Basic game plug-in programming details Windows operating principle + Game Assistant Programming game plug-in programming

Detailed game-aided programmingDirectory1-What is Windows API2-windows processHow the 3-windows memory worksThe concept of handle in 4-windowsVariable type of 5-windows6-Principle of the auxiliary implementation7-Programming for game assist8-How to

The experience of finding the Vspaste plugin for Windows Live writer lost Rich Text format information at once

BackgroundI am blogging in the blog Park using Windows Live Writer, the code highlighting plugin is using paste from Visual Studio (hereinafter referred to as Vspaste).Further information from Windows Live Writer can be summarized in the blog park

Windows Wamp Environment Composer use in OpenSSL problem resolution

Today, under Windows Learning Lavaral, use the composer Update command to report the following error:[Composer\exception\nosslexception]The OpenSSL extension are required for SSL/TLS protection but are not available. If You can not enable the

First manual installation of composer detailed instruction under Windows

1. Download Compser.phar address Create a new Composer.bat file, write "@php"%~dp0composer.phar "%*"3. Put Composer.bat Composer.phar two files into4. Write to the environment variable ";D: \phpstudy\php\php-5.4.45

Windows Batch learning (call and start)---02

Reference: Summary of the callcommand(1) About the call commandSyntax: call [[drive:] [Path] FileName [batchparameters]] [: Label [arguments]]Parameter: [Drive:][path] FileName Specifies the location

VS2017 compiled OpenCV 3.4.0-RC under Windows

BrieflyHaven't used OpenCV for a long time, this time need to do a bit of image processing related work, and need to use up, here to record the process of compiling. I have previously introduced a post using vs2015 to compile opencv2.4 here.The

How to register an EXE as a Windows service that runs directly from the background

Method One: Use the command sc that comes with Windows to create using the SC Create method. Example: sc create capturescreen binpath= F:\zwmei-project\decklink-learning\OutputBitmap\Debug\OutputBitmap.exe type= own start= Auto Displayname=

Install the Windows operating system using the old Peaches

The first thing to know is what is a PE system?An "emergency standby" system that fails to enter the system normally when the computer is in trouble, usually placed on a USB stick and set the priority of the startup item so that the PE system is

Windows 10 Version Information

Original Https:// 10 Version InformationMicrosoft has updated its service model. The six-year channel releases two feature updates per year, about March and September, with a service timeline of

The difference between Windows system domain and workgroup for Safe Cow Learning notes

Local Area network (local areanetwork, LAN), also known as Intranet, refers to a group of computers interconnected by multiple computers in an area.LAN can achieve file management, application software sharing, printer sharing, scanner sharing,

Nmap/old Windows Releases

Nmap/old Windows ReleasesWhile Nmap supports all modern versions of Windows, it no longer officially supports some which is so old that even Micro Soft have ceased all support for them. This includes Windows NT, Windows $, and Windows XP.We would

Compiling wxwidgets--windows, vc71, Bcc32, MinGW, and command lines

Compiling wxwidgets--windows, vc71, Bcc32, MinGW, and command lines is a well-known C + + library that provides a graphical interface support that you can use to develop

Memcached and memcache Configuration tutorial Windows X64

The difference between memcached and memcache:There are a few opinions about the differences between memcached and memcache on the Internet, and my personal understanding is:Memcached is a memory cache system, and memcache is an extension of PHP, a

Record: Larvel Windows installation

First install the composer not much to describeLink: Password: qcj3Open a Command WindowGo to your integrated environment website root directory laravel program will download hered:/wnmp/www/D:\wnmp\www>composer

Install ImageMagick under Windows

Recently in the development process to use the ImageMagick, combined with the online tutorial to do a recordInstallation of the specific steps can refer to this article, written in very

Deploy AlwaysOn First step: Build a Windows Server failover cluster

Before you build a cluster in the Windows Server R2 DataCenter environment, you first have to failover the cluster to the Windows Server (Windows Server Failover CLuster, referred to as WSFC) has a basic understanding. WSFC must be deployed in a

Windows program execution Process

Windows application:WinMain function (entry function):1.Design Form class, brochure form class. Wndclass2.Create forms, display and update forms.3.Message loops.Form procedure function (callback function): WindowProcPs:dos Program entry function for

Windows compilation OpenSSL

Installation Instructions OpenSSL under source code directory INSTALL. W32Step1Environment constructioninstallation perl,visual StudioDownload Openssl Latest version of source code . I'm under the version number for openssl-1.0.0g.Step2Start Visual

Actions for GitHub Desktop on Windows

1th. Upload the Open source code to GitHub1.1 Git Windows ClientThere are many Windows client software with git functionality, such as: Git for Windows (formerly Msysgit), Tortoisegit, GitHub Desktop (previous github for Windows) ...The author's

Windows Server AD Domain management creation

ObjectiveAn introduction to AD domain management and its partitioning of permissions:1. The ad domain originates from Microsoft, and is suitable for Windows, which provides strong protection for centralized management and information security for

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