Android Message Push implementation

When developing Android and iphone applications, we often need to instantly push notifications from the server to the mobile phone client, with a simpler and perfect push notification solution on the iphone, but the Android platform is relatively

iOS Development Arc Memory Management technology Essentials

The following is reproduced from: article comes from my personal arc learning note, which aims to summarize the key points of the Automatic Reference counting, automatic reference counting

iOS localization App

The BK project has been completed in 7788 and will need to be translated into multi-lingual versions at the end of the project. In order to adapt to many countries around the world to use multiple storage.Applying localization is to localize strings,

iOS Development Summary (A0)-#define and const

When to use # define, when to use const?Effective Objective C ITEM4 says this:Prefer Typed Constants to preprocessor #define1. Avoid # define. Because there is no type information, and may be redefined2. defined as a static const in M files (in fact

Android Animation parsing--xml

Type of animationAndroid animation is made up of four different typesin XMLAlpha Gradient Transparency Animation effectScale gradient dimension stretch animation effectTranslate picture conversion position move animation effectRotate picture

Cisco UCS C-Series server configuration manual using Webbios configuration Rdid

Cisco UCS C-Series Server Configuration GuideAfter rebooting, press Ctrl+h to enter the RAID configuration interface in Figure 6, as shown in the 5 interface.650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image002 "style="

Android NDK Practical Learning-java End Object member assignment and get object member values

1, for Java End Class and interface definition, please refer to:Android NDK Practical Learning-get Java-side classes and their class variables2. Assign values to the passed parameters: Assigning values to bool type members

Tips and tricks for iOS app performance Tuning-advanced-Wang Peng

Intermediate (which you might use in some relatively complex situations) 9. Reuse and Delay loading views cache, cache, or cache! 11. Weigh the Rendering method 12. Handling Memory Warnings 13. Reusing objects with large

Android Shell Command Execute Demo

1;2 3 4;5 6;7;8 Importjava.util.ArrayList;9 Importjava.util.List;Ten One /** A * This class is primarily used to execute Linux shell commands at the

Android System ANR caused SWT restart issue

First,problemphenomena1, the user intuitively see the phenomenon is the system first ANR.2, after the ANR system restart.Test Method:In the recording screen constantly slide the volume progress bar, while the landline phone to the test machine, the

DevExpress Table Control Gridcontrol set interlaced, focus line color, set (change) display value, fixed column does not move (with source)

Describes some of the commonly used Gridcontrol settings.1, set the interlaced color. First set the display of interlaced color, steps: Optionsview-->enableappearanceevenrow-->true and optionsview-->enableappearanceoddrow--> true; then set odd and

Android calls the WebService series of encapsulation capabilities

In a previous article, we simply described how Android makes WebService calls!And often we in the project will be packaged before use! So how do we use the ability to encapsulate it?I. Understanding commonality, mechanism, thinking extensible,

Monitoring System NAGIOS+NCONF+PNP4

Configuring nconf to manage Nagios is simpler and more efficient Refer to the post of the previous Nagios SNMP mode monitoring system to install the lamp environment and Nagios. I. Software required for the case of this article Nconf-1.2.6-0.tgz

Solutions to data standards and quality AppScan (test) security issues

1. SQL injection file write (user authentication required)Workaround: Through the establishment of a filter method, all user input information to clean up filtering. Filtering the dangerous characters contained by user input can prevent malicious

iOS development--Ramble on memory management (i.)

1. MRC and ArcApple provides two memory management mechanisms: One is MRC (manual reference count), manual reference calculation, and arc (auto reference count), which is the automatic reference count. Manual reference Meter, as the name implies,

[IOS afnetworking Framework Implementation HTTP request, multi-file image upload DOWNLOAD]

Simple JSON HTTP transmission will not say, see a simple demo bar.The main understanding parameters is the fill parameter, the type is the word typical. I have encapsulated this part of the code so that it can be called multiple times. Maybe write

3D Mobile Browsing Era

product design has entered3d times! Traditional two-dimensional drawings have been difficult to establish in the increasingly complex product design. However, if the design results are only used 3d technology, the subsequent process still stays in

IOS multithreaded Development Operationqueue (ii) nsoperation VS GCD


Original blog, reproduced please indicate the to my iOS SDK detailed columnHttp:// A bit busy recently, so the number of blogs updated this month has

Build OpenFire Server on iOS Instant Messaging client development-mac

First, download and install OpenFire1. Download the latest OpenFire for Mac version to example: OpenFire 3.8.1, downloaded files: openfire_3_8_1.dmg2. Click Install and perform the default action3.

Android Support Library percent layout

Before I wrote a screen adaptation of the article Android screen adaptation best practices, which refers to a similar percentage of the layout of things, but the shortcomings of the method is obvious, will add a lot of useless data, causing the APK

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