Mac OS X 10.9.4 replacement JDK

First of all, my environment, easy to reference.System version 10.9.4No pre-replacement JDK is version 1.7The target version of the replacement is JDK 1.6Because Oracle does not provide a Mac version of JDK 1.61) so go to Apple website to download

Samba server on Mac OS X Lion Server

General Mac sharing can be achieved by configuring WINS,SMB. Note in the same workgroup!Reference: configuration after a variety of tossing,

Mac OS X 10.10.2 Yosemite JDK environment variable configuration

My Mac system version is OS X 10.10.2 Yosemite, which installs JDK 1.7 for Android development with Eclipse, but if you want to use the IntelliJ IDE for Android, you need to install jdk1.6, So in accordance with the official guidelines installed jdk1

USB Device connection and access under Mac OS x

Due to the widespread use of the COM protocol, many devices, although the interface changed to USB, but the internal data communication protocol is still using COM (that is, the traditional RS232 serial port protocol, the new use of TTL). Many

Summary of MAC OS system shortcut keys

1. FILE-related  NEW: Command+n CTRL + NSave: Command+s Ctrl+sSelect all: Command+a Ctrl + ACopy: Command+c Ctrl + CPaste: Command+v Ctrl + VMobile: Command+option+v (file cannot be command+x cut operation, text can)Undo: Command+z Ctrl + ZMove the

How to prevent Mac OS X from being generated on an external device. Ds_store file? And how to bulk delete. Ds_store file?

How to ProhibitMac OS X is generated on an external device. Ds_store file? And how to bulk delete. Ds_store file?Original link: Information. The Ds_store file (Desktop Services Store) is

Install Caffe under Mac OS X10.10

Install Caffe under Mac OS X10.10[Email protected]Http:// in Linux learning Caffe "1" for some time, but also gradually to the framework of Caffe have a little understanding. There are many people who study Caffe under Linux,

Upgrading Git on Mac OS x

Use git--version to view git versions in terminal, often not the latest version.Download the latest git version from the GIT website, after the installation path is:/usr/local/git/bin/git. But the result returned with the which

Linux/mac OS Bulk Submit new files to SVN server

Command-line Operation SVN does not use the interface form of the tortoisesvn intuitive, but anyway, the command line Operation SVN still has it a bit, if you encounter a need SVN add many files what to do? The following commands can help you solve

Mac OS Add quick Use commands for UltraEdit in terminal

One, what is UltraEditI think it's a programmer, and the code knows what Urledit is. We are going to use Linux and have a very famous editor gedit in Linux, which allows us to enter gedit XXX in the terminal. You can edit the software by entering

How to quickly show hidden files under Mac OS X System (create workflow using Automator)

Sometimes it is necessary to display the hidden files in the system, which is not as convenient as the Windows system in MAC (tick the option to operate) and need to be executed in Terminal:localhost:~ mx$ Defaults Write

Installing autoconf and Automake in Mac OS

You need to install a lot of things, please install in the following order:The installed version package also cannot be wrong:Curl-o m4-1.4.13.tar.gzCD

Build thrift environment under MAC OS X

1. OverviewThrift is a software framework for the development of extensible, cross-language services. It combines powerful software stacks and code production engines to build in C + +, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Erlang, Perl, Haskell, C #, Cocoa,

Mac OS Finder: Show and hide files [clip] show and hide files or folders

The Finder by default does not show hidden files [clip], to show what to do?To display, you can either GUI (graphic user interface) and CLI (command line interface) two waysCli:command to display Mac hidden files: Defaults write

About the blog client under Mac OS X

It started with Marsedit and found two problems. One is unable to display the body text, two is unable to edit. Tried for half a day, barely able to show the text, but still can't edit. So search again, the result found Mac journal this software,

Ways to use SAP GUI in Mac OS X

Download SAP GUI for Mac 730After decompressionDownload JDK 6 on Oracle website prior to installationAnd then runConfigure the landing port when the installation is completeWhen you create a new connection, you only need to configure the Advanced

Unity3d Development of Mac OS development environment Build notes

Welcome to Unity Learning,Unity training ,UnityEnterprise TrainingEducation Area, there are manyu3d Resources,u3d Training Video,u3d Tutorials,U3d Frequently Asked questions,u3d Project Source code, the "Dog Planing Learning Network" Unity's

Mac OS x Common shortcut keys (vs. Windows)

Order:I Mac OS small white one, collect enumerated is some common basic functions, welcome to add!All shortcut key combinations are available for testing at Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10The main difference is to replace the Ctrl/alt under Windows with the

How to reinstall the original Apache after Mac OS X is deleted, osapache

How to reinstall the original Apache after Mac OS X is deleted, osapache I have been saying on the Internet that it is not recommended to delete the Apache that comes with OSX. But now that you have deleted it, you have to install it and update it

Recommended Mac OS X essential APP, osapp

Recommended Mac OS X essential APP, osappThis article goes on to the blog post recommended by the APP in the previous article, and continues to recommend easy-to-use apps for Mac.1. First, we recommend a DaisyDisk, a disk analysis and cleaning tool.

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