Installing DB2 Fixpack

Label:1. Switch to root user rights by running the Su-root command.2. Run the following command for each instance:Su-iname. $HOME/sqllib/db2profileDB2 Force applications AllDB2 TerminateDb2stopDb2licd-end # Run at each physical nodeExitWhere Iname

Oracle442 Application Scenarios-----------role management

Label:--------------------------------Role Management------------------------------------First, the concept and characteristics of the role1. What is a role?A role is a collection of commands related to permissions, and the primary purpose of using

Unity Monster AI

Label:Using Unityengine; Using System.Collections;public class Moster_ai:monobehaviour {public const int ai_null = 10;     public const int ai_idle = 0;     public const int Ai_patrol = 1;   

Detailed big-endian mode and small-end mode (RPM)

Label: First, the origin of the big-endian mode and the small-end modeThere is an interesting story about the origin of the small end nouns, from Jonathan Swift's Travels of Gulliver: The two powerful powers of Lilliput and Blefuscu have been

Given a 0-1 string, find a substring as long as possible, which contains 0 equal to the number of 1.

Label:!problemId=1393The method is fascinating. Also looked at other people's thinking to come out.First consider turning 0 all into-1. Then a prefix is counted and expressed in sum[i].Then the

What are the differences and connections between POP3, SMTP, and IMAP?

Label:POP3 is to download the message to the local computer. IMAP is a direct operation that connects remote mailboxes. Two are all received, SMTP is a letter.SMTP the full name is "Simplemail Transfer Protocol" , which is the Simple Mail Transfer

Configuring Redhat 6 system Yum NetEase source

Tags: Profile package NetEaseConfiguration RedHat 6 system YUM NetEase SourceUninstall redhat with yum, then download the centos Yum , modify the configuration file after installation1. First download the package to

"In-depth Exchange 2013"08 agents, redirects, coexistence

Tags: deep exchange2013 Client Access Proxy redirection coexistenceLooking back at what you said before, CAS does not directly provide a mailbox connection to clients, but instead ensures that the client is connected to the correct MBX in two ways:

SOLR Smart Tips (suggest)

Tags: SOLR suggest smart tips e-commerceE-commerce search in order to achieve such a function, when the input text, drop-down box prompt. Similar to Baidu searchIn the Lucene-based SOLR search engine, where the division is famous. Provides this

Related to the program ape

Label:Javascript JQuery fundamentals-jquery Novice Tutorial. JavaScript Library code Deconstruction-truthfully the JavaScript pop-up framework source In-depth understanding of JavaScript series The difference between defer and async in <

Each hard drive number meaning

Label:I. SeagateSeagate Technology Corporation (Seagate Technology) is a veteran brand in the hard disk world, and the vast majority of users are already familiar with it. As the world's largest disk drive, disk and read-write head manufacturer, the

Parsing: Using Easyui form to submit a form, under IE, there are similar attachments downloaded when prompted to save the phenomenon

Label:Original: Parse: Use Easyui form to submit a form, under IE, appear similar to download the attachment when prompted to save the phenomenonPrior to the development of a problem encountered, using Easyui form submission form, under Chrome is

Parsing: Using Easyui form to submit a form, under IE, there are similar attachments downloaded when prompted to save the phenomenon

Label:Prior to the development of a problem encountered, using Easyui form submission form, under Chrome is not a problem, but in IE, there are similar attachments downloaded when prompted to save the phenomenon.Here's a note on how to fix it. In

Common service port number

Label:DHCP udp67/68DNS udp/tcp53Telnet TCP23HTTP TCP80HTTPS tcp/udp443Samba udp137/138 TCP139 TCP 445FTP TCP20/21SSH TCP22Note:The following ports are commonly used by proxy servers:(1). HTTP protocol Proxy Server common port number: 80/8080/3128/808

MD5 's various implementations--and drunk.

Label:MD5 is message-digest algorithm 5 (Information-Digest algorithm 5), which is used to ensure complete and consistent information transmission. is one of the widely used hashing algorithms (also translation digest algorithm, hashing algorithm),

Calculate CRC32 as in STM32 hardware (Ewarm v.5.50 and later)

Label: STM32 devices from ST Micro has a built-in hardware CRC32 calculator. (So using CRC32 in a application does not use up code space for the algorithm.)ProblemThe CRC32

What's the use of 24>>sys/types.h and fcntl.h?

Label:Sys/types.hIs the Unix/linux system's basic system data type header file, containing size_t,time_t,pid_t and other types.Include <sys/types.h> in the application source file to access the definitions of _LP64 and _ILP32. This header file

Bash shortcut Keys Daquan

Label:Some instructions for shortcut keys: Ctrl=c: This key refers to the CTRL key on the PC keyboard Alt=m: This key is the ALT key on the PC keyboard, if you do not have this key on the keyboard, you can try to use the ESC key instead

"Deep Exchange 2013"04 load Balancing

Tags: load Balancing exchange CAS WNLB session stateClient affinity (dead ~)Due to the changes in the CAS architecture mentioned earlier, we mentioned that client affinity is no longer required in the CAS of Exchange 2013. Client affinity means

Install Xhprof under Redhat 4 using a non-root user

Label:Xhprof is a PHP performance analysis tool. The xhprof version I used was 0.9.4,: are the steps to install, configure, and test xhprof in a redhat 4.4.7 environment. The installation was also adopted on some

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