Compiling iOS version of Librtmp+openssl

Transferred from: librtmp requires you to compile OpenSSL first, because Librtmp relies on OpenSSLFirst compile OpenSSL:Save the following as a shell script:#!/bin/shversion= "1.0.1h" #

Graphics performance test for iOS performance optimization

measure graphics performance on your iOS deviceSource: widely used graphics app can make your app stand out from your competitors. But unless you use graphical resources responsibly, the

"Android own definition control" define the View property yourself

1. Define the properties of your view2. Get our own defined properties in the view's construction method3. Rewrite onmesure4. Rewrite OnDraw3 This step is not necessary, of course, most of the cases still need to be rewritten.1, you define the

iOS development-Exception handling-uses try and catch to catch errors.

A Java boss asked me if I would try to catch me saying I wouldn't learn this long or listen to friends around with this because the Apple console could have printed the exceptionI hereby examine it.1.try catch: Is the catch Exception code snippet

Android edit box (EditText) attribute learning

EditText Inheritance Relationship: View-->textview-->edittext   EditText has a lot of properties, here are a few:Android:hint= "Please enter a number!" "//Set the information displayed on the spaceAndroid:numeric= "integer"//set to enter only

IOS8 understand how application extensions work

understand how application extensions workSource: this pageAn application extension is not an application that implements a specific narrower task, insisting that the policy is defined as a

PHP or JS Judge site visitors from mobile phone or PC

php or JS judge site visitors from mobile phone or PCChoose different website versions for different platforms, and the final summary is as follows:One, JS version of the code:    //js Method Two Second, PHP code version://Judge mobile phone or

Android App development: Network Tools--volley (i)

IntroductionNetwork has been my personal blind spot, a while ago to take time to learn a bit volley network tools to use, but also through the source of further learning, have some experience to share. In Android development, a lot of mature network

Android copy Database to sd card (online collection, unauthenticated)

Use SQLite in Android, copy database from assets to SD card, support files larger than 1MIf you use an SD card, you need to set permissions in Androidmanifest.xml1 package Cn.arthur.common;23 Import;4 Import;5

Android essay--android time, date related classes and methods

Today is about time, date related classes and methods in Android. In Android, the time-and date-related classes have three classes, such as the Times, Calendar, and date. DateFormat and SimpleDateFormat, which are related to the date format output,

Android Two activity pass data, Onactivityresult get result when intent is empty problem

Environment: set two activity A and b,a transmit data to B by calling Startactivityforresult (), B receives data processed and puts data into intent using Setresult (ResultCode, Inten) returned.phenomenon : When fetching data in Onactivityresult

iOS development XCODE5 SVN configuration usage

First time to get SVN version control, tossing for a long time has been wrong! accidentally see an article! Seemingly solved, thank you for the " code enchanting " detailed process (! Here is a

Use of Proguard tools in Eclipse and Android source code

Due to work needs, these two days and colleagues in the study of the use of Proguard tools under Android, by looking at the Android website on the introduction of the tool and other relevant information on the network, coupled with their own

Android Virtual machine genymotion use related issues and handling

Currently I have three Android simulators that are Bluestacks,genymotion,andy, and Andy has a feature that provides remote control that can be installed on Android phones/tablets Andy's APP directly wirelessly operates the simulator on the computer,

C # configuration File App. Config Usage summary-go, the format of the App. config configuration file that I use is as follows:[HTML]View Plaincopyprint? XML version= "1.0" encoding="Utf-8" ?> configuration> appSettings> add

The different between app server and Web server

Web server:handles HTTP Request App Server:handle The business logic of the application 1) Web serverA Web server mainly deals with sending HTML for display in a Web browser. When a request comes into the Web server, the Web server simply

iOS uploads images via HTTP post (GO)

Reprinted from: since iOS cannot upload images via HTML forms, it is necessary to implement HTTP requests to upload images. Instead of being able to upload it through the post of an HTML form like any

Android app stress test tools-monkey Tool

I. What is Monkey?Monkey Test is a means of Android automated testing, monkey test itself is very simple, is to simulate the user's key input, touch screen input, gesture input, etc., see how long the device will be abnormal.Monkey is a command-line

Android Select pictures or photos to upload to the server (including upload parameters)

in the 9ria forum see, haven't tested, first mark to share with you. Recently, to get a project, you need to upload a photo album and photos, not negative, finally finished! However, it is necessary to explain, in fact, many of the online

android[Android] version of air video remote playback computer video

Under Apple's iOS, there is an app air video that allows you to directly play the video on your PC remotely via WiFi, without having to copy the video to your phone. Very useful! Recently used Android mobile phone, looking for similar applications,

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