Setting up an ODBC data source dynamically in the Delphi program

In the Delphi database application, we usually have two ways to access the database. One is through the BDE database search engine, that is, using Delphi's own database driver, the advantage of this m

DB2 Common Commands and techniques

Here will tell you a few dbase:db2 common commands and skills, hope that through these commands and skills, can simplify everyone's work, improve efficiency. 1.DB2 inside the string connection can be "| |" This is connected 2. How to quickly delete

Data retention and data migration in the V1.2 Administrator of data Studio

Use the data Studio Administrator to preserve and migrate information during complex database changes Introduction: Do you need to make complex changes to the database? For example, the column is moved to another table while the original data is pre

Informix 5.0 for OpenServer installation

1. Set up Informix Group, Informix users; 2. Modify the $home/.profile file for Informix users by adding: INFORMIXDIR=/usr/informix   (informix的主目录) PATH=$PATH:$INFORMIXDIR/bin export INFORMIXDIR export PATH 3. Modify the system core parameters, #

Sybase's Master Library log Management

How should the Sybase Master log be cleared when it is full? You can manage the master library in the following ways, and if you do not have enough space, consider expanding the master library. 1, simple case of the dump trans with no_log on it, Ma

15 pureXML Performance Best practices in DB2 9


DB2 9 introduces pureXML support, which means that XML data will be stored and queried in its intrinsic hierarchical format. To query XML data, DB2 provides two languages, Sql/xml, and XQuery. In addition, DB2 9 also has mature XML indexing capabilit

DB2 Content Manager V8.3 Portlets V3.1 Introduction

Compared to the previous DB2 Content manager V8.2 portlet version, ibm®db2®content manager V8.3 Portlets V3.1 offers many new features and significant improvements. It is also extended to use the services provided by the DB2 Content Manager V8.3 Serv

Application practice of high-speed caching technology for INFORMIX database SQL statements

As we know, the Informix database optimizer is based on "cost" optimization, and when a user-issued SQL statement is received, the Informix Optimizer compiles the SQL statement to generate the final execution plan based on the lowest cost principle.

Improvements to IIS 7.5 in Win Server 2008 R2

According to Microsoft's Roadmap, the official version of the next-generation server operating system, Windows Server 2008 R2, will be released in 2010. Although Microsoft R2 win Server 2008 as the next-generation server operating system after win 20

Nginx Technology (2) Nginx configuration detailed

Configuration of Nginx 1, start Nginx [Root@centos6 nginx-1.2.9]#/usr/sbin/nginx-c/etc/nginx/nginx.conf boot nginx [ROOT@CENTOS6 nginx-1.2.9]# PS- Ef|grep nginx View process root 5479 1 0 04:15? 00:00:00 nginx:master process/usr/sbin/ng

Developing IBM Lotus Domino WEB 2.0 Client

Introduction: Create a Web 2.0-style thin Web client for Lotus Domino using HTML and JavaScript. Based on previous articles about the IBM Lotus Domino XML (DXL) framework, this article gives you an introduction to using Ajax to extend Notes/domino ap

Cleverly add various symbols to the data in Excel tables

What's so hard about typing data into Excel tables? This is the most basic operation of Excel, as long as you can not type the line it? In practice, however, this seemingly simple operation is sometimes not as easy to complete. Because different wor

13th Chapter-DELPHI Development Database Application Overview (ii) (3)

3. System operation and Maintenance An application system performance, the level of efficiency should always be the user to make judgments, applications in the running process, users will put forward a number of new requirements and suggestions, acc

JavaFX in simple and profound (II.) basic data types

JavaFX has several basic data types, respectively: integer int type Number floating-point numbers type Boolean Logical Type Duration Time Type String String type These types are the same type as the traditional programming languages, which supp

12th Chapter-Exception Handling and program debugging (II.) (3) defines an exception object class Exceptions are objects, so defining a new class of exceptions is not much different from defining a new object type. Because the default exception handling handles only objects inherited from exception or e

The use of PHP5 exception handling mechanism throw keyword

After you create a exception object, you can return the object, but this should not be used, and the better way is to use the Throw keyword instead. Throw to throw an exception: throw new Exception( "my message", 44 ); Throw abort the execution of

How to Reduce. NET application memory footprint

The most recent week is busy, the main work is to do a call "Keyboard Wizard" things, simply put a lot of data into memory, the data for quick retrieval, and then find the input conditions to match the best 10 records and show. Specific and the follo

PHP5 list of commonly used functions

PHP has been updated to many versions, the most recent use of more than a few PHP5. Here we summarize the PHP5 common functions so that you can actually write the code in the future to view. The Usleep () function delays code execution for several m

UVa 10562:undraw The trees (tree without limiting the number of sons)

Topic Link: Http:// problem&problem=1503 Type of topic: data structure, two fork tree Input and output: Sample Professor ' s trees 2 A | ------

Talk about. NET Events and delegates

When it comes to. NET events, you may want to say that the tutorials are flying, what else can be said about a rotten thing? Yes, there are a lot of good articles profiling events like Mr. Zhang Ziyang's delegates and events in C # Relive the Observ

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