Install mysql5.6.26 on Mac OS 10.10.4

On the MAC system, install MySQL Server is usually with DMG package in the graphical interface under the prompt installation, in addition to MySQL also provides the compressed TAR Archive binary Package installation mode, that is, free installation

Mac OS X 10.10.x acceleration for VMware with Beamoff

ObjectiveI was just here today .VMwarethere's aYosemiteAnd then tested the next look at the movie that reallyJ8Card, tried it under theVMSin the Open3dacceleration, and then egg, direct display cannot be opened3dsped up, and then found out that

Terminal shortcut keys for MAC OS

After 2 years and started using Mac OS system, a lot of shortcuts and common commands have been forgotten, the use of really inconvenient, inefficient, especially under the terminal, so for terminal and looked for a bit and organized as follows,

MAC OS shortcut keys

System(option+) Command+space Switching Input MethodCommand+tab switching between different applicationsCommand+tab to switch between different windows within an appCommand+shift+3 Intercept the entire screenCommand+shift+4 Intercept Selection

Basic process for using Elasticsearch in Mac OS X

The purpose of this log is simply to document some basic processes. To use Elasticsearch on OS X, it's really simple, here: Download the zip archive and unzip it in the appropriate directory, Then locate

Mac OS Build PHONEGAP development environment

1 first need to install node. JS, official address mentioned here is to download the corresponding node. JS installation package on the official website, the solution that can't be installed on Mac, I tried the node-v0.12.6.pkg,

[Mac] The use of Wireshark in Mac OS x and the solution to the problem of network card not found

1, Wireshark relies on X11;2, by default, Mac OS X is not installed X11;So, to install Wireshark on your Mac, first find out the Mac OS installation DVD installation X11.After installation, Echo $DISPLAY see if the following results appear: 0.0If

Solaris, Sco, Mac OS system log analysis tools

Solaris,Mac OSSystem Log Analysis toolThis article takes PC several common on-server UNIX systems such as Solaris , Mac OS as well Sco OpenServer The system is an example of how to look up system logs under these platforms. first, with SMC Analyze

VMware play Mac OS X share

believe that similar materials on the Internet is very much, here do not repeat the specific steps, first share a good link:Http:// main focus here is to share the following additional

Considerations for Zorka and Zico deployment on Mac OS X

In the previous two logs: The basic use of the Open source Java monitoring Platform Zorka and the configuration method of the collector side of the Zorka monitoring platform, I introduced the Zorka agent and collector (that is, Zico) on the Windows

Mac OS X Installation protobuf 2.6.1

1. Download protobuf2.6.1: Unzip the downloaded file3. CD to protobuf-2.6.1 directory4. $./configure5. $make6. $make Check7. $sudo make install (need to enter the

MAC OS x boot up path had bad permissions error solution

Recently in the installation of MongoDB encountered the above hint, in the domestic major web site to find solutions without fruit, so decisively check the foreign site, finally, in stackoveflow above found the answer.It's very simple, we've written

Solaris, Mac OS system log analysis tools

Solaris,Mac OSSystem Log Analysis toolthis section to PC several common on-server UNIX systems such as Solaris , Mac OS as well Sco OpenServer The system is an example of how to look up system logs under these platforms. first, with SMC Analyze

MAC OS password forgot reset method

Power on COMMAND + S key combination to enter single user modeMac OS 10.10Enter after #root >1./sbin/fsck-y Detection Disk2./sbin/mount-uaw loading file system (read/write) get read and Write permissions3, rm/var/db/. Applesetupdone Delete Account

Mac OS X: Resolve the black screen for a long time (recovery seconds)

system version and system configuration: OS X Yosemite 10.10.4650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" System configuration. jpg "alt=" wkiom1wmy-6sdzdvaae3l6e55iu082.jpg "/>Symptom

About OpenFire solutions that cannot start a service in Mac OS.

Recently began to become familiar with XMPP-based iOS small programming, where the configuration of the server encountered a little trouble, because of the choice of Openfire+spark server configuration scheme, OpenFire in the Mac OS10.10 a

Mac OS get pycharm How to set mercurial?

After a while, the final fix.Paste the link first: you find that your pycharm is in the setting of mercurial:Hint can not find HG, how to do? From the official web point of view, if you are the

Mac OS X 10.9.3 upgrade to 10.10.4 record

Last night, I couldn't help it. Upgrade Mac Pro OS from OS X 10.9.3 to 10.10.4, because the network does not give force, 500K/S, light System package to 5.6G, so a whole down to work during the day, and so on after work to start the installation,

Mac OS X 10.10 Installation PYQT Process 1.0

Loading PYQT requires three packages:Qt, SIP, PyQtQT package in download, I am under the 5.4.0 free version. (Note: At present, do not under the latest QT 5.5.0, although this version of the Mac OS X 10.10retina screen, but

Switching python2 and Python3 environments on MAC OS

Issue backgroundPython programming on Mac Book Pro requires a different Python environment to be used in different projects due to the installation of Python2 and PYTHON3 environments, which requires switching between the two environments.System

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