Sql-while begin End

Label:DECLARE @i intSet @i=1While @i<=10000000BeginINSERT INTO dbo. Persons (Age,sex,grade,name) values (CAST (Floor (rand () *100) as int), ' Male ', ' 2 ', ' Zhang San ')Set @[email protected]+1EndRun time takes 01:15:54Sql-while begin End

Use Sqlplus connection hint: ora-28002:the password'll expire within 7 days

Label:Appears today when using Sqlplus===============================================ERROR:Ora-28002:the password'll expire within 7 days===============================================Prompt password expires, due to the need to connect the test

PL/SQL Developer usage tips, shortcut keys

Tags: 1, class SQL Plus Windows: File->new->command window, this is similar to Oracle's client tool SQL Plus, but it is much more useful. 2, set the keyword automatic capitalization: tools->preferences->editor, will keyword case select

Install Yaf to Mac

Label:Fast installation of PHP framework under Mac YAFReference YAF is the framework of PHP laruence based on the extension of the domestic PHP great God. The main feature is speed, high efficiency, more than the use of PHP code Development

ISO language code

Label: Language ISO Code Abkhazian Ab Afar Aa Afrikaans Af Albanian Sq Amharic Am Arabic Ar Armenian

Japanese verb grammar

Label:Japanese verbs are divided into:1. A class of verbs class two verbs//new division2. Paragraph verb five-paragraph verb サ change word からご change word  Some verb:Concept: Also known as the second class of verbs, the general end of a るる before

Gets a string of the specified length starting at the specified position in the string, supporting Chinese characters in English with a 2-byte count

Tags: #region function: getsubstring () Action: Gets a string of the specified length at the beginning of the specified position in the string, supporting Chinese characters in English mixed Chinese characters to 2 byte

Compress picture size to below specified KB

Label:such as PS,QQ images have this feature, compress the image size below the specified KB.I also come to the cottage, so far, to control the size of the picture, the usual solution through the resolution and quality control.Assuming that the size

Generic matrix Classes

Label:1, Genericmatrix classPublic abstract class Genericmatrix<e extends Number> {/*** Abstract method for adding elements of the matrices* @param O1* @param O2* @return*/Protected abstract e Add (e O1, e O2);/*** Abstract method for

I was shocked.

Label:The keyboard has not been in the past. # press SHIFT + 3 to hit it is £Read this article only to find that the original is SHIFT + 3 and OPTION + 3 swap a bit ...[Go] look for the hidden symbols on the keyboardLast issue we in the "Input

Decimal and hexadecimal strings are transferred to each other

Label:voidStrdec2bufdec (Conststrval& Strdec, byte*Bufdec) { for(size_t i =0; I < strdec.length (); ++i) {Bufdec[i]=0; if(Strdec[i] >= L'0'&& Strdec[i] <= L'9') Bufdec[i]= Strdec[i]-L'0'; }}intStrdec2hexbuf (Conststrval&

About string

Label:I. NSString and CharNSString is the only keyword in OC that defines a string, often followed by a pointer (*). Because it is defined by nsstring, you need to add the @ symbol when printing output in OC. The next step is char in C, which

XAMPP Introduction, Safety, use

Label:Although not written Mac installation methods and use, but the methods are very different, the same.XAMPP IntroductionXAMPP is an open source, free Web server software, after simple installation, you can build a server environment on your PC.

Composer Command explanation

Label:You've learned how to do something with the command-line interface. This chapter will introduce you to all the available commands.In order to get help information from the command line, run composer or composer list command, and then combine --

Tableau's Filters

Label:The tableau filter is set to be understood as private and global, and can be set to be valid only for the current worksheet, that is, a private filter that allows you to filter the data for a user-specific requirement, to set several

14th Week Study Notes

Label:Virtual memory Virtual memory is the perfect interaction between hardware exceptions, hardware address translation, main memory, disk files, and kernel software. Features of virtual memory: Center of Powerful,


Label:ASCIIIn a computer, all data is stored and computed using binary numbers (because the computer represents 1 and 0, respectively, with high and low levels), for example, 52 letters (including uppercase) such as a, B, C, D, and 0, 1, and other

"ZZ" mit Cow-man Interpretive mathematical system

Label:LindahuaFirst, why go into the world of mathematicsAs a computer student, I (the original author) did not have any attempt to become a mathematician. The purpose of my study of mathematics is to climb the shoulders of giants, hoping to stand

Number seventh seems to have not been attracted by the man's appearance, she just shook her head helplessly and said

Tags: Number seventh seems to have not been attracted to the man's appearance, she just shook her head and said: "Praise the final, the super-English hunter, these prey is yours." "This man wears a black safari, but even Feng Yuheng also see, this

Analysis of 5 kinds of image filtering of "OpenCV": box, mean value, Gauss, median, bilateral

Label:Image FilteringWhat is image filteringImage filtering, which is to suppress the noise of the target image under the condition of preserving image detail characteristics, is an indispensable operation in image preprocessing, and its processing

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