"Static" values between HTML Web pages and Flash

static | Web page In the forum often see a novice asked "I want to let Flash get the parameter ID number in the URL, what to do?" How does the Flash Player of a certain video website play different ID videos? ”... Such questions see too much, each ti

j2me-midp1.0 game Complete implementation-two-person Minesweeper 1.0 (i)

Author: yinowl February 2005 Objective My last article is also the first article "j2me-midp1.0 Small Game introduction-Gobang" posted later, there are a lot of friends to send mail, add QQ, plus MSN and I chat about J2ME content, I am very happy and

j2me-midp1.0 game Complete implementation-two-person Minesweeper 1.0 (ii)

Author: yinowl February 2005 Help interface The Help interface is very simple, the need to line up the text width in a string array, and then draw on the screen, if a screen can not put the button to increase the response to turn the screen, in fact

Flash Create QQ Magic expression "Pray" super detailed diagram

In the New QQ Chat window click on the "Select expression" icon, you will see the expression list of more than a "Magic expression" tab page. This is the new launch of the QQ magic expression, its different from the previous QQ expression, QQ magic e

Wikipedia Wikipedia logo to enhance the 3D effect of the ball

Wikipedia Wikipedia updated its own logo, the new logo to downplay the imposition of three-dimensional, enhance the 3D effect of the ball. At the same time increase the font size of the word distance, and extend the design of several overall image of

Oralcle 10g Fedora Core x Quick Installation Guide

Core Home-> Oracle-> Oracle 10g Release 1 ( on Fedora core 1 Oracle Database 10g Release 1 ( installation on Fedora core 1 Please note that Oracle Database 10g are not certified to run on Fedora Linux, therefore your should no

Store HTML form data in XML format-1

If you are familiar with Asp,xml and HTML4. 0, please read the following example Save form data in XML format Typically, data submitted by a form in an ASP is typically written to the database. However, if you want to make it easier to send data, y

Flash Creative Design Tutorial: Probation-"Urban Love"

Tutorials | design 1.3 Basic Effect production 1.3.1 Frame animation 1. Urban Love In the twilight of the poetic, the city's buildings are flashing lights, gradually the lights fade, leaving the "Love" of the musical notes ... This idea comes from th

6 strokes to teach you to do high-quality site outside the chain

A lot of webmaster often ask a question: the website just did not have enough weights to exchange good links, but not enough money to try to buy the link, that how to get more external links? This article will show you how to efficiently build the ex

Oracle9i Full-Text search technology

oracle| Full-Text search technology is one of the key technologies of intelligent information Management, Oracle text as a component of Oracle9i provides a powerful Full-text search function, using oracle9i to do background database, you can fully us

Improve performance with SQLServer2000 indexed view (lower)

server|sqlserver| View | index | Performance using the Index Tuning Wizard The Index Tuning Wizard also recommends that you use an indexed view in addition to the index of the base table. Use this wizard to improve the ability of an administrator to

How to install and debug the source program downloaded from the network: an example analysis of the Golden Disc e-Government system

program | network | Download First, I downloaded from the Web Application Network (http://www.webasp.net) to the five-star "Golden Disk E-government System" source program. A big company is good. Next, how do I install, debug it. The reason for writi

Configuration of transparent gateways for oracle9i

oracle| Transparent Oracle's technology for implementing heterogeneous database connection Services is called transparent Gateway (transparent gateway). At present, Oracle utilizes transparent gateway to realize the interconnection with SQL SERVER, S

UTF-8 of Dream Weaving GB encoding

Coding /******************************UTF-8 GB Encoding*******************************/function UTF82GB ($UTFSTR){Global $UC 2GBTABLE;$okstr = "";if (Trim ($utfstr) = = "") return $utfstr;if (Empty ($UC 2GBTABLE)) {$filename = DirName (__file__). " /

Site navigation user Experience Design: Selected status is highlighted or gray

A basic task point in navigation design is to accurately indicate the current selection, and improper design can easily cause user confusion. In particular, when there are only two list items, the design should be carefully designed to convey the cur

Reflection on search engine marketing strategy by data

Through a period of time to the women's Wholesale Network (www.e-hoz.com) observation and practice, especially for many competitors of the site to carry out objective data analysis, found that a lot of problems worthy of our reflection and improvemen

Security tips: Configuring IIS 4.0 certificate Authentication

Configuring IIS 4.0 Certificate Authentication Ramon Ali Windows NT Magazine-February 1999 Use Certificate Server 1.0 (Certificate Server 1.0) as Certificate Authority Wouldn't it be nice if you could give trusted users access to encrypted websit

MD5 algorithm description (Turn)

Algorithm MD5 algorithm Description 1, MD5 algorithm is the input of the data to complement, so that if the data bit length Len to 512 of the result is 448. That is, the data is extended to k*512+448 bits. That is, k*64+56 Byte, K is an integer. Spe

Use tabular data in later versions of PHP4.2

As with the title of the article, there will be more and more discussions about PHP4.2 later editions and Register_globals. If your PHP program is working correctly, but if you have an error upgrading to PHP4.2, please read the following carefully:

Install PHP4.0 on Win 98+PWS

The software requires only Windows 98+PWS (Personal Web Server), NT, LINUX, Win 20,001 is not installed. The installation process is as follows: 1, you can install PWS from Windows 98 (official or OEM version) of the Add-ons\pws\setup.exe installa

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