ways to summarize

MAC OS X System lock screen two ways to summarizeThe beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan ( article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public agreementReprint Please keep this sentence: Sun

Mac OS X Yosemite & Arduino Mount CH340 USB to serial port drive

Newly bought Arduino Development Board USB to serial port using the CH340 chip, on Mac OS X Yosemite after the normal installation of the driver, the Arduino IDE port did not find the corresponding device, using the following methods can be used

Mac OS X environment variables, macosx Environment Variables

Mac OS X environment variables, macosx Environment Variables Location of Mac Startup File loading (environment variables can be set) ------------------------------------------------------- (1) first, you must know what Shell your Mac OS X is. Echo $

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