How to install Git to Mac OS X

Here are two ways of doing it;One, using Git command-lineSecond, the use of GUI tools Sourcetree, the function is very powerful, very convenientBefore installing, git, like SVN, needs to create a server that can create its own version Management

Mac OS x Common Sense Collection

1, Q: Ls-l after seeing some of the properties of the folder is [email protected], what does this @ mean?A: @ is unique to Mac OS and it means telling the user that the file/folder also has extended attributes (extended properties). You can do this

How to install NVM under MAC OS x

Recently you're ready to learn about node. js and get some video on YouTube to go home. As a result, the installation of NVM on Ubuntu is OK, pit cargo mac.After a constant attempt, google,youtube, finally found how to fix. We will record the steps,

Ionic Mac OS Environment configuration

1. Install Nodejs plug-inThe official website ( is inaccessible in China and can be downloaded and installed via ( installation at the command Terminal input: Node-v to see if the installation was

"Mac OS X Configuration IntelliJ idea + Tomcat solutions for permissions Issues"

The error message that appears is as follows:PM 9:11:27 all files is up-to-datePM 9:11:27 all files is up-to-datePM 9:11:27 Error Running Tomcat 8.0.18:cannot Run program "/users/horse_leo/documents/ Apache-tomcat-8.0.18/bin/ "(In

Mac OS Settings Rootpassword

I don't know how to forget the Rootpassword of Mac OS System.Method One:First, start the machine, press and hold the Apple and S keys on startup, and enter the system in single user mode. Input: Mount-uw/Then enter.Input: passwd short username

Some issues after upgrading Mac OS to Yosemite

Apple's "Yosemite" has a flat-style mobile device that looks pretty crisp.It's just an upgrade or some program compatibility issues.1. Developing Android programs Apes, Java SE 6 need to be upgraded to version 2014_001: Download Java SE 6 2014 0012.

Using GLWF3 in command line mode on MAC OS X 10.10

GLWF3 's introduction please visit its official website: to its official website installation introduction, use CMake to install from the source code GLWF3Building applications with GLWF3 can see

How do I enable crontab on Mac OS x?

project: blogtarget: how-to-enable-crontab-on-osx.mddate: 2015-12-16status: publishtags: - OS X - MAC - crontab - 定时任务categories: - OS X - crontabBackgroundSome things on the books are more important, I use Git to manage, so I can

"Data" Mac OS X 10.9 virtual machine mirroring and tools

Original link First unzip the file, two simultaneous check, right-click to unzip.2. Open the virtual machine VMware Workstation, click on the file--Open the file you selected to unzip.3. When opened,

Let the terminal under Mac OS X have a rich color display like Linux

We know that the command line terminal under Linux has color echo function, the LS command to view the directory or file, the terminal will be different colors; using the vim command line editor to open a script or other source code is displayed in

Installing Mac OS X 10.10 in Vmware12

1. Preparatory work1) VMware Workstation 12 (download to VMware website)2) unlocker 203 (OS X plugin patch) Link: Http:// Password: 9ll23) MAC OS X 10.10 Mirror link: Password: y86w2.

MAC OS x system generates SSH public private key

1. Using the Ssh-keygen tool to generate a public private keySSH-KEYGEN-T rsa-b 1024Enter the password as prompted, and a public private key is generated.2. Add the public key to the remote serverFor example,/users/apple/.ssh/id_rsa and/users/apple/.

"Reprint" in Mac OS X El Capitan file Permissions Problem resolution (to install IPython and Xtrafinder for example)

Reprint Note: After upgrading the EI captitan, the Mac system to a lot of file management rights directly to the lock, root can not be modified, at present, as far as I know the affected include vim configuration file, some Python files (python to

MAC OS system remotely connects to server or VPS via SSH, similar to putty on window

In fact, the terminal terminal on Mac OS system comes with it.At first, I used the command SSH [email protected], which is by default via port 22.And my VPS SSH port is not 22, the result is not connected, display: Ssh:connect to host localhost Port

[Turn]mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) Show hidden file command invalidation workaround

In the Mac's new system El Capitan, the original display system of all the hidden files of the instructions appear to be invalid, only reboot to display, in fact, there is a simpler way:Enter the terminal first:Defaults write

Mac OS X El Capitan System Integrity Protection systems Integrity Protection (SIP)

Introduction: The previous time experienced the Xcode compiler code is injected into the event, this timeMac OS X ElCapitan system upgrade, enabling a higher security protection mechanism: System Integrity protection Systems IntegrityProtection (SIP)

Summary of experiences in developing Mac OS X applications or shared libraries in AppCode

Summary of experiences in developing Mac OS X applications or shared libraries in AppCodeAppCode is an integrated development environment developed by JetBrains for Mac OS x and iOS applications. It can only run in Mac OS X operating system

Compile and install FFmpeg from the source code in the Mac OS X Environment

Compile and install FFmpeg from the source code in the Mac OS X EnvironmentRecently, due to a project requirement, real-time video codec needs to be developed, and FFmpeg is used for real-time video codec in x264 mode. In Windows and Linux

Mac OS X command line submit local project to git

Mac OS X command line submit local project to gitIn the past, git was used on the GUI. Today, we have the opportunity to perform a practical operation on the text interface. I recorded the process for anyone who needs it. Note: The starting position

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