. Net garbage collection and large object processing memory defragmentation

The CLR garbage collector divides objects according to the size of the space they occupy. Large objects and small objects are handled in a very different way. For example, memory defragmentation-the c

Win 7 System Boot Acceleration Complete Introduction

Now speed up the win 7 system boot speed has always been a hot topic, there are many ways to spread the network, the triple tutorial for everyone to organize some speed up the win 7 system boot speed

How to set a session example with a strict 30-minute expiration

Session and Cookie is every interviewer must ask the knowledge point, so hope that students can learn to understand this part to get better job opportunities the following content to the Laruence bl

9 experience and interactive design hidden in the Airbnb website

If you've ever used Airbnb to book a place, you'll find out in the process that the company has a top product design team. The enterprise, which is changing the entire industry, is providing users wit

WPS Office 2010 Network Office Space Application Treasure

WPS Office 2010 recently released, as an important bright spot-up to 1G of free network office space to provide not only network storage functions, but also in the Internet to work together to take an

Copyright symbol in Word ®© how to play

word2010 version compare shortcut keys for common symbols: Shortcut keys for entering some other symbol in Word: Business symbols ? The trademark indicates that the founder or inventor

"Entering passive Mode" solution when FTP connection occurs

Two modes of operation for the FTP service: port (Active mode), connection process: The client sends a connection request to the server's FTP port (the default is 21), the server accepts the connecti

ApexSQL log-sql Operation Recovery Tool (support sql2008,sql2012)

Today accidentally performed a wrong operation on the database, thinking that there is no tool to restore this error operation? The log Explorer 4.2 was found, but it only supported SQL 2005, was not

Excel's Exp function

Introduction of EXP function function: Returns the n power of E. The constant e equals 2.71828182845904 and is the base of the natural logarithm. function syntax EXP (number) Parameter description

PPT2010 Making Multimedia Albums

There is a new album in the PPT feature, have you ever tried it. Organize your photos into an orderly album, you can also add some travel notes, later bored out of the aftertaste of two is also a plea

word2003/2007 Common shortcut keys

Word is an indispensable Office software for our office, because without it we may not be able to do many tasks. So now the clerks and office staff, the most basic is to be familiar with the use of Of

Skillfully use WPS Mobile version of the combination function rounded to retain two decimal places

Usually using WPS Mobile version of the table, found that in the statistical data process, in many cases to be rounded to the decimal point two decimal digits. Rounding is not possible with cell forma

25 Free responsive web templates for collection

For web designers and developers, creativity, experience, and expertise are indispensable. The most troubling of the work, however, is limited time, repetitive and trivial work, and a limited budget.

Why the Zip file that IE downloaded is not saved to the computer

  Failure phenomenon: When downloading a zip (. zip) file in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may experience one of the following symptoms: The file appears to be downloadable, but the file compressi

What are the ODBC data sources in the WIN8 system?

An ODBC (Open database connection) is an application's interface (API). This interface provides the ability to write applications independent of any data management system. OCBC provides a set of appl

The application of plane composition: "Point, line and surface" in web design

  What kind of web design can be called excellent? Presumably a lot of people have the same questions as me. I personally think that the so-called excellent web design is a reasonable function layout

Excellent 404 page design guidelines to be missed

Life is not 404, read all the net also disconsolate. Yes, if you've never opened 404 pages, you can say that you almost never really used the Internet. The reason for the 404 page's appearance is sim

ZF Framework DB Class Select query Join list Use example

  This article mainly introduces the ZF Framework's DB Class select query Join list Use example, the need for friends can refer to the following The Zend framework's query join () list uses the

Win 7 Super Useful 50 features and tips

We create a list of some of the most important tips and tricks in Win 7 and introduce them step-by-step. 1. PC Safeguard Computer Guard I rarely let other people use my computer because I'

The difference between core i3 and i5 and i7, what is the second generation of Core i3 i5 i7

What's the difference between core i3 and i5 and i7? First, let's focus on the difference between i3 and i5: Core Core i3 i5 i7 pin Difference What is the difference between the core i3 and i5, the core i3 and i5 which is good? The core i3 can b

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