(reprint) IBM DB2 Database ODBC configuration steps detailed

Label:"IT168 Technology" first installs IBM DB2 ODBC driver1): DB2 run-time Client can be downloaded separately, approximately (86.6m), after installation The ODBC driver is installed successfully. : ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/ps/products/db2/fixes2/

Spring Security Note: Encrypt storage login passwords using the bcrypt algorithm

Label:In the previous section, using a database for user authentication (form login using databases), we learned how to store "login account number, password" in the DB, but the passwords are stored in plaintext, obviously not very particular. This

Win7 FFTW3 configuration for 64-bit _vs2010

Label:The configuration process referred to http://www.tuicool.com/articles/JbmINj, but according to the blog, I did not succeed on my machine. The following describes my configuration process, for reference only! [1] Download FFTW Library

Ucos Real-time Operating system learning notes-porting of operating systems in STM32

Label:Using the Ucos real-time operating system is at school when the Mentor research project. At that time, the Internet to find the operating system porting tutorial and application tutorial according to gourd painting scoop, the function of

While visiting the Great American Art Book exhibition, 2016 of the world's exhibitions are worth seeing.

Label:By the Beijing Arts and Crafts science and Technology Culture Co., Ltd., my art network WWW.MYYISHU.COM contractor, the Chinese century Altar art museum supported by the "2016 beautiful art of the year painting and Calligraphy exhibition" in

ASM 32/64

Label:I wrote it using NASM, running on 32-bit Windows and Linux hosts, but later the demand increased and needed to run on 64-bit Windows and Linux, and Windows itself had a WOW (Windows on Windows) mechanism, 32-bit programs can run on 64-bit

Programmer's Road-review 2015, Outlook 2016

Label:First, prefaceReview 2015 years , there are too many things, from the end of the summer vacation to Beijing to find work, to the family brother's marriage, and then to their favorite people also came to Beijing to find a job,, there is too

MP3 file ID3v2 The meaning of frame identification

Label:MP3 file ID3v2 The meaning of frame identificationDeclared ID3v2 FramesThe following frames is declared in this draft. 4.20 Aenc [[#sec4.20| Audio Encryption]]4.15 APIC [#sec4. Attached picture]4.11 COMM [#sec4. Comments]4.25 COMR [#sec4

WordPress Source code Compression optimization and the solution of common problems

Label:First look at the effect:It means to make your source code look crowded together, so that if others want to see your source code is not easy to understand, (of course, if others really want to see the words can also be done by some of the


Label:String is mainly used for programming, concept description, Function interpretation, usage detailed see the text, here Add two points: 1. The ansistring in Free Pascal can only be considered as a whole, many functions can not be used, even if


Label:XMind is a very practical business mind mapping software that uses the world's most advanced Eclipse RCP software architecture to create easy-to-use, efficient visualization software that emphasizes software scalability, cross-platform,

9th Chapter Virtual Memory Learning Notes

Label:Nineth Chapter Virtual MemoryVirtual memory is one of the most important concepts in computer system.Virtual memory is a perfect interaction between hardware anomalies, hardware address translation, main memory, disk files and kernel software,

Vs 2008 Solution directory Structure Setup and management

Label:http://blog.csdn.net/lcj_cjfykx/article/details/8632459This IDE of MS is so complicated and terrifying. Starting from the university, I have been using various versions of the VC to write the program so far, to think carefully, but also just

1. Introduction of necessary Documents 2. How to load UI components 4.Parser parser

Label:1 //The introduction of the JQuery Core library, using 2.0 <scripttype= "Text/javascript" src= "easyui/jquery.min.js" ></script>//Introduction JQuery Easyui Core Library, used here is 1.3.6 <scripttype= "Text/javascript" src=

Define the Upper Society

Label:Copyright belongs to the author.Commercial reprint please contact the author for authorization, non-commercial reprint please specify the source.Liu NianLinks: http://www.zhihu.com/question/21923064/answer/19797280Source: KnowFirst of all, my

Base64 is a representation of binary data based on 64 printable characters

Label:BASE64 encoding is the process of binary to character.BASE64 encoding is mainly used in the fields of transmission, storage, binary, etc., and can be used for encryption, but this kind of encryption is relatively simple.byte[] ByteArray =

Does the ABS function that you use often (take absolute value) really always return a non-negative number?

Label:A few days ago in the cattle network to see an ABS () function return value of the topic, see, then did not react, the first reaction is: since I began to learn C, it is used to find the absolute value of int, the return value of course is 0

What's the difference between screenx/y, clientx/

Label:In JavaScript: PageX, Pagey, ScreenX, ScreenY, ClientX and ClientY returns a number which indicates the number of physical "css Pixels" a Point was from the reference point. The event point is where the user clicked, and the reference point

Why V8 engine so fast? Reproduced

Label:Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/yumianhu/p/3707427.htmlReprint Please specify source: Http://blog.csdn.net/horkychenThe V8 JavaScript engine developed by Google is superior in performance. Let us familiarize ourselves with the author

Molecular design tools for cresset.torch.v10.4.2 drug synthesis

Label:Molecular design tools for cresset.torch.v10.4.2 drug synthesisChemist Torch makes it easy to explore and optimize the order of precedenceIdea so you can design the best library or the best next moleculeSynthesis.Use flashlight:Assessing the

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