IOS Exception 1 (libc++abi.dylib:terminating with uncaught Exception of type NSException)

2014-08-05 22:18:46.455 swiftui[1329:40871]-[_ttc7swiftui14mviewcontroler ClickMe]: Unrecognized selector sent to Instance 0x10ea15dc02014-08-05 22:18:46.458 swiftui[1329:40871] * * * terminating app due to uncaught exception '

Android/ios two ways to upload common images

Android/ios two ways to upload common images:1. File server uploaded to the server (fileserver)Principle: the way to upload to the file server is to set up a file server on the server, configure a good path (URL), the path is the path we will upload

Android UI Design Rules

Android UI Tips 1.1 What not to doL do not copy your UI design on other platforms, should let the user feel is really using an Android software, in your logo display and the overall view of the platform balance betweenL do not use the modal dialog

Android Learning Route (iii) run your Android app

If you created your Android project in the previous lesson, it contains the default "Hello World" source file, which allows your project to run immediately.How you run your app with two things: whether you have a real Android device and whether

iOS often uses encryption (MD5,AES,BASE64) and network data security

Demo Sample Project Https:// the MD5 Class#import @interface cjmd5:nsobject+ (NSString *) Md5hexdigest: (NSString *) input; @end#import "CJMD5.h" #import @implementation cjmd5+ (NSString *) Md5hexdigest: (

Compiling faad2 on the Android platform

1, download the source code from the official website2. Edit a config.h:/* config.h. Generated from by configure. *//* Generated from by Autoheader. *//* Define If you want to use Libfaad together with

Plugin management mechanism for Android and WebView

The previous article said that when using webviewclient or webchromeclient to handle requests sent by an HTML page, the corresponding service name, operation method and corresponding parameter data will be passed to a class called PlugInManager.What

Small white Learn jQuery mobile "building cross-platform App:jquery Mobile mobile app" serial Four (scene toggle)

As a really useful application, there should be at least two pages in the first place, and more interaction can be achieved by switching the page. For example, mobile phone Renren, the first to enter the login page, login will be new, and then open

Android SQLite Database Encryption

Android uses an open-source SQLite database, the database itself is not encrypted, there are usually two of encryption ideas:1. Use the encryption algorithm for several key fields and then deposit the database2. Encrypt the entire databaseSQLite

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp uses a custom image to create a desktop service

Continue to Azure RemoteApp, and the last time you took advantage of your own template, you took a small look at Azure's RemoteApp. However, the default template has many limitations, such as no way to customize the app installation. But with the

Azure Remoteapp Usage Guide

Read the 陈建 today. (Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Preview) This masterpiece has been deeply touched. So hurry up and test it for yourself. It is important to note that this feature exists on the

Publish the iOS app to the Apple App Store complete process

Reference: (Xcode APP Package and submit Apple Audit detail process (new version update submission review))Http:// to publish an iOS app to

The WindowManager of the path of the Android master

Wirelessly's picture is not made purely by window. Instead, it was changed to Window+view's organizational model. window is the concept of a top-level window. View is the equivalent of a control within a window. Subwindow is a dialog box attached to

To open a file in Append mode, set offset is invalid

1#include 2 3 intMain ()4 {5FILE * fd = fopen ("btoo1.c","ab+");6 fpos_t p;7 intfp = Fgetpos (FD, &p);8printf"bef Seek:fgetpos =%ld, Ftell =%d\n", p, Ftell (FD));9Fseek (FD, A, seek_set);TenFgetpos (FD, &p); Oneprintf"bef Seek:fgetpos =%ld,

Android Research game Development Webcam Update

 Introduction to the principle of in-game cameraUpdating the location of the camera in game development can determine the content of the screen display, especially the RPG game camera has a very important role, I give an example sometimes we play

Small white Learn jQuery mobile "building cross-platform App:jquery Mobile mobile app" Serial Five (give button plus icon)

In the navigation bar used in example 5-4, the icon has been styled for the button, but there is no way to describe the button's icon at the time. The following intercepts the code in the navigation bar section of example 5-4:

"Android Notes" imitation Music Security homepage Dynamic effect

First look at the effect:Layout: Rotate Animation: view with radiation effect: Package Com.example.view;import Android.content.context;import;import;import;import

Android cookie sharing to WebView avoid login again (stay signed in)

Recently in the project to use the WebView open the specified link to the page, you can already set the WebView cookie but always jump to the login page, it is obvious that the cookie is not set successfully caused WebView not set up the cookie sent

Android 0 Basic Learning Path

First stage: Java Object-oriented programming1.Java basic data types and expressions, branching loops. Use of 2.String and stringbuffer, regular expressions. 3. Object-oriented abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, classes and

How to use Libxml in iOS

This article provides a quick overview of how to use Libxml in iOS Mac OS version: 10.8.2Xcode version: 4.5.1 1. Select Xcode Project Settings2. Select target3. Select Summary4. Pull to Linked frameworks and Libraries , press the + buttonEnter

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