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25 Tips and Tricks for iOS app performance tuningThe advice I'm going to give is divided into three different levels: entry-level, intermediate, and progressive:Entry level (These are some of the suggestions you'll always use in your app development)

Android data store-file operations

First, the preparation of knowledge MVC Design Patterns in 1.Android MVC (Model-view-controller): M refers to the logical model, v refers to the view model, and C is the controller. A logical model can be used for a variety of view models,

Android------using serversocket to create server-side

 To create a server-side using ServerSocket:The ability to accept other communication entity connection requests in Java is the Serversocket,serversocket object used to listen for the socket connection from the client.If there is no connection, it

Learn about Android custom controls display the ability to like a user and access the user's home page by user name (40)

:The effect is similar to displaying the user-like interface, and we can access each individual's profile by clicking on a different nickname.For common controls, click the Git address below the article.The first step:We build a class for each

Upload file Format Control confusion (Application/octet-stream not limit the bat and other format upload) problem solving

Allow upload type part code$uptypes =array (//Upload file type list' Image/gif ', ' image/jpg ', ' image/jpeg ', ' image/pjpeg ', ' image/png ', ' Application/msword ', ' application/ ' ,' Image/bmp ', ' text/plain ', ' application/octet-

How does email and SMS and app co-flourish?

As a marketer focused on multi-channel intelligent marketing for many years, I have advocated and advocated that e-mail and mobile interconnection are not antagonistic and competitive relationship, instead, can be help each other, symbiotic

iOS Development--swift & Classic Syntax (12) value types and reference types

Value types and reference types in SwiftIn swift, types fall into two categories: the first is a value type , each instance of that type holds a copy of the data, and the copy is unique to each instance , such as struct (struct), enum (enum),

Top 5 common actions for the ArcGIS for Android map control

Original address: 5 common operations for the ArcGIS for Android map Control-arcgis_mobile Column-Blog channel-csdn.net In the development of GIS, map operation is indispensable. In ArcGIS

iOS draw circles, draw lines

UIView:-(void) DrawRect: (cgrect) rect {[Super Drawrect:rect]; CGRect frame = CGRectMake (50, 100, 100, 100); /* Draw filled Circle */cgcontextref context = Uigraphicsgetcurrentcontext (); [[Uicolor Whitecolor] set];

The Android task and the return stack are fully parsed, counting the details you don't know (the most detailed explanation)

The main content of this article comes from Android Doc, I have done some processing after translation, English good friends can also directly read the original text.Http:// and

The number of seconds that the IOS current time is past a certain point in time

Do Bluetooth development time to set the synchronization time, in seconds, the current time distance from 2000-01-01 00:00:00 seconds. Search the Internet for a long time of the data have not found the right, and then studied a bit. The specific

ANDROID_ Program unhandled exception capture and processing

1. Introduction to an uncaught exception thrown by a program can cause the program to exit unexpectedly, the interface is unfriendly and a critical error message should be logged to the server. The main use of Uncaughtexceptionhandler hereWhen we

How Android data storage is done with SQLite database

Reprint Please specify source: Minsan Android There are different ways to store and manage application data (Sharedperferences,file,sqlitedatabase, networked storage) under the Android platform, and the choice of methods depends on the type

Several of the best free code editors on the Android platform

Using the right development tools, you can quickly and efficiently write and test the source code, making programming more efficient. With the rapid development of network information, mobile devices have become popular, and more and more

Why does Apple make a bad map?

When an enterprise is weak, we often like to talk about its advantages, such as Nokia's navigation applications here, the fire is not now, there are a variety of giants have the idea of acquiring the service; When a company is strong, we like to

Three ways to parse XML in Android

There are three ways to parse XML in Android: SAX (Simple API XML), DOM (Document objrect Model), and the recommended pull parsing method for Android. The following is a detailed description of the three parsing methods one by one.Suppose you want

Specifically explains the use of Asynctask in Android

There are two ways to implement the asynchronous task mechanism in Android, Handler and Asynctask.Handler mode needs to create a new thread for each task, after the completion of the task through the handler instance to the UI thread to send

The use of cell phone azimuth sensor

Today's smartphones have integrated a wide range of sensor devices, such as temperature sensors, barometric sensors, and light sensors. Each sensor has its own role in the actual use of the process. Talk about the use of azimuth sensors today.The

Android Custom View slide switch supports left and right swipe for ListView

To make such a switch.When the switch on the left, are gray, sliding to the right, when sliding halfway, change the color, turn green;When the switch is on the right, the city is green, sliding to the left, when you swipe halfway, change the color

Maxwin-z/xlistview-android (Pull-up reload) source code Analysis (ii)

Reprint please specify the source file article is mainly posted Xlistview source code and a use instance, not too much to

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