Use UTF-8 encoded/jmail component to send mail garbled problem

A long time ago listen to a friend said, use UTF-8 code to send mail, there will be garbled situation occurs. Recently for the company to develop support for multi-language Web sites, just want to use

UVa 494 Kindergarten Counting Game: string handling

494-kindergarten Counting Game Time limit:3.000 seconds Http:// &problem=435 Everybody sit

"Explore PowerShell" "Three" PowerShell under the use of aliases

I do not know if you have contact with Linux, I talents, the knowledge of the alias is from Linux. Linux commonly used bash commands are hundreds, although in general the commands are very short, but

UVa 10177 (2/3/4)-D sqr/rects/cubes/boxes? (A good maths problem)

10177-(2/3/4)-D sqr/rects/cubes/boxes? Time limit:3.000 seconds Http:// &problem=1118 You

Merlin's Magic: Character set

To represent with a number Not afraid to mention, in fact, the computer only understand the numbers. But the following may not be so obvious--because computers only understand numbers, they need to m

. NET security: Supporting certificates in your application using the. NET Framework 2.0

This article discusses: Windows certificate Store Certificate classes in. NET Authentication, SSL, Web Services, and code signing Signing and encrypting data This article uses the following techn

The use of dom4j

DOM4J is an open source XML parsing package produced by, which is defined in its Web site as: DOM4J is a easy to use, open Source library for working with XML, XPath and XSLT on the Java pl

[JAVA100 case]040, compression and decompression file

FileName: import*; import java.util.*; import*; /** * <p>title: Document compression and decompression </p> * <p>desc

Flume-ng Source reading: Hbasesink

All the contents of the sink about HBase are under the Org.apache.flume.sink.hbase package. Each sink includes its own custom, all extends Abstractsink implements configurable. First, the Configure (context) method. The method is initialized to the

DB2 provides a better way to achieve optimistic locking

In IBM I 6.1, DB2 provides users with a new feature (row change column) that can improve their algorithms for applications that need to use optimistic locks. Optimistic locking is a widely used technology based on web database applications that are s

Multiple hosting of Informix

I. Multi-resident Multiple-homed (multipleresidency) is the running of multiple online instances on the same host, with each online instance owning and managing its own processes, shared memory, and disk space. Multiple hosting does not mean install

Optimizing DB2 application Performance with SQL statements

One of the important issues to consider when designing a new or analyzing an existing system is the design of the application. Even if the database is well designed and optimized, application design is not appropriate or a database that can cause per

Installation and configuration of DB2 Warehouse Enterprise Edition V9.5, part 1th

Brief introduction DB2 Warehouse combines the powerful data support of IBM DB2 and a set of IBM Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence) products to provide a comprehensive business intelligence platform and its application tools, These compone

Informix Dynamic Server Database segmented storage

Informix Dynamic Server segmented storage, also known as fragmented storage, is based on the principle of regularly dispersed records or indexes in a datasheet to different areas of the disk, to store data on multiple disks, and to increase the effic

The concept comparison between Notes database and relational database

We know that in the database theory, there are external patterns, patterns and internal patterns. The external mode (also known as child mode or user mode) is a description of the logical structure and characteristics of the local data used by the da

SQL Server2005 data Type maximum value

Things started very simply. Megaware's marketing department wants a new Web site to publish documents, and the development team feels that using a SQL Server 2000 database as a document storage repository makes things easier. Steve is Megaware's data

Quick Browse Silverlight3 Beta: Using SaveFileDialog to save to local files

In Silverlight3 Beta, the Save File dialog box is provided, through which we can easily text (including pictures, etc.) information Save to the specified local file, which, of course, requires certain permissions, so when you enable VS2008, choose t

Insert a table or create a table in Word 2007

Insert Table In Microsoft Office Word 2007, you can insert a table by selecting from a set of preformatted tables, including sample data, or by selecting the number of rows and columns you want. You can insert a table into a document or insert a tab

Access to social networking web sites via OAuth, part 1th

Build a desktop Twitter client that supports OAuth OAuth is an open protocol that enables users to share their protected resources among different Web sites without worrying about the risk of a leak. OAuth is ideal for mixing up today's social netwo

SQL 2008 FILESTREAM data type

SQL Server 2008 FILESTREAM data type Directory Prepare for Work 1 Exercise: Using FILESTREAM data type 2 Preparatory work Estimated time required to complete this experiment 60 Minutes. Goal After completing this experiment, you will be able

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