Libxml porting to Android

Libxml is the C-language XML parsing library, which is our first choice for developing portable programs, and the steps to porting them to Android are described below1. Download the already configured source code package

Android Market Google Play Store account registration method process and release application Notes "reprint"

Android Market Google Play Store account registration method process before publishing software on Google Play, you need to complete the following three tasks: Create developer Profile Accept developer Distribution agreement pay registration fee by

About the Android font description

First, font analysis1.1. Location of fonts in file system:/system/fonts/The TTF files are font files for the source/frameworks/data/fonts/Droidsans-bold.ttf sans serif fonts (Latin alphabet, etc.)Droidsans.ttf regular sans serif fonts (Latin

ym--Development Essentials App (with hundreds of Git open source libraries demo and address)

Developer Essentials App (download once for life)This application provides a collection of third-party libraries, as a development of this application is essential for you.You will have information about the author, capture, license, and link to the

Android-universal-image-loader image download tips from source code analysis

In particular, on the phone to consider the impact of the network on the image download, the common situation is that in the 2G network, 3G network needs a different download strategy, that is, in the slow network and fast network download need to

Android configures float and integer values in XML

First, the configuration method of floatAndriod default does not support float type settings, in the new Floats.xml file under values, add the following code internally:Resources> Itemname= "Chart_view_line_width"format= "float"type= "Dimen">3.3

Android submits parameters to Web apps via get and post

How to upload data to Web applicationsApplication interface:Video Name: TitleDuration: timelengthSave, click the Save button to submit to the Web app, develop Manageservlet in the Web app to receive data.Get modeService side:public class

Technology architecture choice of medium and large mobile internet company (reprint)

Original address: thinkingSumming up these years of experience, the direction of the evolution of the framework to choose, roughly to achieve the following objectives: Rapid

iOS audio playback (i): Overview turn


Today see very good introduction audio development articles, reproduced Original address: Preface Music-related app development has been for some time, in the process of the app's player several

How to build the Android C + + development environment for Windows

Original address: to build Windows Android C + + development environment (i)AUTHOR:NorainsDATE:Thursday

Android entry eighth of the GridView (nine chart)

This article from GridView and ListView are often used as multi-control layouts, and the GridView is the first choice for implementing nine charts! This article is about how to use the GridView to implement the nine

Android Development Tips

The use of Logcat tools in Android developmentLogcat is a command-line tool in Android that can be used to get the log information for a program, and this appendix explains how to use it and some of its techniques.1. How to useLogcat use the

Detailed iOS Development app concurrency dispatch Queues (2011)


Detailed iOS development Application concurrency dispatch Queues is the content of this article Yo Ah, we can almost dispatch the queue to complete all the tasks done with the thread. Scheduling queues are simpler, easier to use, and more efficient

IOS Exception 1 (libc++abi.dylib:terminating with uncaught Exception of type NSException)

2014-08-05 22:18:46.455 swiftui[1329:40871]-[_ttc7swiftui14mviewcontroler ClickMe]: Unrecognized selector sent to Instance 0x10ea15dc02014-08-05 22:18:46.458 swiftui[1329:40871] * * * terminating app due to uncaught exception '

Scaling the Messages application back End "Turn"

The 11 blog.Facebook Messages seamlessly integrates many communication channels:email, SMS, Facebook Chat, and the existing Facebook Inbox. Combining all the functionality and offering a powerful user experience involved building an entirely new

Android message push mechanism

1. Basic knowledge of Push mode: When we develop the applications that need to interact with the server, we basically need to get the server-side data, such as "earthquake emergency traffic" need to get the latest seismic information on the server.

Go to iOS and Android game texture optimization and memory optimization (COCOS2D-X)

iOS and Android game texture optimization and memory optimization (COCOS2D-X)(not completed)1, 2d game the most memory is undoubtedly the picture resources.2, Cocos2d-x different platform to read the texture of different mechanisms. Under iOS using

Android If overridden OnDraw implements a control similar to the TextView can display emoticons and links (i)

Look first:Write a hyperlink-supported object:/** objects displayed as hyperlinks */public class LinkInfo implements comparable{ private String content; Private String type; Private String ID; Private Boolean bisface = false; Private

Android UI Design Rules

Android UI Tips 1.1 What not to doL do not copy your UI design on other platforms, should let the user feel is really using an Android software, in your logo display and the overall view of the platform balance betweenL do not use the modal dialog

Plugin management mechanism for Android and WebView

The previous article said that when using webviewclient or webchromeclient to handle requests sent by an HTML page, the corresponding service name, operation method and corresponding parameter data will be passed to a class called PlugInManager.What

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