Build Android Webdriver Environment

1. Install the Android SDKDownload the Android SDK at the following URLHttp:// Create an Android virtual deviceJie Baogang Download the SDK package, go to the Tools directory, and launch the AVD Manager (Android

[Android] Introduction to OpenGL and OpenGL ES

IntroductionOpenGLThe full name of OpenGL is the Open graphics library, which is a interface to the graphical libraries, which defines a cross-programming language, a cross-platform programming interface, which is mainly used for 3D graphics (2D)

iOS random number

iOS has the following three random number methods:1. Srand ((unsigned) time (0)); Without this sentence, the random number that is generated every i = rand ()% 5;2. Srandom (Time (0));int i = random ()% 5;3. int i = arc4random ()% 5;Note:

Nagios adds monitoring data to monitoring items, resulting in the inability to paint


The first two days to the Nagios under a monitoring item to add monitoring data, found that the monitoring data is there, but later found that the graphics data is not, and suddenly do not know where the problemHere are my steps to troubleshoot the

Process priority for Android

There was a phone interview a few days ago, and was asked about the priority of the Android process, which almost didn't come back at the time, fortunately, when the interviewer was about to skip the problem.Android divides the process into priority

Ways to get directory paths for various files in iOS

The iphone sandbox model has four folders, what is the location of the permanent data store, and what is the simple way to get the path to the emulator.Documents,tmp,app,library.(Nshomedirectory ()),The manually saved files are in the documents file.

Appium Complete Installation Tutorial

Appium Installation TutorialsTime: 2014-12-11-10:34 Author: Seven months Source: 51Testing Software test Network editingFont: Small medium size | Previous post Next | Print | I want to contribute | Recommended Tags: Appium Automated testing

Tween animation of "Android animation" (Gradient, zoom, shift, rotate)

The Android platform offers two types of animations. One is the tween animation, that is, the object in the scene constantly changing the image to produce animation effects (rotation, translation, indentation and gradient).The second type is frame

"Reprint" Android attr custom tags in detail

Original link:; only the layout is optimized for easier readingxmlns:wen= "vertical" android:layout_width=

iOS push build server-side P12 file

Generate server-side push p12 filesRequired Documents: A, development certificate Aps_developer_identity.cerB. Local exported private key: PRODUCT_PUSH.P12C, the request file used to generate the certificate: push.certsigningrequest1. Convert

Examples of echo cancellation on iOS devices

In industrial sound processing, echo cancellation is an important topic, as much as noise elimination, vocal amplification, automatic gain, etc., especially in VoIP functions, echo cancellation is a required course for every VoIP function team. QQ,

IOS Create folder, delete folder, rename folder action

IOS Create a folder, delete a folder, rename an action on a folder by Wusheying+ (void) CreateFolder: (NSString*) FolderName {NSString*imagedir = [NSStringstringWithFormat:@ "%@/documents/%@",nshomedirectory(), FolderName];NSLog(@ "Homedir:%@",

iOS Development--Practical technical Articles & development Total Balance proposal

25 Tips and Tricks for iOS app performance tuningThe advice I'm going to give is divided into three different levels: entry-level, intermediate, and progressive:Entry level (These are some of the suggestions you'll always use in your app development)

Android data store-file operations

First, the preparation of knowledge MVC Design Patterns in 1.Android MVC (Model-view-controller): M refers to the logical model, v refers to the view model, and C is the controller. A logical model can be used for a variety of view models,

Android------using serversocket to create server-side

 To create a server-side using ServerSocket:The ability to accept other communication entity connection requests in Java is the Serversocket,serversocket object used to listen for the socket connection from the client.If there is no connection, it

Learn about Android custom controls display the ability to like a user and access the user's home page by user name (40)

:The effect is similar to displaying the user-like interface, and we can access each individual's profile by clicking on a different nickname.For common controls, click the Git address below the article.The first step:We build a class for each

Parsing data in JSON form on Android

1, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) definition:A lightweight data interchange format with good readability and easy-to-write features. The Industry's mainstream technology provides a complete solution (somewhat like regular expressions, which is

Android logo, Android boot animation to change the explanation

  Android logo: kernel, Android boot animation Android Open logo, this piece in the work changes are more, also relatively simple, different companies, different models of products, boot logo is not the Same. Our usual visual

Android error Threadid=1:thread exiting with uncaught

Android error Threadid=1:thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x416298c8) Crash when testing in Project development, error as aboveThe error means that there are no caught exceptions in the Thread. Typically catch exceptions using Try {}

Android (java) Learning Note 102:map Collection features overview

The following code introduces the map collection:1 packagecn.itcast_01;2 3 Importjava.util.HashMap;4 Importjava.util.Map;5 6 /*7 * As a student, according to the number to distinguish between different students, then assuming I now know the Student'

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