python3.x and 2.x difference

Label:1. PerformancePY3.0 runs Pystone benchmark slower than Py2.5 by 30%. Guido that Py3.0 has great space for optimization, and can be used in string and shaping operations.To achieve a good result of optimization.Py3.1 performance is 15% slower

"My book" Unity Shader Book-folder (2015.12.21 update)

Label: Write in frontThanks for all the friends who came in to see. That's right. I'm going to write a book about unity shader right now.The purpose of the book is as follows: Summarize my experience with unity Shader and give others a

BASE64 algorithm and MD5 encryption principle

Label:Base64 is one of the most common encoding methods for transmitting 8Bit bytes of code on the network, and you can view rfc2045~rfc2049, which has a detailed specification of MIME. BASE64 encoding can be used to pass longer identity information

About the comparator interface and comparable interfaces and their respective methods compare () and CompareTo ()

Label:In today's leetcode, there are two of them. The use of interfaces to implement the ordering of objects. RELATED links to the two questions:1. Sorting objects using the comparable interface2. Using comparator interface to achieve sortingBecause

User and Rights Management

Tags: Linux users and PermissionsLinux users and groups, in the Linux system can have multiple users and multiple tasks, Linux is a multi-user multi-tasking system, non-interference between different users. In the Linux system, each user has a

Talk about char *num= "123"; and char num[4]= "123"; the difference

Label:Recently wrote a program to find such a problem#include <iostream>#include<string.h>using namespacestd;voidReverseChar*str) { intlen=strlen (str); Char*p=str; Char*q=str+len-1; while(p<q) {Chartemp=*p; *p=*Q; *q=temp; P++; Q-

FTP 20 21-port and active-Passive mode

Label:FTP supports only TCP connections and does not support UDP connections.FTP uses two ports: 21 (Control port, command Port), 20 (data port)21 Port: Used to control user authentication, connection setup and shutdown: Open/close/bye20 port: Used

Wiki Grammar Encyclopedia

Label:Wiki Grammar Encyclopedia Editing a wiki page is easy. Just click on "edit this page" or the [edit] link on the right to modify the page, or click on "Discussion page" and then click "Edit Page" to discuss the

char varchar varchar2 difference (RPM)

Label:Char varchar varchar2 the difference The length of the char is fixed, and the length of the VARCHAR2 is changeable, for example, storing the string "abc", for Char (20),

CRC Calibration Method

Label:1 , cyclic check code (CRC code):Is the most commonly used error check code in the field of data communication, its characteristic is that the length of information field and check field can be arbitrarily selected.2 , the basic principle of

Entity Framework 6 Recipes 2nd Edition (11-1)---return a scalar value from the model definition function

Label:Section One Chapters functionThe function provides a powerful code reuse mechanism and keeps your code concise and understandable.They are also the database layer code that EF can use when it runs. There are several classes of functions:

Distributed Service Framework Zookeeper--managing data in a distributed environment

Label:Transferred from: Distributed Service Framework is a sub-project of Apache Hadoop, which is mainly used to solve some data management problems commonly encountered in

2016 five trends in the development of China's call center Knowledge Base

Tags: call center Knowledge Base trendsin the era of shortage economy, production is sales, as long as the production of products, whether good or bad, can always be sold out, later in the era of homogeneous competition, lower prices and increase

Load balancing based on L3/4 load

Label:L3/4 Load Balancing    Another common load balance is L3/4 load balancing. The L3/4 actually means that the load balancing server is load-balanced based on the data contained in the third layer of the network layer and layer fourth Transport

UVA 11426-gcd-extreme (II) Euler function-Mathematics

Label:Given the value of N, you'll have the. nd the value of G. The de?nition of G is given below:G =I<n∑I=1J∑≤nJ=i+1GCD (i, J)Here GCD (i, j) means the greatest common divisor of integer i and integer J.For those who has trouble understanding

The most efficient use of PNG

Label:Original Jeff AtwoodSpeaking of the image format used on the Internet, there are usually 3 kinds: JPEG, GIF, and PNG. It is relatively easy to decide which format to use: If you want to keep a photographic picture of continuous tones, select

Scalability of the service

Label:When writing an application, we often consider how the application should implement specific business logic. However, with the gradual development of more and more users, these applications often expose a series of problems, such as not easily

YAHOO34 rule (Reprint-backup)

Label:Yahoo Team experience: Site page performance optimization of the 34 golden rule1. Minimize the number of HTTP requests (make fewer HTTP requests)80% of the end-user response time is used to download the content. This part of the time includes

Analysis of "function declaration", "function prototype" and "function definition"

Label:Recently in reading a book about C, the definition of function declaration and function is very vague, not clear, Baidu a bit, found a post written is very good, reproduced over:Original:"Define" and "declare" a function are not the same thing.

Double Lock Learning--double-checked locking:clever, but broken does you know what synchronized really means?

Label:From the highly regarded Elements of Java Style to the pages of Javaworld (see Java Tip), many well-m Eaning Java Gurus encourage the use of the double-checked locking (DCL) idiom. There ' s only one problem with it – this clever-seeming idiom.

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